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The New Word Of Mouth: Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth has been one of the most powerful marketing tools for generations. Word of mouth has evolved into a new form in the twenty-first century: social media. Dealsinsight is a market-leading social media agency in Chennai, India that provides full-service social media management, social content, and social advertising.

Our offering includes everything from social media management to social creative production and paid social media initiation, all of which are carried out by a team that is certified on all major social platforms. Increase your brand's online visibility and deepen your relationships with your followers and customers by using our social media marketing (SMM) services.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Strategy for Social Media
We delve into your business objectives and devise a solid social media strategy to get you the results you desire. Social media is more than just likes and followers; the key to success is understanding how each channel contributes to your overall marketing objectives.
Social Media Management
Our talented social media team will manage your social media presence across all platforms, letting you focus more on running your business. Because of our expertise in social media management, we understand tone-of-voice and visual consistency. With us, you can be assured that your brand is in safe hands.
Social Media Advertising
Our expert social media team helps brands to generate the most traffic possible by using organic and paid ads based on B2B needs. For paid social media ads, Dealsinsight focuses on fine-tuning the Ideal Buyer Persona (IBP), resulting in increased popularity and brand awareness.
Personalized Creatives
Our Social Media team brainstorms with our graphic designers to execute personalized creatives based on the social media copy centered around the discerning creatives. Our social media team and designers collaborate and, as a result, contribute to the skillfully designed creatives.

Great Brands Are Built Through Social Media Marketing!

To begin with, social media marketing is a fantastic way for businesses to raise brand awareness. But what does this actually mean? When it comes to a customer making a decision, brand awareness is the extent to which they can recall or recognize your company. And we can create that awareness for you.
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Why Social Media Marketing?

So, what benefits does social media marketing provide that other marketing tools do not? Social media enables you to connect with your target audience, build your brand, and, as previously stated, improve customer service. Social media can also help you rank higher in search engines. Social media is an important tool for transforming your company, brand, or service. Finally, in order to have an effective marketing campaign, you must use social media.

Why Dealsinsight for Social Media Marketing?

Our team specializes in social media strategy, community management, designing, and providing in-depth social analytics. Simply put, we understand what it takes to develop a social program that will provide value to our clients wherever they are located. We have the skills necessary to build your brand socially, whether you need us to create all of your content or simply be your social consultants.

3X leads for a local business in Chennai via paid ads

Our customer is a commercial interior design firm. They approached us to assist them in improving their social media presence. We created a basic on-page SEO strategy after performing a website audit, and then we created a social media strategy that included creating an ideal customer profile, identifying buyer personas, conducting a competitor analysis, and running paid ads.
Inquiries Per Month

Delivered 15x ROI in just 3 months for a tech product company

Our client is a company that creates products that connect people through music, gaming, video, and computing. Even though they came to us for SEO, we advised them to use social media organic and paid ads to generate more leads. The client was initially hesitant, but we were able to achieve great success.
ROI in just 3 months

A 6-Month effort closed sales 3X faster for a software company

Our client is a market leader in CRM software. They approached us to increase their CRM sales. To direct potential customers to a landing page, we created highly targeted social media ads. We assisted in reducing the 12- to 18-month sales cycle to 6 months.
faster than average sales cycle length

Driving 3X Event Registrations For A Cybersecurity Company

The client was getting lost in the noise of other cybersecurity firms and needed a detailed marketing strategy and subsequent B2B cybersecurity marketing campaigns. We developed a digital marketing strategy focused on increasing event registrations and brand awareness.
Event registrations

Growing app user base from the ground up

This healthcare client created an app to connect patients who have the same or similar medical conditions. Users would find community support and encouragement, as well as a safe space to discuss health issues. They needed to increase brand awareness, app downloads, installs, and ultimately sign-ups.
App installs in 6 months

Unlocked market opportunities for an Electric Vehicle brand

We launched a bold and creative social media campaign to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles and win over new fans. From educating the public to building trust and ultimately going viral, our campaign is designed to electrify the market and drive pre-orders for our cutting-edge vehicles.
Pre-orders in 6 months


What social media platforms do you excel at?
We are experts in the use of all social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are just a few examples.
How do I determine which social media platforms are best for me?
Our social media experts will evaluate your company and recommend which social media platforms you should use. Our decades of experience have taught us a lot, and we will help you every step of the way.
Why should I go with Dealsinsight?
While social media is intended to be simple and enjoyable for all of its users, it can also be a complicated business. To get the most out of social media and your online persona, you'll need a company like Dealsinsight that understands all platforms and digital marketing trends.
Are the outcomes of social media marketing guaranteed?
Such outcomes are not actually guaranteed. This is because each campaign and social media portal has its own algorithm that works differently. What we can guarantee is that you will see a significant increase in followers and a significantly improved branding experience.
Do I need to have active social media profiles to get started?
Before purchasing a package from us, most businesses have the necessary social media profiles up and running. However, we also provide a social profile creation package in which we will create your social media accounts before beginning any form of marketing.

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Reach more people and grow your brand

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