Why Now is the best time to introduce Digital Marketing?

dm-best time is now

Even before we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, digital marketing was on a rising trend. Organizations worldwide considered it a primary component of a primary component in the business puzzle.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business

Bill Gates

But in the current situation, with most of the workforce locked up at home, digital mediums have shifted gears and taken the front seat. It is the only source of business in this crisis. This has further provided marketing teams to come up with excellent ideas for the digital promotion of their products/services. Not only is there a rush of new online content but also a new issue for the entire world to relate to.

This is a golden period to launch a digital marketing campaign (if you haven’t already) and step up your game, in the online world.

Why is NOW the best time for digital marketing?

1. It is the present and the future

Marketing and technology have been amazing partners since time immemorial. With people spending more and more time on the internet, it has become an absolute necessity for all the organizations to create a digital space for themselves and catch up with the pace.

present and future

In fact, even post the pandemic lockdown; with social distancing norms becoming a reality, the entire world will be largely operating on digital means. From blogs and webinars to PPC and SEO, organizations there is a list of strategies to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

2. Armed with effective digital tools

B2B business cycles are already long enough and the unusual WFH scenario has led to a further delay. Tech giants have taken it upon themselves to introduce new tools for effective business operations. There is a myriad of analytical tools available, which help you track your progress, assist your SEO rankings, automate cold emails, establish CRM services, introduce surveys and forms and even connect everyone WFH for a conference.


Armed with these effective tools, you can easily make your way into digital marketing, creating more fulfilling content, and increasing user engagement by manifolds. In B2B markets, firms look for a consultant in the salesperson, and going digital brings out the advisor in you, prominently.

3. Opportunity to tap global markets

B2B marketing success depends a lot on your networking and relationships. They give you key insights while converting the prospects, convincing the decision-makers, and are also advantageous in the referrals they provide.


Now, when the entire world is suffering through the pandemic, the locked doors, and the world wide net has introduced businesses to the global markets with so much untapped potential.

The opportunity to expand and reach the far-flung corners of the world that have been unlocked via digital marketing is revolutionary. Business are now employing rigorous digital marketing techniques to make the most out of this.

4. Affordability is the game-changer

The traditional approach requires you to create a mega-budget for your marketing department as advertisements on mass media is not a reasonable bet. Although B2B firms have a larger budget, most of which goes into business, it is only a matter of time when the dreadful lockdown pushes the world into a global recession, forcing firms to reduce their spending.


Digital marketing can be a game-changer in terms of affordability – economical yet impactful. Though digital marketing is the top area of marketing spending for 56% of B2B marketers in 2020, it is worth the gains it brings to firms. Now with social media in play, it is all the more compelling. 

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5. Governments launching Digital initiatives

The coronavirus pandemic has compelled even the largest manpower-dominated companies to work within the four walls. However, more and more companies are capitalizing on this crisis as an opportunity by catering to digital marketing. Looking at the efforts of the entrepreneurs, Governments from all over the world are crafting special schemes and programs that can offer benefits to the amateur digital start-ups.

digital initiative

With India, Canada, Australia, UAE, and the US becoming the hotspots for digital marketers, governments are trying to promote digital in various innovative ways. This simply means, even the multiple empires can foresee the power of digital.

6. The future is bright

If you’re thinking about how digital marketing can suddenly decline after the world gets over the shocks of the pandemic, look through the statistics of digital marketing revenue in India to see the reality. Online marketing is not going anywhere.


Due to the initiatives of the Governments and development seeping into the corners of the world, more and more people are getting connected to the Internet than ever before. The number of Internet users is rising annually with a great margin, creating a bigger space for your marketing.

In the B2B sector, it takes time for a prospect to engage with a brand (on average- 12 searches online) and reach the final stage of the sales cycle. Thus, the easiest medium to do that is maintaining consistency in your digital media efforts. The future is undoubtedly bright; the question is if you’re ready for it?

7. Small and medium are rapidly catching up

It’s a thing of the past to say that only the metropolises are hubs of digital activity. With the rapid advancement, day by day, small and medium enterprises are also getting equipped to join the internet-based marketing sphere, their one-stop platform to reach the world.

catching up

There is over-abundance of free learning material on the internet and in this horrific phase, business giants have been graceful and generous to provide training and work experience in digital marketing. Firms are becoming overnight stars through their marketing efforts, and that’s one thing B2B marketers should take seriously in order to expand their reach.

It’s time to Go Digital!

There’s no looking back from digital marketing. The trend is only going to get bigger and better. Why? Because the internet is not just a segment of the economy. Not anymore. it’s the whole infrastructure on which the economy runs.

time to go digital

However, when you market online, the strategy is of prime importance. If it’s generic like million others, you are likely to be lost in the crowd. A tried-and-tested method of implementing a successful strategy is a myth. Because there are a lot of factors in digital marketing each of which varies depending on different components. 

To match the industry standards, curate an effective digital marketing strategy and obtain the desired results, you must consider expert services from an experienced B2B sales and marketing consulting firm.

Digital marketing is en-route to becoming the most powerful channel for marketing and if you are skeptical about it – NOW is the best time to seal the long-pending decision! 

If you still need convincing, here are some more details about how digital marketing can prove to be the best investment in these times.
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