Ways to increase website traffic in 2024

Ways to increase website traffic in 2024

The lifeblood of the digital landscape is website traffic – the more traffic you draw from search engines, the more money you can make.

Are you yearning for an upsurge in search traffic to fuel the growth of your blog? Despite investing copious amounts of time in content creation, do you find yourself grappling with the challenge of elevating your blog’s visibility on search engines like Google? 

Who doesn’t want more traffic?

Even though ways to get website traffic change now and then, there are some classic ways that always work to get more people to your website.  

In this blog, we’re sharing some tips to boost your website traffic from search engines in 2024.

1. Get Ready for SGE

In 2024, Google is shaking things up with its Search Generative Experience (SGE), powered by AI. This means when you ask Google a question, instead of the usual list of websites, you’ll get a direct AI-generated answer at the top.

Sounds cool, right? But here’s the catch – it might affect your website’s traffic. Some sites saw a drop, while others gained more visitors.

So, how can you be in the winning group? Be prepared!

  • > Match your info closely with the keywords you want to rank for.
  • > Keep it simple and easy to read.
  • > Get straight to the point on your page.
  • > Be a trusted source on the topic.
  • > Already rank well in regular search results.

But here’s the twist – because of SGE, people will start making super personal searches. They’ll ask Google specific questions, and the more details they give, the better the answer. This means your content needs to match these specific searches.

For example, instead of asking “Best digital marketing agency,” they might ask, “Which digital marketing agency is best for B2B business?”

Don’t worry; it’s not all about Google. Sure, you might see a drop in traffic, but the good news is, the traffic you do get will be more interested and ready to buy.

Remember, don’t rely on search alone. Branch out to other sources for traffic. It might sound like a lot of work, but we’ll show you it’s not as hard as it seems in the next section.

2. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are like the low-hanging fruits of the internet – they can make your new website climb the ranks on search engines like Google.  

To get more people visiting your website through searches, you gotta find and use these long-tail keywords. Let’s check out some examples:

  • > “Digital marketing tools” (3 words)
  • > “compare digital marketing tools” (4 words)
  • > “Best digital marketing tools online” (5 words)
  • > “Best digital marketing tools online free” (6 words)

Now, here’s the deal: the longer the keyword, the less people are searching for it. So, it’s easier to rank high for a 6-word keyword like “Best digital marketing tools online free” than a short one like “Digital marketing tools.”

Long Tail SEO


Look at this picture – it shows that a whopping 70% of all search traffic comes from these 4 to 6-word long tail keywords.

Now, for some tips to amp up your website traffic in 2024:

  • > Go for those 4 to 5-word long tail keywords – they bring in 70% of Google traffic.
  • > Use good tools to find these keywords. You can try fancy ones like Semrush, Ahrefs, or Long Tail Pro. Or keep it simple with free ones like Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, or Google’s Keyword Planner. If you’re just starting, pick keywords with fewer than 500 searches per month – they’re easier to rank for.
  • > Find keywords with a decent search volume but not too much competition. Tools like Semrush or Google Planner can help you figure out if a keyword is a tough nut to crack or a bit easier for you to rank.

3. Create In-Depth Content

Making awesome content is a big deal when it comes to getting more people to visit your website. Without good stuff for Google to look at, it won’t push your site up in search results, and you might not even pop up on the first page.

But it’s not just about Google – good content also makes people check out your site more through social media. The more kinds of content you have, the better. Here are some usual types you can put on your website:

  • > Long Stuff: Write things that go over 2000 words. Writing articles that go beyond 3000 words brings in 3X more traffic compared to the average-length ones falling between 901 and 1200 words.
  • > Info Pages: Teach your readers about stuff related to your business.
  • > Product or Service Pages: Talk about the things you sell or the services you offer.
  • > Guides: Share downloadable stuff with loads of info about a topic.
  • > Blogs: Keep a steady flow of new content coming.

Let’s take a quick example – a super detailed blog on what is digital marketing from HubSpot which is around 7000 words.

Digital Marketing


All these types of content help your website get noticed by Google for the following reasons:

  • > Long Stuff: Google likes it because it shows you know your stuff.
  • > Info Pages: Tells Google you’re smart in your business.
  • > Product or Services Pages: Can hit very specific keywords based on what you sell.
  • > Guides: Loads of content targeting more than just a few keywords.
  • > Blogs: Gives Google fresh content regularly, and it shows you’re on top of your game.

Having top-notch content online makes you more visible and gives people a good reason to swing by your website. It’s a must for getting more folks to check out your site.

4. Use a Powerful Weapon – Quora

Quora is like a super helpful question and answer spot where people ask about everything from space to advice. It’s a big deal – the number one place for Q&A with millions of users.

Guess what? You can be smart about using Quora to get more people to find your stuff on Google.

Here’s a real example to explain better: If you search “best digital marketing companies in Chennai,” Quora shows up on the Google mostly on the first page, even though many companies are fighting for that spot.

Best digital marketing companies in Chennai

So, to get more folks to check out your stuff, go to the top Quora pages and answer the questions listed in Google search results.

Tip: Don’t forget to drop your blog’s link or, even better, link to a blog post that matches the Quora answers. This helps you get more visitors, likes, shares, and all that good stuff.

Quora is not just for traffic – it’s a cool place to brainstorm new ideas, find related keywords, and plan future blog posts.

Bottom line: Spend some time on Quora if you want more people to visit your website and promote it smartly.

5. Use the Power of Guest Blogging

If you’re serious about making it big in blogging, here’s a game-changer – guest blogging. It’s like a secret weapon, and using it wisely can skyrocket your online presence.

Guest blogging is the hot topic in the blogging world. Everyone’s buzzing about it because it’s a quick way to grab attention.

But, there’s an art to it. You need to know how NOT to approach it. 

The key? Understand what your target readers want by analyzing the blog posts they love.

Guest blogging isn’t just about links, visibility, and traffic – it’s also about building awesome relationships with other bloggers. And guess what? These relationships can be a game-changer for your blog’s success in the long run.

To make the most of it, create guest posts that speak directly to your readers. Make it super easy for them to subscribe and become your biggest fans. It’s all about making friends and getting noticed in the blogging world.

6. Perform Site Audits

If you’re struggling to get more people to visit your website, it might have some technical issues. 

That’s where site audits come in – like a health check for your website.

We swear by Semrush for this job, and let us tell you why:

  • > Checks Your Website’s Health: Semrush gives your site a health score out of 100.
  • > Tracks SEO Progress: Keep an eye on how well your site is doing in search engines.
  • > Fixes Language Mistakes: Sort out those tricky hreflang issues.
  • > Stays Secure: Ensure your website is safe with HTTPS checks.
  • > AMP Checks: Detect any issues with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • > Prioritize Fixes: Decide what issues to fix first for better SEO.

Look at how cool the site audit feature looks in Semrush:

SEO Website Audit


And here are some quick tips when using tools like Semrush for site audits:

  • > Fix Errors ASAP: Website errors are bad for your site’s health. Fix them to boost your traffic and Semrush score.
  • > Check Content Issues: Look for missing alt tags, broken links, and other content problems. Fixing them makes your website pages better.
  • > Improve Top Posts: Check what posts are doing well. Add more relevant keywords to make them even better.
  • > Watch Backlinks: Check for bad links pointing to your site. Use Google’s Disavow tool to remove the nasty ones.

7. Link Building

Link building is like connecting the dots for your website to get noticed. There are a few easy ways to do it:

Paid Backlinks: You can also pay to have your link in articles on other websites.

Internal Links: Link one page of your site to another. It keeps people on your site longer and makes them more likely to stick around.

Here are some tips to make it work for you:

  • > Check Out Competitors: See where other websites are getting their links.
  • > Get Listed: Put your website on directory lists.
  • > Make Friends: Build good relationships with people in your field.
  • > Stay Updated: Keep an eye on what’s new in search engine stuff and link building tricks.
  • > Go for the Good Stuff: Stick to ethical link building – it’s the way to go!

Building links can make your website more popular and bring in more visitors. So, start connecting those dots.


In enhancing your website traffic, consistency is key. While these strategies may not yield immediate results, it’s crucial to recognize that substantial improvements take time. 

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and similarly, persistence in implementing these proven techniques is vital. Stay committed, and over time, positive results in increasing your website traffic will undoubtedly follow.

As you embark on this journey of adapting to the evolving digital landscape, consider partnering with experts. 

DealsInsight offers top-notch digital marketing services designed to boost your online visibility, drive targeted traffic, and enhance your overall digital presence. Talk to our experts today!

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