Why Digital Marketing is important for the logistics industry? 

Why digital marketing is important for logistics business
 Here’s why digital marketing is important for a logistics business.
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With the skyrocketing advent of the internet where digital marketing practically affects every customer’s decision, digital marketing is pivotal to logistics businesses’ success. If you think that being a B2B firm, digital marketing holds no importance for your business, you need to rethink. Given the fact that you deal with a hyper-targeted audience, digital marketing will tremendously help you increase conversion rates, become a thought leader and create a unique identity for your brand. If used effectively, it can essentially make your business a household name in the logistics domain. 

What are the different ways you can use digital marketing for a logistics company?

From creating awareness about your brand and identifying new potential customers to increasing conversion rates, the benefits of digital marketing for supply chain businesses are endless. Let’s dive into some digital marketing tactics you can use to generate leads in the hyper-targeted supply chain market. 

How to use digital marketing efforts in the logistics business at the various stages of the Consumer Funnel
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1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a digital marketing tool that is widely used across all industries to rank at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page, thus gaining more visibility amongst potential customers. It’s safe to say that SEO is the easiest way to reach people who are in search of what your website offers. 

To successfully crack SEO, a business must meet google’s ranking algorithm. This entails targeting relevant keywords in your content. Let’s say you offer “Superfast International Logistics Services”. In this case, you can achieve the top ranks on Google’s SERP by incorporating this keyword in your website content. Consequently, more users will visit your website, thus increasing conversion rates. 

This is just one way of creating awareness about your logistics brand and generating more sales through SEO. Some other SEO techniques are:

  • Earning credible and relevant backlinks. Such as having your brand’s name mentioned in a blog about ‘Top 10 Logistics Company in India’.
  • Setting up Google Business Profile not only adds a physical touch to your presence but also gives you the upper hand over your competition.
  • Optimising images and videos to decrease the load time of your website is another effective way.
  • Internal linking of your website’s pages is one of the simplest and most effective SEO tactics one can use to gain better SERP rankings.

2. Google Ads

In case you miss the top spot on Google’s search engine results pages, fret not. You can still appear at one of those spots through Google Ads, using the pay-per-click method. It is one of the best and most effective digital marketing strategies to drive quality traffic to your website.

Similar to the abovementioned SEO strategy, keywords are of paramount importance in Google Ads as well. For an instance, you offer a “One-day shipping” service to your users. In order to market this USP, you can launch a pay-per-click campaign wherein you bid on your target keywords – ‘One-day shipping in India’. Whenever a user feeds these keywords on Google’s search bar, Google will display your ads based on:

  • Bid Amount
  • Quality Score

With a satisfying bidding amount and great quality score, your ads will appear at the top for all the appropriate searches. A successful Google Ads’ PPC campaign will connect you with relevant visitors by informing them about the product/service they are looking for. 

What’s better? You only pay for the clicks generated. What’s even better? You can obtain quantifiable insights about the number of visitors to your website and their subsequent behaviour, which will aid in the optimisation of your advertisements.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing in today’s time plays an instrumental role in creating a position at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide businesses in the logistics and supply chain with excellent chances to reach new and potential customers. 

On your social media networks, start by posting engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive content. You can also resort to moment marketing by connecting what’s happening at the moment with your brand’s identity. It will not only help keep your brand relevant but will also increase audience engagement and direct traffic to your website.

You can also use social media advertisements to position advertisements in your customers’ feeds and stories, much like Google’s SERP. As an added advantage, social media also helps in hyper-targeting using specific demographics and locations. 


It is abundantly clear that any business, including logistics or supply chain companies, need effective digital marketing strategies to survive in the long run. Especially, in today’s era when a customer, before making a move, first inquires about the desired product or service on the internet. 

You can start promoting your logistics business using digital marketing strategies. But remember, a successful digital marketing campaign not just relies on one channel but effectively utilises various channels for optimum results. 

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for a Logistics Company: A case study

We’re in an age where the world fits right into your palm and you can reach any nook or corner with one tap. Imagine how accessible it makes for logistics businesses to attract new clients, scale new heights and maintain customer relations throughout. 

The Internet is the place that supplies users with precise information in terms of products and services they are looking for. Stumbling upon marketing materials about the exact products and services right when they are looking for it prompts the users to take the desired action – make a purchase. 

With this principle, logistics businesses are no different. All one has to do is implement the right combination of digital marketing strategies at the right stage and right time. Here are a few ways in which digital marketing efforts bear fruits for logistics businesses:

  • Trust is an unequivocal factor that helps you gain customers. Digital marketing helps build credibility around your brand’s name, thus instilling a sense of trustworthiness in your customers’ minds. 
  • Since logistics falls in the B2B sphere, it gets tricky to engage your customers. In such cases, digital marketing will come in handy to interact with your customers, maintain customer relationships, build trust and create great customer experiences.
  • Digital marketing also offers an excellent opportunity to remain ahead of your competition by knowing about your customers’ needs.
  • Customers often rely on your expertise and experience. Through digital marketing, you can create content, sharing invaluable knowledge with your target audience, thus establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • Digital marketing works incredibly when it comes to hyper-targeting and delivering customised messages to a narrow niche of customers.

At DealsInsights, we have deployed effective Digital Marketing campaigns in the past that have resulted in organic growth in our clients’ logistics businesses. We are committed to boosting our logistics and supply chain companies’ success by incorporating the infinite benefits of the internet in our Digital Marketing efforts.

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