Women in Medical Sales: A Top Earner’s Secrets to Success

Medical Sales

While visiting a doctor, we all have seen a big line of male med reps. We have also witnessed that med reps have a handsome salary and receive huge incentives to hit targets. Do you know female med representatives are underrated, they are less in number, but the few female med reps you see on the field get on top sooner with their hard work and women’s instinct? Let’s reveal the top earner’s secret to success to inspire many women who give up in the middle of the field while fighting gender bias throughout medical sales. 

What Does The Stats Say?

In medical sales, males still outweigh women. Women make up only 32% of those who responded (up from 31% reported in 2020). In the 2021 poll, female respondents stated a 14 percent increase in total income over the previous year. The average income claimed by women is 82% of the average income recorded by males. This is in line with the most recently available figures for female to male earnings, and it represents a minor improvement over the 80% (of men’s income) recorded in 2020.

Gender parity is a challenge in most businesses in the country, and the pharma industry is one where women are undervalued. According to a survey by Mercer India, women make up just 11% of the nearly 50 million-massive pharmaceutical workforce. According to the same report, gender diversity in the Life Sciences sector is only 12%.

Women in Medical Sales

Whatever the causes for such gender disparities in healthcare industry sales job roles and remuneration, it’s clear that more research into the industry’s impact is needed, as is expanded diversity and more robust equality initiatives. Women may indeed be able to end the gender wage gap if there is an increase in high-level employment.

Breaking the Stereotype in Medical Sales

Women have traditionally been a significant part of the healthcare workforce. This contributes to our societal conception of women as more caring nurses or caregivers. On the flip side, men tend to dominate more sophisticated professions and, thus, more profitable, such as physicians. In medical sales, a similar problem exists.

However, the 2021’s Top 25 Female Medical Device top management success is proof that female medical sales leaders are establishing themselves as industry role models. The medical device sector is rapidly innovating, using advances in robotics, nanomedicine, analytics, and other technologies to create game-changing equipment that improves patient outcomes.

The hallmarks of excellent leadership are commitment, operational efficiency, and a collaborative approach. These women executives have exhibited these characteristics in achieving the competitive advantage of their organizations and products. This year’s honorees have created some of the most creative and widely used medical device solutions in orthopedics, surgery, wound care, medication administration, monitoring, and other fields, breaking the stereotype that men are more tech-savvy than women. 

Challenges in Medical Sales Due to Gender Bias

The ground reality is that pharma marketers couldn’t understand what physicians need, and they’re swamping doctors with medication promotions at the cost of more customized information.

According to recent research from Indegene, the technologically proficient HCP has been following these interactions for the previous few years. This study looks at little under 1,000 doctors from the United States, Europe, India, and China.

It’s depressing reading for drug salespeople: 70% of HCPs polled by the business believe reps “do not properly grasp their requirements and expectations,” and 62% of HCPs say they are “overwhelmed” with product-related promotional information by drugmakers.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) HCPs stated that companies should only provide relevant material to clients to “make the conversations more informative.”

gender bias in medical sales

This is the consequence of gender bias in medical sales. If left unchecked, unconscious discrimination has the power to mold an organization’s culture and prevent it from realizing its full potential. Organizations must see if unconscious prejudice affects their culture and bottom line.

How to Overcome Sexism in Medical Sales?

There’s no denying that women in medical sales encounter several difficulties. Women are underrepresented in B2B sales teams, particularly in management and executive positions. Persistent prejudices and unconscious biases have made it increasingly challenging for women to progress in sales and be fairly rewarded.

Experts believe that by creating an ecosystem and internal policies such as facilitating returnship to job, establishing washrooms at central distributor locations, and stimulating frontline managers on equality inclusion, among other things, more women will be able to keep their jobs and advance up in the business in the medical industry. However, what should you do for your career success as a medical saleswoman?

Accept your role as a skeptic

Take control of your professional life, take the initiative, and recognize your value to maintain your own pace. Don’t wait for a chance to come knocking on your door. To gain product coverage, you must advocate for the patients. You’ve arrived as a patient ambassador, and that’s how you’ll persuade the physicians to try something new and advance their practice. Other sales agents who don’t seek assistance often don’t succeed as rapidly as those. It all simply comes down to becoming more genuine and looking for support when you need it.

Each medical representative develops their competence and has dealt with various challenging scenarios while on the job, on the phone, and conversing with pharmacists and physicians. Consider bringing them together in one area to discuss their experiences, ideas, and perspectives on significant problems.

Keep your thirst for knowledge alive

As discussed above, not many physicians are happy with the product information med reps convey to them. So, the more up-to-date knowledge you have, the more chances to close the deals with doctors for a long-term business.

Knowledge Alive

Sales professionals may increase their knowledge and abilities in only a few minutes by using current digital solutions and filling up the gaps and improving the employee’s professional knowledge by addressing scenario-based questions multiple times and memorizing information. Some valuable resources for learning are Medtech mentor, Jem Med, and eWizard.

Advocate for patients and don’t fear failure

Persistent salespeople are successful. They don’t consider “no” to be a definitive answer. They recognize that what hospital decision-makers and finances didn’t allow for at the moment may become a requirement in the future. Become a voice for the patient not to sell for hitting the target but for making the patient’s life better. Insist on why the patients need particular medicine or medical devices. 

Don’t be scared to fail and be a self-motivator. Forbes has published an excellent piece on research driver strategies for conquering sales challenges, including some valuable pointers to consider when you’re stumped.

Be willing to try new things and make new acquaintances

One of the crucial aspects of consumer communication is transparency, comprehension, and trustworthiness. Every customer is an individual with their interests and preferences, not an objective.

You should start building your network before applying for the medical sales position. Attempt to meet the individuals you work with while you’re gaining experience. Connect with sales representatives and medical firms on LinkedIn and other media, and participate with their material to establish authority in your industry. An excellent online presence might help you develop your network and attract recruiters seeking recruits.

Women in sales

Continue to expand your network once you’ve landed a position in this sales industry. You never realize who in your connection could be able to introduce you to your next major client or transfer to another healthcare or pharma organization, opening up new doors for you.

You should also be a skilled communicator to complement your medical sales talents. From admin staff to surgeons to executive directors, you’ll be interacting with a diverse range of individuals. You’ll need to be comfortable talking to many people about potentially complicated goods and circumstances, cold-calling hospitals and doctor’s offices, and dealing with administrators who want to keep their doctors’ time as valuable as possible.

As a medical sales professional, you have the chance to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. While also making money. You may set yourself up for a long and satisfying career in healthcare sales by selecting a specialty that suits your abilities and interests then gaining the essential experience to attract the attention of employers.


While the world cries out for a straightforward solution that ensures everyone receives equal pay for equal effort. Defining what that means and how to accomplish it will require time and understanding. At the moment, we may be informed about how the problem impacts the medical sales business. And promote diversity and equality initiatives inside our organizations.

More and more successful women in medical sales should come up. And encourage female medical workforces in sales and marketing. To promote women so that women can also enjoy an equal footing with men in the medico marketing business.