Why Educating the User on EVs is still the best marketing strategy for EV makers


Electronic vehicles or EVs have ruled the market for a significant period and the majority of people who have used an EV adore the unique experience of driving an electric vehicle. They successfully play the role of emissions off-setters and also fulfil certain mobility requirements. You don’t know this most probably but the worldwide demand for electrical vehicles or EVs is on a sharp rise and most often, marketing teams offer the latest EV model as the most advanced electric car ever manufactured. These EVs are also a remarkable innovation vector in the whole automotive industry. Most OEMs get this news with vigour and enthusiasm. Unfavourably, the retail network is not so passionate and a few sales consultants also seem cynical.

This popular and superior car is similar to a regular car and the issues related to price, charging points availability and recharging times are looking to become more harsh and severe. This has led to frustration among auto sales personnel but business is continuing as usual. EVs have offered a unique opportunity for marketing and sales professionals to be aware of customers’ viewpoints and the constraints and advantages.

1. Educate and communicate in an effective manner

We are all aware that electric vehicles are not the solution to all demands but can fulfil a lot of them. EVs are a great option for non-stop urban journeys specifically the ones which are 100 kilometres in between the charging points of the EV. EVs are also a whole lot more economical for travelling compared to IC or Internal Combustion vehicles and give the user a nice and pleasant experience. On an urban EV, torque is readily available instantly and there is no clutch or gearbox. When you drive an EV, it lets you take the benefit of energy regeneration and utilize one pedal to run, speed up or stop the car. If you are a marketer, you are able to describe the real benefits of using an EV successfully. Instead of offering general information on EVs, give exclusive details of these products. As a portion of the learning process, customers seem to favour experimentation. Everyone wants to drive an EV to experience the benefits. So, it’s prudent to market multiple test-drive sessions.


2. Desist from overselling

Attractive, thorough descriptions of a product don’t go well with formal or commercial pressures. EVs are to be sold with an approach that involves less selling. The conventional auto retail industry is focused on commercial approaches like incentives and sales campaigns. This kind of sales strategy is not easy for marketing personnel to inculcate on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that there is a low percentage of product competition in the market. If your brand does not have this solution, you can think of using EV sales personnel with a specific geographic reach.

3. Becoming social is an effective approach

Video marketing

Educating the customer is a top priority when talking about EV marketing. Experts advise the usage of social media platforms and blogs to be presented in front of a target audience effortlessly. To engage the audience, EV marketers can use online tools like images, text, and videos to interact with the audience. ‘

So, it’s not only focusing on-brand content, marketing professionals can make relevant videos describing the product. Videos can be recorded while driving EVs on known roads and downloaded on social media platforms. This kind of real and professional promotional activity on social media platforms will instil trust in the target audience for the brand.

4. Emphasize novelty

All vehicles or cars – electric or gasoline provide varied driving encounters and have variable features. But they are very similar and the majority of users don’t witness the difference between varied vehicles even after switching or changing cars. Electric Vehicles are the new refreshing thing in the market. They give the user a unique experience of driving, fresh sensations, and much more. Though all innovations have disadvantages, novelty is a great approach to selling.

Open Minded

5. It’s good to have an open mind

A lot of EV critics overlook or ignore certain petrol benefits like a manual gearbox or a petrol engine’s sound. In the majority of cases, they deride the downsides of such vehicles like depreciation, expensive pricing, and much more. A lot of industry experts are nostalgic about missing parking breaks that are manual rather than ones that are electronic, carburettors when injections made an entry, and much more. EVs offer a very pleasant driving experience.

The different driving modes of EV are on par with the inner combustion engine’s downscaling trend, electronics support above-average performance with the resulting effect on fuel consumption, and mini, productive engines clear the way for a superb economy at reduced speeds and turbo. Always know that customer choice depends on how the engine is used. The electrification of vehicles is a popular rising trend that cannot be ignored. From, uncomplicated systems to complete vehicle electrification there is a wide range of choices to take into consideration and every vehicle will offer a good solution. When selling or marketing the EV, tackle the subject with an open mind and know that over time, varied aspects of the product are going to change.


Going ahead, car companies have so much more to do than announce the release of a new model vehicle. They will have to adopt a marketing strategy which has a notable investment in extended user awareness education focused on the advantages of EVs while breaking myths around all-electric transformation. Users must feel that their concerns are being addressed and this way starts with varied strategies and messaging but must also deal with the risks and unknown aspects that a regular car owner has to manage before moving to an EV. 

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