Women Helping Women in Sales: How to Succeed as a Saleswoman

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Do you know that when it comes to closing sales deals, women outperform men by 11%? During their careers, these five women not only knocked other salespeople out of the water but also built enterprises by scaling their sales skills. Today, their ideas may be used for effective sales growth, transformation, and customer engagement.

If there’s one thing the previous two years have taught us, relationships count. And, even if we’re scattered throughout the country and the world, with many still working from home, we can connect online to gain from and exchange with one another.

Lauren Bailey, #GirlsClub and Factor 8′ Founder

Lauren Bailey launched #GirlsClub, a group dedicated to assisting women in achieving sales leadership positions.

Lauren’s program consists of various components to increase the number of women in the salesforce. When the girl’s club originally began, the intention was to concentrate only on the training. It has, however, grown since then. It’s still an essential component of Bailey’s service, but with some additional features. Everybody in the group is assigned a mentor. As few role models are available, each squad member is assigned to a more experienced female sales manager who may assist as a mentor.

These women discuss their accomplishments and mistakes and how they’ve taken chances and mastered the sales managerial job. Each of these mentors shot a short video for a documentary series, Rise on Record, in addition to becoming mentors for their assigned girl’s club members. These films provide an inclusive view of what’s it like to work in sales as a woman.

She claims that we are tireless and frequently groomed to work perfectly as women rather than celebrate risk-taking.

Put your hand up again while you’re considering the next move. We must no longer wait till we are 100 percent prepared! When women say they’re ready for management, I’ve discovered that they’re genuinely prepared. However, most people are 50-70 percent prepared when they embark on the next task, job, etc. Believe in yourself and your proven record to get you to the next level. Trust that your managers and coworkers will back you up and allow you the space to go ahead!

Visit https://wearegirlsclub.com/ for more details about # GirlsClub’s sales mentorship program for women.

Here’s where you can find out more about Factor 8’s award winner virtual sales training: https://factor8.com/.

Chantel George, Founder of Sistas in Sales

Chantel George launched Sistas in Sales, a network for women of color in sales and business, in 2018. Its goal is to create a place where black female sales personnel can connect, grow their professions, and, most notably, discover sisterhood.

Chantel developed an atmosphere in which women of color working in sales would be accepted, driven, and inspired by one another. Where they may work together to debunk the “old boys club” that exists in today’s institutions and remind the people that women of color are not only powerful saleswomen but also write checks, advance up the corporate ladder, and live their life the way.

Her first sales position was as a Jr Account Executive at Yelp. George’s job entailed cold phoning small companies and promoting the benefits of advertising on Yelp. Although that wasn’t the position she had planned for herself, she excelled.

Women in sales

Prospects frequently say “no” or some version of it in sales, which may be discouraging. Chantel credits a lot of her accomplishments at Yelp to maintaining healthy self-esteem and recognizing that she’s been in more tough circumstances than cold calling strangers on the phone. The immediate thrill of purchases was also enticing.

She claims that a large number of Black women are unintentionally selling. It astounds her to see this surge of women who are so determined to pursue sales careers that they attend boot camps, which makes her want to help them. Like herself, women simply arrive and work things out.

Here is where to learn more about Sistas in Sales and the forthcoming Sistas in Sales Annual Summit 2022, https://sistasinsales.com/

Gabrielle Blackwell, Co-Founder of Women in Sales Club

Gabrielle is a well-established sales development manager and is currently leading business development and strategy at Airtable; she is also one of the co-founders and co-host of Women in Sales Club, a club that meets at Clubhouse Saturdays at 2 p.m. The organization’s mission is to enable, empower, and promote women in the sales field.

She aspired to be the greatest when she started selling. But she had first to learn more. She needed to reenergize her activities and get life back to normal in sales after sustaining an injury in a car accident. As a result, she sought advice from others to see if she was on the right track.

Salespeople and managers must recognize that they do not need to be experts in every field.

It takes a comfortable setting to admit you don’t know anything. You can also seek assistance if you notice a gap between your knowledge and how much you need to know.

She believes that it’s time to normalize “I don’t know.” Understanding when you need to speak out for yourself is an essential part of self-advocacy. And before management can be concerned with meeting expectations, they must first demonstrate how to do so. It is their responsibility to impart knowledge to you.

Heidi Solomon-Orlick, Founder of GirlzWhoSell

Heidi is the Founder and CEO of GirlzWhoSell and Vp of Global Sales at VXI Global Solutions. She is an award-winning leader in sales and just launched her book Heels to Deals: How Women Are Dominating in Business-to-Business Sales. Heidi is included in the Top 100 Women Magazine.

Heidi hosts the show GirlzWhoSell Spotlight podcast and is a regular industry keynote speaker. She is a fantastic motivator, good leader, and educator for those women trying to carve out a career in sales.

GirlzWhoSell is a breakthrough campaign to democratize professional sales and create the world’s most excellent pipeline of varied, fresher sales skilled workforce. Heidi is more than an influencer; she is a sales leader who has encouraged others to embrace sales as a potential career option.

Here is where you can learn more about GirlzWhoSell Bootcamp to kick start your career as a B2B sales professional https://girlzwhosell.com/

Women in sales

Amy Volas, Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, Co-founder of Thursday Night Sales

Avenue Talent Partners, a sales leadership recruiting agency for SaaS companies, assists its customers in building the right team with the ideal leaders and driving long-term success.

She is committed to strengthening the recruiting process. Because sales are her first passion in business, and startups are her second.

She has closed over $100 million in revenue over her 20+ year career in enterprise sales. And she is still counting. She is also a founder of Thursday Night Sales, the number one weekly virtual sales happy hour and community group. She addresses listeners’ most pressing sales concerns and connects them with other sales professionals.

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Priya George, Founder, and CEO of DealsInsight and Women in Sales International #WSI

Priya has almost two decades of executive-level sales and marketing experience in various sectors and locations. Around the world, including the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, India, the Middle East, and Africa. She has worked for organizations like IDC, Frost and Sullivan, Crayon Data, Biz Group, Tejari.com, and Edutech. She has strong expertise in sales, business development, inside sales, and building unique go-to-market strategies and client acquisition methods. Understanding her clients’ basic requirements, forming valuable connections, and guaranteeing continual customer success have always been her strengths and passions.

The #WSI community is more than just a space to brag about ourselves; it’s also a place where women can learn from and thrive alongside other saleswomen. It makes no difference where their company is situated on the planet! Through DealsInsight, the #WSI group has mastered how to assist customers in developing the sales and marketing funnel of their dreams. #WSI salesforce is here to share how to help startups and SMEs develop and manage relationships focused on quality over quantity!

With an aim, this community will evolve into a symbol of power for any woman in sales to strive for professional development, ideas, and stimulation in the future. We expect a new type of powerful and driven saleswoman to rise to global prominence.

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Here is where you can join the #WSI community https://www.linkedin.com/groups/9048099/


Women still face several significant hurdles, particularly those from ethnically diverse origins. We can make strides in gender equality throughout the world by studying the lives and opinions of outstanding women.

New possibilities for torchbearers to step into the role and be the next new wave of outstanding female leaders will emerge as the field of sales continues to expand and evolve.