Top web design tools to create an impressive site in 2024

Website Design Tools

Web design plays a very important role in capturing potential clients and creating an initial good impression in them in case you are designing websites, mobile applications, and social media graphics. This may also extend a positive impact of increasing UX for the existing users or the customers.

According to a survey of online statistics issued by SWEOR, it was discovered that the experts believed web design was influential to 75 percent of the credibility of the site. Furthermore, Poor impression makes 89% of website visitors go to another company’s website. 


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Therefore, the web designs must be strong and pleasing to the eye to ensure the success of the web applications. And for that, you need a proper web design tool in place.

In this article, let’s discuss the top 8 web design tools that can be used to design websites.

Things to Look at when Choosing a Web Design Tool

Here are some essential factors to consider when searching for the right web design tool:

Ease of use: Think whether the tool is complex and whether you have met the necessary level of skill to extract the maximum benefit from it. In addition, it is worth noting that web design tools that provide a lot of options for working are usually more complex.

Project type and complexity: Consider what kind of design approach is required and desired, and whether this is achievable with the tool that is being proposed. Certain tools might be easier to use but lack the functionality that is necessary to accomplish more professional design-oriented tasks.

Collaboration tools: This factor is especially important when a web designer is working as a team with other designers, developers, or other team members. For instance, to enhance teamwork during the design process, elements such as shared team libraries and live co-editing are useful.

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Supported platforms: Find out which operating systems and devices the design tool works with. This is another important consideration for designers who operate in design teams and the device types could vary from one designer to the other.

Price: Annotate the value and determine whether the design tool you are considering is in your price range. Observe the pricing system it has, because although many online web designing tools are to be paid only once, others have monthly or yearly subscription charges.

8 Best Web Design Tools

Here is a list of web design tools that designers can use to create visually appealing and cutting-edge pages in 2024. 


Price: Freemium model; basic level is free, others cost at least $4 a month.

WordPress is one of the simplest website builders for novices, and it accounts for roughly 43% of the entire websites on the Internet. Even professional designers enjoy working with WordPress, as it is one of the simplest and least expensive resources for web design.

WordPress Statistics

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WordPress is free to use and has some of the most striking themes you can begin with. If you desire to have more tools in designing, or if you desire to make more sales with your website, then you always can upgrade.

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  1. 1. Ready-made themes for different fields may be useful for beginning something independently.
  2. 2. Customizable website elements


  1. 1. Choosing the right template and plugin may become overwhelming for any developer, particularly for newbies.

Price: Beginning at $17/month (You can get 14 days free)

Wix is not just an intuitive visual website builder but an entirely code-free web design platform. Wix makes sites with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Wix Statistics

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You can then build and modify this site according to your preference. Do not rely on Wix for flexible or advanced design changes, but feel free to utilize it to create simple prototypes or take advantage of SEO options and tracking.


  1. 1. There are thousands of templates available for most industry sectors.
  2. 2. It has an AI site builder feature that enhances the process of building a website.


  1. 1. Their basic paid plan offers only 2GB of storage space.

Price: starts from $14 per month and there is also a free version which is also limited.

Webflow is easy to use no-code and a visual website builder tool that enables designers to design and publish their work. In Webflow, you can literally drag components in the editor and create the site of your dreams.

Webflow can generate the code for you once you are through with designing, to get your work published quickly. If you’re looking for a codeless website builder that offers more intricate features, perhaps Webflow will be of interest to you.


  1. 1. It has different templates you can use to start your website design.
  2. 2. Currently, offers courses and useful materials for creating websites.


  1. 2. The free version lacks some of the features and can only support two static pages.

Price: Retails at $29 monthly fee (Offers free three-day trial)

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that lets businesses build their online storefronts. It comes with self-design themes, which you can integrate to embody your brand.

They have a free business name generator and a logo maker to assist those who are just starting. This web design tool also comes with e-commerce tools, like:

  1. 1. Invoice generator
  2. 2. Purchase order template
  3. 3. Profit margin calculator
  4. 4. Discount calculator
  5. 5. And more


  1. 1. Has a range of options for managing an e-commerce store


  1. 1. May have extra charges like the transaction cost

Price: It is absolutely free, with a paid version beginning just at $5 a month.

Website design and publishing are made easy by Framer. Also provides you with the ability to scale the work done to your content through its in-built content management system (CMS).

As a web design tool, this also has several features that are AI-assisted such as the ability to add new pages with different language versions of the copy. The tool will allow you to rewrite a particular copy and adjust its tone – something as simple as that!


  1. 1. Has tools that are based on Artificial Intelligence for creating new pages


  1. 1. Has no e-commerce functionalities
Square Online (formerly Weebly)

Price: Is $10/month (A free version is also available, though it is limited).

Weebly is an entirely free, no-code website creation platform that supports online stores and SEO. It allows you to apply fully customizable themes, and only enhanced tools such as the image editor and drag-and-drop builder.

This service also provides rather useful features for paid accounts and more opportunities to get the needed support quickly.


  1. 1. Has mobile-friendly themes
  2. 2. Has a drag-and-drop builder


  1. 1. Marketing tools are limited

The HubSpot website builder is one of the most advanced tools available that was created especially for business and personal usage to make website building easier. It is suitable for people who want to create a website without the complications of designing, arranging, and optimizing for the web.


  1. 1. The main strength of the builder is its simplicity and effectiveness since the users can drag and drop the text boxes, images, and CTA to produce an email.
  2. 2. The incorporation of the versatile CRM of HubSpot allows the tracking of engagements made by visitors, the delivery of relevant content, and the management of leads through websites.


  1. 1. There is an option to use the app for free but more options are opened for the premium clients.

Price: Squarespace’s most affordable pricing plan is the Personal Plan, which costs $16 per month when billed annually.

The last one is Squarespace which is also a website-building tool that comes with more than 100 website templates for you to begin with. Some features of Squarespace are as follows:

It offers several features for online shopping malls including Customer Account features, Products & Orders features, Abandoned Card features, and Discount Features.

Squarespace has an impressive interface and it could easily be one of the finest platforms for you if you want to create an e-commerce website.


  1. 1. More than 100+ HTML5+CSS3 or Bootstrap all-purpose templates are available for use and they are all responsive.
  2. 2. As a bonus, all the plans come with Free SSL.
  3. 3. Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  4. 4. Strong eCommerce platform
  5. 5. Easy to use


  1. 1. Limited design flexibility
  2. 2. Lack of such features like custom-made advanced SEO and marketing tools.


In conclusion, when selecting a web design tool from the ones mentioned above, it’s crucial to consider the features you may need in the future. While package solutions are often cheaper and some tools are free, they might lack the comprehensive options provided by professional web design software. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs. Choose the web design tool that suits your requirements the best.

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