Why Online Presence is the Most Important Market Strategy For Any Business?

online presence as a part of its digital marketing strategy

Do you ever decide to purchase without researching about it on your smartphone or reading customer reviews? I presume the response is NO!

Similarly, your consumers largely rely on online information when deciding where to buy products, which brands to trust, and other things.

We live in a world dominated by technology and all things digital. If your business doesn’t have a digital presence yet, it is missing out on the moolah.

online presence as a part of its digital marketing strategy

“70% of small-to-medium-sized businesses are investing more into their digital presence”

With stats as high as this, having an online presence for your business is the next practical step to growing your business.

What is an online presence?

If you are asked: ‘what is an online presence? You may just respond with a single word – website. However, having an online presence extends beyond having a website. Let’s say you hire a developer to make an incredible website for your company.

What is the next step?

How will you direct visitors toward your website?

You might need to advertise your website first to draw visitors to it. The only method to increase traffic to your website is to raise awareness of it. And having an online presence is an important marketing strategy.

So how do you do it?

You can create a strong social media presence, utilize the best SEO strategies, run paid ads, and do more to attract visitors to your site and convert them into your customers. 

Purpose of online presence

Gaining more customers is the ultimate goal of having an online presence, and this is only feasible with greater visibility. On the internet, visibility is a precious resource that must be fought for—almost like competing for necessities in a jungle. Only the intelligent endure.

Therefore, if you are seeking an important market strategy to increase your visibility, expand your business, and attract new customers, establishing a digital presence is what you need to do. Your chances of being discovered are increased by having an online presence, which also gives you the possibility to market yourself like a well-known brand.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Online Presence

There is a difference between purchasing one lottery ticket and fifty tickets; even though you may not always hit the big prize, your odds do increase as you purchase more tickets. Online presence follows the same principle.

A strong social media presence does not automatically guarantee increased business. However, they do improve your chances of standing out to potential customers. A diversified online presence will inevitably enhance your website’s traffic because it makes you more visible.

An investment in digital presence is worth every penny for a business owner – for the following six reasons.

  1. Effortless Marketing

A simple yet efficient technique to generate interest in your business is through a digital footprint. You can promote your goods and services for free on your blog and social media platforms. The “shareability” of social media is a bonus, which makes it simple for your customers to tell all of their friends and family about your company.

Yet another beauty of a digital presence is that people from thousands of miles away can find your business with one click of a mouse.

  1. Enhanced Customer Service

A study by Forbes revealed that when customers receive a positive experience with a brand they are likely to recommend it to others.

Positive customer experience vs brand recommendation

The quality of service levels can be significantly harmed when there are several tiers like distributors and retailers between you and your customer. Having a good online presence helps you stay in touch with your customers directly and round the clock.

By responding to them promptly and courteously you can turn them into fanatics. People do not mind paying more for a product when the service levels are great. You increase the overall revenues of your firm while also gaining the customers’ trust.

A digital marketing strategy developed with future business objectives in mind is more likely to provide positive outcomes for your company. But you can only enjoy these advantages after making persistent efforts over time.

  1. Showcase Your Products and Services

More than 2.14 billion people worldwide were anticipated to make online purchases in 2021, up from 1.66 bn digital consumers globally in 2016.

Increasing rate of online shoppers

The days of spending millions on posters, banners, and standees to advertise your brand are long gone. All of this is significantly simplified by digital marketing, which means having a strong online presence.

An important marketing strategy to promote your goods and services consistently is through your digital presence. Unlike physical marketing, you will not need to keep investing in this every time a new product is launched.

Once online, forever online.

Your brand, product, and services will always be accessible to customers online. Work on developing a powerful web presence to consistently promote your goods and services.

  1. An Impactful First Impression

Angie Schottmuller in her book “Three Deep Marketing” quoted that

“People form first impressions in about 17 milliseconds”

Make sure your website makes a lasting one.

First impressions are the most lasting! This is a universal truth. Regardless of how amazing a dress is if a customer wants to purchase one, and the brand has little to no information online, the sales are likely going to decline.

People read about the brand/product online way before the actual purchase. The customer will get a favorable opinion of you if you have a powerful and persuasive web presence.

Why Local Businesses Need an Online Presence?

A strong online presence improves the legitimacy of your brand irrespective of your business size or type.

Another added advantage of going digital is that no one knows how many people work for a particular brand. Everyone gets a fair shot at having a digital presence, whether they are a one-man army or a company with 1,000 employees.

  1. Direct Marketing

Statistics suggest that the ROI for direct marketing campaigns is between 18 and 20 percent. Why lose out?

Fed up paying your distributors and relying on them to generate sales? Why cut your margins on multi-level marketing when you can directly sell your product to your customers?

This is the large, ripe golden fruit that a strong online presence reaps. The benefits of direct marketing extend to both your brand and your customer. Your business can grow exponentially when there aren’t any mid-level distributors or retailers eating in on your profits like Pacman.

How to Enhance Your Digital Presence?

It takes time to enhance your company’s online visibility. Don’t lose hope if you don’t notice results right away because they won’t happen overnight. To enhance your online visibility, consider some of these suggestions:

  • Publish your Google My Business Profile
  • Have a strong social media presence
  • Post regularly to social media
  • Have a blog on your website that is updated regularly
  • Use SEO strategies
  • Ensure your website has a smooth, easy-to-use design and meets SEO standards
  • Use paid search ads and social media ads online
  • Take advantage of email marketing
  • Create and share videos

A Strong Online Presence is a Competitive Advantage

The digital revolution is here to stay forever! And a great digital presence can help skyrocket your business. The sooner you start using this important digital marketing strategy, the more leads you can generate and nurture. So, take the plunge, put in your effort, and enjoy the many business rewards that online can offer!

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