Women In Sales: Why Is It Important To Recognise Them?

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  • Jan 25, 2022
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While each gender has its own individual specialties, women can greatly complement the role of sales. Having said that, none of the genders are subaltern to the other and no one is questioning the legal rights and powers of men and women in general. But there are a few things that make women more successful in sales, and in this think-piece, we will discuss them.

Women can be patient enough while using social media and news channel platforms to build a sales network and find clients, understanding the needs of the customers and engaging them in progressive commercial conversation. Women are comparatively more comfortable to converse on personal and relatable issues of customers which brings in commercial advantages to sales.

In fact, stats suggest that Organizations that have more women have 22% lower turnover rates. It is an outcome of refined morale and equality.

With that being said, now let us begin with the importance of recognizing women in sales:

Social selling and women

Social selling

Social selling requires the polite social behavior of the seller. They should adopt a friendly and partnering approach rather than having a competing mind all the time. They must know the art of having personalized discussions and speaking on the requirements and necessities of the customer. In general, women are great at making such conversations. This makes them fit for social selling jobs.

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Senior Management Roles and women

Senior management roles and women

A noticeable reason for the lack of women in sales work is the lack of women in senior management roles of their companies. Companies rarely come up with a female CEO in revenue-generating ranks.

In fact, numbers reveal that only 62% of women are in job positions that provide assistance and service but the jobs do not generate revenue and neither do the jobs lead to management roles. On the contrary, the fact remains that 65% of men are working for revenue generation ranks in US companies.

It is important to encourage women to enter the sales and revenue-generating ranks in their firms. Women must take up management roles as well because it is not at all about the rights and role of women, this step is going to be beneficial for the company profit and the modern business world as a whole. To make it happen, the male-dominated sections of the society must be.

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The Star-advantages of Sales Profession

The Star advantage of sales profession

Having agreed to the lack of women in the top sales ranks of the companies and their excellence in social sales behavior; sales does not have to be gender oriented.

Sales must be all about how much profit one can bring to the company. If you can sell a good number of products for your company and bring profit to your company, you will always remain in the good books of your firm. Whether you are a man or woman, you must make complete justice to the position that you have been assigned in your company.

Perception Difference

Perception Difference

Now that people are fast-acknowledging women in sales, it makes me think that there must have been some cause behind women staying away from this profession other than gender biases. If you are wondering what the reasons can be, below are some of the most probable ones:

Women who have work experience might not be in support of the risk of commission plans in the sales department. This can be a strong reason for women staying out of the sales profession. Women hardly realize that they are definitely going to meet their targets (sometimes even surpass them) and thus they don’t need to be scared of the commission-based compensation model.

Besides considering sales as a risky profession, women often view sales as a corrupt profession and thus refrain from entering into it. But then it becomes partially the responsibility of companies and women themselves to redirect the beliefs in a positive direction.

Companies should come up with faithful and better working plans for women. On the other hand, women should also try to expand their thoughts. And try to make the best use of opportunities that emerge on the way. Companies should also make it a point not to have biased support for males. And support all the genders equally for their hard work.

A greater percentage of women also believe that sales jobs require a lot of manual labor which cannot be fulfilled by them. However, that is far from the truth. Sales require strategic thinking, convincing power, and the ability to close deals.

The Women in Sales Awards

Women in sales awards

The Women’s Sales Award was created to spread gender awareness and leadership confidence in women. The award sets a great example for people to understand that all diverse genders are needed to engage in sales.

Afi Ofori created Women in Sales awards to help females develop leadership qualities. And appreciate sales talent so that they can eventually climb on the top.

Another reason why she created the award was to clear the image of sales as a profession. That was previously being tarnished by society. She made it a point that people understood, like all other professions, sales is an important career option with equal (or more) respect and compensation.

After all, it is not an easy task to understand a client’s requirements and serve him with the best. There are no magic tricks involved in the job, it’s all about practice and dedication towards one’s job.

Final Thoughts!

That being said, this think-piece is not to introduce any kind of gender bias in the minds of the readers. It rather aims to fill the already existing gap in achieving gender equality in sales. And also in other parts of the corporate world.

To meet the demands of the expanding customer base, better productivity, and reputation of the firm. And a decreased turnover, it is high time that the importance of women in sales is acknowledged.

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