Why You Should Outsource Your Inside Sales – 7 Genuine Reasons


Acquiring new leads and converting them into customers is a long process and not at all a moonwalk. It requires your investment and valuable time. So, what if you were given the option of outsourcing your inside sales to a third-party vendor? What if a professional outside team generated leads and fixed appointments while you invested time in other important aspects of your business? Are you ready to hand over your inside sales to an outside partner?

Before making a decision, let’s first understand what B2B Inside Sales Outsourcing is and why it’s beneficial for you.

What is B2B Inside Sales Outsourcing?

B2B Inside Sales Outsourcing is a process by which a B2B business appoints an experienced third-party vendor to take after the responsibility of inside sales and lead generation. This is a unique way to tap into new opportunities, new talents, and new businesses while being focused on your core business.

Outsourcing to a trusted and reputed partner means a whole professional sales team is working for you outside your office, they are generating leads, fixing meetings, and doing the task of converting total strangers into customers.

Here are the 7 ways in which a B2B Inside Sales Outsourcing is helpful and why you should outsource your sales:

1. Cold Calling can get on your nerves (when it’s not your core job!)

We all know this very well – Cold calling requires a lot of patience and time. This makes the process hard to cope-up with, especially when it’s not your core job.

It’s a long process – generating leads, researching prospects, cold calling, learning about the competitors, striving to keep the latest database…

With so many other responsibilities waiting to be completed in a running business, it’s hard to focus all of your time on this lengthy process which is equally important for your business to keep running.

Outsourcing inside sales ensures your work is now in the hands of the experts who will work together with you to target players and fix meetings for you with qualified leads.

2. You want to try new sales techniques (and experiment!)

You should totally go for inside sales outsourcing if you want to try new sales techniques and want to experiment with new technology. Not only that, but you are also open to exploring new target industries without having to stick with them for a longer period of time.

Trying new sales techniques and exploring new target industries is also helpful in providing you with feedback from prospective clients. Having the knowledge of how your sales techniques are perceived by the prospects gives you a chance to bring changes in the sales technique and improve entirely as a team.

The acquired feedback is also going to help you in the long run with company branding.

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3. You want to personally convince the ready-to-purchase hot leads

Every prospective customer is beneficial for a company. But not all of them are important for a company except a few who qualifies to become a serious lead.

It’s really important to make a connection with those leads who are going to imply a positive impact on your company. These leads are either going to benefit your business in the short term or going to be a long-term customer and a source of added income.

When you are making initial connections, you can’t meet with every lead, right? When you are taking your time out from your busy schedule and other processes of a business, you should meet with only those prospects who are qualified and sales-ready.

An outside sales team can help you do exactly that.

4. You need expertise in your sales team

Every business needs a strong pipeline to make more sales and gain more customers. In order to see your business growing, you need a real pipeline. A pipeline that actually gives you high-quality and qualified leads.

Leads that qualify and become customers in a short span of time are the best for any business. But is your sales team qualified enough to carry out the task?

You may be playing with the players, while you need champions who can generate revenue by bringing in the right prospects. Can you find the expertise in your own business and form an expert in-house sales team all with the limited resources and time?

If you need expertise in your inside sales, partnering with an outside sales team can be a game-changer.

5. You want to nurture your existing or inbound leads

A team needs to have the potential to connect with leads, maintain a connection with them, generate information about them, and also nurture their existing and inbound leads. An outside team of experts can help you do all of these effortlessly and easily.

If you acquire leads through lucky draws and exhibitions, it’s time to connect with these leads and turn them into paying customers. But before that, were they properly followed up? Were they even moved through the sales pipeline?

An outside team helps you with all of the above-mentioned issues. Not only that, but it also studies the lead nurturing techniques of others and keeps enhancing the entire process. 

6. You want greater RoI in less investment

While an outside sales partner is fully focused on giving you new business opportunities with the expertise of their trained sales team, investing in an in-house sales team is a much costlier process.

If you don’t already know, an in-house sales team is not a one-night procedure. It involves hiring, training, recruiting, and providing competitive pay. Also, it is reported that one-half of sales representatives take ten months or longer to meet their quota.

Isn’t it a huge investment to make? Especially for start-ups? When you outsource your inside sales, your partner helps you with a team of already trained and experienced sales teams who know how to do their job. 

7. You want a properly aligned sales process

Even if your company has the capacity to invest in an in-house sales team and they don’t know about a successful program, success is going to be a hundred miles away. To get the most out of your sales and close deals, you have to invest in a successful program.

A third-party professional who is specialized in sales is usually the expert of multiple sales processes. They know which sales process can work for which business and they keep the entire process properly aligned.

A third-party partner can help you with –

  • Cold calling – A cold calling script and professional sales reps help with the cold calling process.
  • Expert Sales reps – Apart from moving leads through the sales funnel, these sales reps are specialized in managing different projects at once and they make excellent conversations.
  • A properly aligned process – Their sales process is properly aligned and starts with the prospecting phase. Then it moves onto the introduction phase, lead nurturing and qualification phase, and finally ends with fixing appointments.
  • Optimal use of time and tools – These experts know how to use their time to give you the best results and they do it with their knowledge of the latest technology and tools.

Final Words!

Now that you know everything about inside sales outsourcing, it’s your call whether you want to take the advantage of it or not. If you want expertise in your sales team with limited time and investment if you want to focus on your core business while a team of experts handles your inside sales, opting for outsourcing is going to be the best decision ever.

Just be mindful about your options and research extensively about your partner before making a decision. Outsourcing can help you build a stellar business without the need to bring on extra employees.

So, what are you waiting for? We are waiting for you!