Reasons Why The Solar Industry Needs Social Media: 2021 Guide


Social Media for Renewable Energy / Solar Industry Issues like complicated buying process, customer inertia, and lack of confidence, come in the way of the growth of solar energy. Solar power is the cleanest form of renewable energy resource available. To reduce carbon footprints and arrest depletion of fossil fuels, developed and emerging economies alike […]

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Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry – All You Need to Know

DM for automotive

The global B2B automotive industry is a perfect mix of superior marketing, designing and manufacturing. Digital Marketing is sure to work wonders for the sector! The Automotive sector is facing a sea change driven by factors like digital transformation, the use of alternate energy resources and being transformed from a good, to more of a […]

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10 Best Lead Generation Tactics To Boost Sales in 2021


Want to know the biggest challenge in B2B marketing for 2021?  In one word, it’s leads. A lead is where it all begins for B2B businesses. Without leads, there are no clients, no revenue, no raison d’être. Nothing.  Without B2B leads, you’re sunk. So, the most obvious question for any marketer is this:  How do […]

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Tripwire Funnel: A Secret Way to Generate Leads


Marketing a product and successfully marketing it to prospects are two different things, with most firms struggling to find themselves in the latter sphere. And then comes marketing online – a challenge to at least 64% of B2B marketers. If you have a ground-breaking product to offer, but your prospects just don’t realize that or […]

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7 Things to do When Business is Slow

slow business

You have not reached the revenue estimate for the quarter, profits are in the fall, the trends in the market are not helping and it suddenly seems like you have no one to cater to. Don’t worry, it’s just one of the ebb-and-flow phases of business! What do to NOW? If you feel that at […]

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Demand Generation vs Lead generation: What, Why and How To Do Both


Demand Generation v/s Lead generation: What’s the difference? Most of us have bumped into the terms “Demand generation” and “lead generation” at least once in our lifetime. But not all of us understand the real meaning of the two.  In fact, I have seen people using both these terms simultaneously like there’s no difference between […]

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