Why Content Marketing is Important for Renewable Energy

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Over the years, there has been a significant shift across businesses, from conventional marketing methods to relatively newer content marketing strategies. The alternate or renewable energy sector, too, has not been an exception in this regard.

Now, why is content marketing the ultimate mantra? How can it help increase sectoral revenue? These are a few issues we need to address at the moment.

But before that, let us quickly run through the potentials of non-conventional energy resources.

Alternate EnergyWhat lies Ahead

Allied Market Research states that the alternate energy sector is expected to hit USD 1512.3 billion approximately in 2025, vis-à-vis USD 928 billion in 2017, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.1 per cent. 

What is the reason behind such a surge?

Continuous depletion of fossil fuels, the need to control green-house gas emissions etc. have forced the power sector to choose renewable energy resources over their conventional counterparts. Hence solar grid, wind power plants, geothermal energy, bio energy and hydroelectric facilities have gradually replaced thermal power installations. 

This trend is expected to increase manifold in the years to come.

Source: Allied Market Research 

According to estimates, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to record the highest growth rate of alternate energy till 2025. Statistics also suggest that hydroelectricity will have the lion’s share of the market. The solar energy sector, on the other hand, will grow at the fastest pace. 

Now, due to rapid industrialisation, emerging economies have increasing power demand. Consequently, these are lucrative markets for potential investors as well. Despite the COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent slump in demand for electricity, fresh investments have not been halted in the region.  

“Domestic and global investors are sitting up and taking notice of declining renewable prices plus the clear government policy alignment and ambition, and this is reflected in the very positive results of these recent auctions”

Kashish Shah, Research Analyst, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

Why Content Marketing 

The renewable energy sector has gifted us cutting-edge technological innovations all through. But with the introduction of deregulation policies worldwide, this sector, like most others, has faced fresh competition and continuous customer churn. Companies, therefore, feel the need to be competent enough to market their products and services in a more effective manner. 

Also, with ready access to the Internet, customers are more confident about their preferences. They are no more attracted by push marketing strategies. Rather, they are engaged better with authentic, transparent and friendly marketing techniques. 

Traditional marketing methods – print advertisements (newspapers, magazines), television ads, and direct mailers which were in vogue for years now, are redundant in the modern day.

Content marketing thus is the need of the hour.

Content Marketing – A few traits

  • It is more about customer awareness, rather than hardcore product selling.
  • Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of articles, case studies, questionnaires, surveys, blogs, video content, social media posts et al for overall customer engagement. 
  • It creates product value for customers long before they plan to buy.

How Content Marketing Can Ramp Up Sales

To understand how content marketing can accelerate sales generation, we need to know its advantages over usual marketing methods.

CM strategy

Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing 

It’s high time the B2B renewable energy sector raises its content creation budget. Why? Let’s have a look:

  • Going by the figures of the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing reduces overall marketing cost by a massive 62 per cent, compared to other age-old techniques.
  • It generates thrice as many leads as generated by outbound marketing.
  • Content marketing enables alternate energy companies to correctly identify their target audience and reach out to them accordingly, which is otherwise difficult to achieve.
  •  Be it for a geothermal energy sector player, wind power, or solar energy sector player, content marketing guarantees amplified user interest.
  • It bridges information gap and enables explanations of its products and services in an accessible, more informative and engaging manner. 
  • It carefully addresses consumer doubts and pain points.

We can summarise from the above-mentioned points that content marketing if adopted, has a much higher probability of lead conversion than usual methods. It would naturally mean higher sales generation for the alternate energy sector.

Key to Good Content Marketing

However, renewable energy companies must factor in a few issues while creating content.

Firstly, you must possess a unique skill set, high perseverance, and a minimum consistency level to execute content marketing. 

For effective content generation, energy marketers must aim to satisfy the readers’ interests. The more appealing it is, the higher is the possibility of lead conversion. 

It is more about promoting renewable energy, than a specific technology or service. Make sure you create content that is informative, not too brand-centric, and most importantly, is shareable.

Shareable content ensures that your product and service is widely circulated and talked about in social media.

Create as much content as you may. Remember content generation is the best possible way of search engine optimization. TechClient says websites that publish blog content have 434 per cent more search engine indexed pages than businesses which do not. HubSpot is of the opinion that publishing 16 or more blogs a month can generate 3.5 times more traffic than having none.

The content mix can be a set of blogs on energy conservation, infographics, renewable energy calculator, videos, press releases, etc. The more content your spread out in the internet, the greater is the possibility to boost search-induced traffic.

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Renewable Energy and Branded Content

Alternate energy companies often team up with publishing partners to showcase its products on their website. This is branded content. The tone of such content, however, should never sound like pitching. By publishing content in these niche platforms, renewable energy marketers ensure that energy news, research reports and technological innovations cater to their target market segment. 

As these websites already have a set of followers, investing in branded content is a safe bet. Building brand awareness and lead generation becomes a shade easier for companies who opt for branded content.

Summing up…

To sum up, it can be said that content marketing escalates sales for alternate energy companies’ by 

  • Tapping target market segments
  • Increasing website click rates
  • Providing your leads with important information
  • Improving brand awareness and recall.
  • Instilling thought leadership and authority
  • Increasing buyer engagement with your brand
  • Creating individual buyer experience

However, if you are just starting out, it is possible that you are confused about the approach or overwhelmed with the information. In this case, it is best to consult expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms and seek their professional opinion. Considering this is their core service, they will help you with all the tips and tricks needed with a tangible return.

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