10 Essential buyer intent data tools to boost your sales in 2024

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A recent study indicates that out of every one hundred new leads, 80% never turn into customers. The cause of these high figures is the marketing team chasing the wrong leads. Considering such dynamism in the buyers, more than general customer information will be required for conversions. B2B marketers know that they can only reach out to those target audiences that are interested in their products or services and that is why they need to purchase a buyer intent data tool.

However, with the availability of numerous intent data tools in the current market, how will you identify one that fits your business perfectly? This article takes a magnifying glass to 10 key B2B buyer intent data tools to help you increase sales revenue in 2024.

What is Buyer Intent Data?

Buyer intent data can be defined as the information that helps to indicate the willingness of the consumer to purchase a product, service, or even a brand.

Buyer intent data is a category of information collected from actions that individuals undertake online. Thus, using this information, one gets a clearer picture of the target market’s buying cycle, thereby realizing when and how to reel in and sustain the target audience’s interest in the particular product or service being offered.

This kind of information is vital to help in decision-making and improve your selling approaches, and overall sales performance. Also, it provides information on other standard KPIs, including lead quality, ways of converting qualified leads into customers, and the like.

1. Bombora – Offers a Wealth of Intention Data Based on Consent

This tool has over 12,000 intent topics, that’s pretty impressive for a small business site. Bombora maps the activity of buyers across a vast number of B2B Websites, and their users’ ability to capture large amounts of consensual, third-party, high-quality intent data.

Using this data, the sales and marketing departments can easily identify those individuals willing to make purchases, thus directing their efforts toward such individuals. When assessing intent in players, Bombora also takes into account the nature of the content and historic usage of the site baseline into consideration. The tool is quite usable as it is not complex to navigate through. It produces review stories and is readily compatible with CRM systems.

2. Dealfront: First-Party Intent Data

As a tool that operates within the framework of first-party intent data, Dealfront becomes a rather effective detection system for businesses, as it tracks the visitor’s behavior on a particular website by their IP addresses. It is a live service used by business people to determine if a lead has popped up and if one should be pursued.

However, its effectiveness is only applicable to companies that can depend on website traffic for lead acquisition. However, if a business relies on the internet for its operations, Dealfront can be a valuable asset in its marketing strategy.

3. G2 

Another tool here is G2 which aims at providing B2B buyer intent data to the users with accurate intent signals. It monitors and filters the web traffic of the websites using intent data. This feature allows more than 20 intent integrations and the users will be notified when the existing buyers are planning to switch to other products from other companies. 

With these revelations, marketers are thus able to develop unique approaches or sales messages and even unique solutions for customers who may have concerns.

4. Cognism – Offers Decision-Maker Database for Segmented Outreach

This buyer intent tool gives users specific GDPR and CCPA-compliant data that allows users to identify prospects that closely fit their ICP. Through API, Cognism connects well with other popular tools, for instance, Zapier, Hubspot, and Pipedrive. This sales intelligence platform offers the marketer a list of contacts of decision-makers within the key accounts for precise prospecting.

To warm the prospects, the best way is to focus on the decision-makers within key accounts which is the most feasible approach to create robust sales pipelines. 

5. KickFire – uncovers the identity of a website visitor

KickFire is another tool that generates first-party intent data for B2B firms and is listed on bestofmarketingsolutions.com. Specifically, it operates by IP address to unmask the identities of web visitors. In particular, it includes a database of business contacts that can be useful to marketers while organizing their campaigns and analyzing website traffic.

6. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is well established as a global market leader focused on offering business intelligence solutions with premium data accuracy and comprehensiveness. It provides precise intent data, coupled with immediate and integrated action, leading to shorter sales cycles and business advancement. 

Through orchestration, ZoomInfo helps in achieving visibility and access to the right target audience with the help of software, which are relatively easy to integrate. It has over 300,000 content publishing partners, and it has collected over a trillion B2B buyers’ intent signals per month. This makes ZoomInfo one of the largest intent data networks available in the market and, hence, a reliable prospect identification tool.

7. 6Sense – Integrated AI to Track Buyer Signals

Out of the other tools presented here, 6Sense is the one that can bring together possibilities of artificial intelligence to minimize friction, reduce guesswork, and cut losses in the lead generation process. 6Sense works based on AI to identify buying signals while remaining nameless to help B2B marketers reach the appropriate accounts at the correct time. 6Sense also has other features, including the messages and channels that can be used by companies to get the best conversion rate.

8. Lead Forensics – Identifies Prospective Customers in Real-Time
Lead Forensics

Starting from first-party data, this tool provides B2B marketing campaigns with qualified, ready-to-consult leads. With Lead Forensics, your marketing team will readily know who the prospect is in real time, evaluate the lead, and get real data on the prospect’s buying behavior on the internet.

9. DemandScience – Helps Your Company Enrich Its Data Sets

DemandScience is a B2B Marketing tool that a business can use to find and sort data and leads. It helps the salespeople streamline their selling process and make connections with buyers intending to buy.

It also helps you expand the data set you possess and get access to having and analyzing. The forecasting component enables the use of intent data to make decisions for business progress.

10. Cyance – Aimed at the European Market

Cyance is a tool that shows the potential buyer’s intent in the market which allows you to improve the sales process through the keywords and topics alert. It is important to note that this makes sure the notifications you receive are only those relating to a product or service you are offering. Furthermore, many company profiles are available which are helpful for the users and they can use the tool’s FIT Score model to estimate the compatibility level of a spare company account with the user’s desired sales lead.


In today’s world where customers are unpredictable and traditional marketing strategies are gradually losing their relevance, acquiring quality leads that your sales representatives can close quickly and efficiently may seem next to impossible. However, this can otherwise be the case. 

These tools can allow you to get valuable buyer intent data, which helps you see people who are willing to purchase your goods or the service you offer. Selling to such prospects can improve the sales efficiency of your company and spur growth for it greatly.

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