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Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing tactic for generating and converting leads. Are you utilizing email marketing's potential in your business strategy? Don't overlook the opportunity to connect your brand with the right customers at the right time and boost your sales.

Deploy DealsInsight's goal-driven email marketing services and let us create an email campaign that perfectly matches your business objectives. DealsInsight provides a wide range of email marketing services tailored to your brand's needs, financial status, and target market segments. Request a free consultation with one of our email marketing experts right now!

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Our Email Marketing Services

Creating a subscriber list
We provide different options for growing your email subscriber list and developing a loyal following, such as using calls to action in your purchase emails, a pop-up on your page or promoting it on your social media platforms.
Segment the lists
We segment the lists which allows us to create customized emails that talk directly about the audience's pain points or interests. Creating segment-specific emails is a surefire strategy to promote interaction and engagement, which will eventually result in more significant conversions.
Campaign Strategy Creation
We are masters at creating campaigns that get results. Whether you need to launch a drip campaign, develop a brand awareness campaign, develop a consistent newsletter program, or send one-time emails, our email marketing experts are here to brainstorm with you.
Campaign Implementation and Automation
Once you've decided on an email campaign strategy, it's time to implement it. It's much easier said than done. Email marketing automation is a complex process, but our email experts are well-versed in leading platforms such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and others.
Campaign Evaluation and Reporting
Our email marketing consultants to understand how to measure engagement and translate it into actionable next steps for your email marketing campaign to ensure its long-term success. Open rates, CTRs, bounce rates, unsubscribers, and other metrics will be tracked by our team.

Build a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

As a leading Email Marketing Agency, we will assist you in creating, designing, and sustaining the Email Marketing Campaign of your dreams, ensuring high brand engagement with each email that we send.
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Data-Driven Approach

Which subject lines are most effective? What call to action will entice readers to click? When should I send my email marketing campaign? As part of our email marketing services, we conduct testing to ensure that campaigns continue to improve. Because we are driven by reporting, we will delve deep into your analytics to provide you with accurate data on what worked, what didn't, and how much revenue each campaign generated.

Why Choose DealsInsight Over Other Email Marketing Companies?

What distinguishes DealsInsight from others is our ability to maximize the potential of email marketing campaigns to improve the buyer's journey and ensure that your clients or customers return time and time again. While other agencies may assist you in generating leads for a one-time initial purchase, DealsInsight works to assist you in retaining and nurturing clients, resulting in long-term, profitable relationships.

56% increase in revenue for a manufacturing company

We assisted a leading CBD manufacturer, in exceeding their objectives in a highly competitive industry. How? By optimizing their email marketing campaign and developing a promotional strategy to increase both engagement and revenue.
Average open rate

A B2B company scheduled 70+ meetings via email marketing in 3 Months

Our client is a B2B service provider that provides IT security and infrastructure to other businesses. Their main challenge was finding a new client and starting a conversation with them in person. We devised an email marketing strategy to assist them in achieving the desired outcome.
Scheduled meetings

50 leads per month for a B2B tech company

A B2B business came to DealsInsight with a challenge: despite adopting email marketing as the new norm for message delivery, the promised leads weren't coming in. They required a targeted, quantifiable strategy to make use of email marketing's familiarity and cost-effectiveness while still converting these efforts.
Uplift in email subscribers

Gained $26 for every $1 spent through email marketing

This client is an accountancy firm providing tax advice, bookkeeping, and accountancy services for businesses, contractors, and wealthy individuals. We helped them publish regular news stories and send out email newsletters to their existing and potential customers for customer retention and increased brand awareness.
Increase in leads


Which metrics are monitored to assess an email marketing campaign's success?
Performance is measured using a variety of measures, such as Open rate, Click-through rate, Spam complaints, Email sharing, and forwarding, Bounce rate, Unsubscribe rate, and Conversion rate.
What email marketing tactic is the most successful?
The email marketing approach that considers both your objectives and the needs of your audience is the most successful. No two DealsInsight B2B email marketing campaigns are the same because these factors are unique to every company. We consider your specialized needs and develop a plan that efficiently takes care of them.
Do you provide services for drip campaigns?
We do, indeed. Drip campaigns are very successful if you need continual nurturing and strong target audience involvement. At DealsInsight, we can create a drip campaign that is powerful and effectively meets your needs.
Do you run A/B tests on emails before sending them?
Yes, we do. Strategic communication that leaves a lasting impression is what we strive to produce. We test all emailer components—including graphics, CTAs, and subject lines—to make sure this is the case. This makes sure that only the messages that are most relevant and intriguing are sent to your audience's inbox.
Can you assist me in creating an email list?
A robust email list is essential for getting the most out of email marketing. We at DealsInsight can assist you in building a top-notch database and expanding your email list. Furthermore, we advise using advanced segmentation lists. Segmentation enables more precise targeting because not all of your communications will be pertinent to every person on your email list. It assists in increasing conversions and income while lowering spam complaints and unsubscriber’s rates.

Reach more people and grow your brand

Reach more people and grow your brand

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