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B2B sales appointments for your sales team, to engage and close deals

Setting and following up on appointments is a time-consuming task for sales teams. Most of them will inevitably be rescheduled or canceled. Consider how much time and money you could save if someone else set them for you.

Our B2B lead generation and appointment setting services in Chennai, India are designed to establish rapid contacts with C-level executives, relevant stakeholders, or decision-makers that can be transformed into qualified leads and business opportunities. This is accomplished in an efficient way, supported by our extensive research and decades of experience.

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We are B2B Lead Generation Experts

Our business is wholly committed to boosting sales for your business and establishing your brand. We schedule phone and in-person meetings with C-level executives, relevant stakeholders, or decision-makers who are looking for your products and services.
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Know your business
Our strategy team will collaborate with you to thoroughly understand your product or service and know the ins and outs of your business and what it has to offer potential customers.
Choosing the appropriate target market
Together, we'll create a highly targeted list of prospects by creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or Ideal Buyer Persona (IBP). By assembling an ICP or IBP list, we will be able to target the appropriate individuals in organizations who find your products or services the most valuable.
Discussions with decision-makers
Every action we take is intended to increase the number of fruitful interactions our executive calling team has with decision-makers. And we will be your SQL’s first point of contact, from start to end.
Scheduling appointments
Our experienced appointment-setting experts will comprehend the triggers that bring in Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), confirm scheduled meetings, and foster future interest in addition to Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQO).

Why Outsource your Lead Generation

Studies show that the typical sales development representative needs three months to ramp up to full production, given that many sales managers or business development managers quit their jobs after a few months and this might be expensive for a business. A company that exclusively takes care of B2B appointment scheduling, like Dealsinsight, employs skilled SDRs who can ramp up within days, enabling the business to get more qualified leads and projects to begin right away.

Why Choose DealsInsight For Your Lead Generation

We have a team of highly skilled women business development executives and managers who are adept in a variety of areas, sectors, products and services, technologies, and soft skills like communication, handling objections and comprehending the issues faced by clients. Our B2B lead generation services in Chennai, India ensure encounters with clients who have a strong desire to buy.

We recognize the value of a comprehensive understanding of the customer's background, the company's history, the pain areas, the issues, and the solution and we wisely invest in it.

Have More Questions?

What do you mean by appointment setting?
To put it simply, appointment setting entails the lead generation and scheduling meetings with qualified leads to educate them to buy your services.
Does DealsInsight guarantee results?
For a good reason, we are the market leaders in B2B Sales Leads and Appointments. We are paid for bringing you SQLs and scheduling appointments depending on your chosen demographic. With our performance-driven model and proven approach, you'll receive an ROI that is unmatched.
How do I know I will get a qualified sales opportunity?
It is our tried-and-true procedures and methodical approach that distinguishes us from our competitors. Therefore, you can be confident that every appointment we make will be suitable and match your ICP and qualification requirements.
What if I have a complex product or sale?
No sale is too complex for us. We have expertise in expanding both Fortune 1000 and startup businesses. We bring in highly qualified sales leads and set up the appropriate appointments for you so that you can sell your product or services and expand your business at the rate you desire.
What types of businesses can use appointment setting?
This service is available to all B2B businesses of all sizes, in all sectors. We work with companies that have a solid product or service and a strong USP. We employ a hyper-personalized approach to drive customer engagement and increase conversions.
What makes DealsInsight different?
The DealsInsight edge stems from our all-female GTM team, our tried-and-true methodology, and our process. Because we develop winning methods based on years of experience, we constantly outperform our rivals. When it comes to your firm’s growth, we are meticulous and hyper-targeted.

Supercharge Your Sales Performance

Supercharge Your Sales Performance

Partnering With an IT Giant to Deliver 140+ Meetings

A Tier 1 provider of IT and product engineering services with headquarters in India. It creates cost-effective, scalable, and innovative business models for NextGen Digital User Experience solutions.
Meetings with key influencers and decision-makers in the industry

30 new opportunities, on average, generated per month

The client is a nationwide provider of financial solutions to small businesses. They offer financial solutions directly to small business owners as well as to equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and others.
Meetings with decision-makers

Generated more than $1 million in sales revenue

Our client is a leading revenue cycle management business. The organization is dedicated to simplifying the business of healthcare by delivering health information, services, and technology to hospitals, physicians, and health systems.
Increased revenue in 4 months by

2X lead conversion rate for a manufacturing firm

Our client operates a manufacturing facility that supports the electronics manufacturing and assembly needs of businesses. This includes electronic contract manufacturing, custom cable assembly, and wire harness assembly.
Monthly sales target achieved

30% more sales for a global SaaS company

The client is a global IT company offering SaaS products. They were looking for someone to bring the leads to them so that their sales team could focus more on closing the deals.
Increase in revenue in 7 months

Accelerate Your Sales

Transform your business with our targeted lead generation service