How Video Marketing Will Dominate Social Media in the Future

Video Marketing

I. Introduction

Have you noticed how social media platforms are becoming more visually oriented? As we scroll down our feeds, we’re bombarded with colorful and engaging videos that capture our attention in just a few seconds. This is no accident. Video marketing has become the reigning king of social media marketing, and it’s only getting stronger. In fact, as per a report published in January 2023, video accounts for 65% of all internet volume, growing by 24% in 2022. 

The reason why video marketing will be dominating the social media and digital marketing landscape is a fascinating topic, and to understand what the future holds, we need to trace and take a closer look at its evolution. So let’s dive deeper and dissect the advent of video marketing and its steady rise in the coming time. 

II. Evolution of Video Marketing 

The evolution of video marketing is a story that spans several decades, starting with the emergence of broadcast television advertising in the mid-twentieth century. 

Evolution of Video Marketing

> Brands saw the opportunity to reach millions of people through television commercials, resulting in the creation of memorable and influential ad campaigns like Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” and Apple’s “1984”

>Fast-forward to the early days of the internet, and video started to make its mark with the advent of platforms like YouTube, where anyone could upload and share videos with a global audience. Vloggers, influencers, and content creators started using video as their primary medium, and the term “YouTuber” became part of the lexicon. 

>As social media exploded in popularity, video content found new life on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, among others. Brands realized that they could leverage these platforms in their social media and digital marketing strategies to reach highly targeted audiences with video ads, engaging content, and influencer collaborations. Additionally, major social media platforms began emphasizing video content by giving it preferential treatment in their algorithms (more of which later), thereby encouraging brands and creators to prioritize video in their social media strategies. 

Today, the online landscape for video content is diverse and constantly evolving. From long-form documentaries and web series on Netflix and other streaming services, to short-form videos on social media platforms and popular video-sharing sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. The democratization of video production and distribution has led to an influx of creative and impactful content from a variety of sources. With the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality, the future of video marketing appears to be boundless.

III. The Dominance of Video Marketing 

Statistics show that video marketing is a highly effective strategy for businesses. According to a video marketing report by Wyzowl, 90% of marketers believe that video content has helped them generate new leads, and 91% say that video has helped them increase traffic to their website. 

Social media algorithms are designed to prioritize video content because they tend to generate higher engagement rates than other forms of content. When people interact with a video, they tend to spend more time on the platform, which increases the likelihood that they will stay on the platform for longer periods. 

This is beneficial for businesses because it can increase the visibility of their brand and products. Social media algorithms recognize the value of video content, which is why brands that prioritize video marketing are more likely to see success on social media platforms. 

IV. Future Trend of Digital Marketing 

Businesses today are shifting their marketing budgets away from traditional marketing techniques and towards digital marketing channels. This is because digital marketing enables businesses to reach highly targeted audiences more effectively and efficiently than traditional marketing channels. One of the most effective digital marketing strategies is video marketing, which can be used to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and increase engagement rates on social media platforms. 

trends of digital marketing

To maximize the impact of their video marketing, businesses should create social media content that is optimized for the specific platform. For example, videos on Instagram get more engagement when they feature text overlays, captions, and hashtags. 

Digital marketing companies, like DealsInsights, in India can help businesses create effective video marketing campaigns that maximize ROI. By leveraging the expertise of professionals who understand the nuances of social media algorithms and video production, businesses can ensure that their video marketing campaigns are optimized for the target audience.

V. Benefits of Video Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have limited attention spans, making it challenging for brands to send their message across. Video marketing offers a suitable solution to this challenge by allowing brands to convey complex messages quickly and engagingly. With visuals, sound, and movement combined, videos create an exciting multi-sensory experience, which appeals to our senses and generates a powerful response. Therefore, it’s not surprising that video marketing has been gaining popularity on social media platforms. 

video marketing

Video Marketing to Build Brand Awareness, Educate, & Induce Engagement Video marketing can be used by brands to achieve various goals such as creating awareness, educating, and engaging. For example, Indian social media influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Koli, and Saurabh Ghadge collaborate with brands and produce video ads that promote the brand’s products or services by using storytelling techniques and humor. Such videos have a higher chance of going viral, generating maximum engagement, and helping brands to reach new audiences. 

Video marketing can also be used to create educational content. For instance, companies like Byju’s and Unacademy that provide online education produce video content that aims to educate their audience on various topics. These videos can cover anything from a brief history lesson to in-depth philosophical discussions, making it easy to teach complex subjects in an approachable and engaging way. 

Finally, video marketing is an effective way to create a connection with the target audience, which increases engagement. For example, companies like Paper Boat, Amul, and Fevicol use video marketing to create emotional connections with their audience by producing content that’s relatable and humorous. Such videos generate a sense of familiarity with the brand, which results in increased brand loyalty.

VI. How Can Brands Prepare for the Video Marketing Revolution?

Social media platforms are prioritizing video content over other types of content. Therefore, brands that want to remain relevant must embrace video marketing to increase their visibility and reach wider audiences. The good news is that there are several types of video content that businesses can create, which can help them achieve various marketing goals.

For instance, product demos and explainer videos can help businesses showcase their products’ features and benefits. Such videos help customers understand how to use the product and what problems it can solve. 

Similarly, customer testimonials inspire trust in potential customers and help improve the credibility of the brand. 

To keep up with evolving social media algorithms, businesses can leverage social media platforms to create short, snappy videos that capture their audience’s attention quickly. Reels and Shorts are ideal for creating behind-the-scenes content that provides a glimpse into the brand’s culture and operations. 

Short-form videos can be entertaining, informative, and engaging, making them ideal for increasing brand awareness and fostering engagement. 

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, video marketing has become an essential aspect of digital marketing and social media marketing in today’s world. With the advent of social media algorithms, it has become even more important for businesses to incorporate video content into their online marketing strategies to reach their target audience effectively. Short-form video content on platforms like Instagram and YouTube has gained immense popularity, making it imperative for businesses to create engaging content to stay ahead of the competition. 

As a leading digital marketing company in India, DealsInsight understands the importance of video marketing and provides comprehensive services to help businesses enhance their online presence.

If you want to take advantage of the future of video advertising and improve your digital marketing strategy, contact DealsInsight today to learn more about our video marketing services. Remember, living in the digital age, video marketing is the way to go. Don’t miss out!

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