What makes you a Good Salesperson


There’s always a group of salespersons who have gotten sales by its nerves. It seems like they know the “secret” to convince buyers, still unknown to the world.

Well, here’s the secret: Personality and Attitude!

Selling needs the right mix of personality and attitude to connect with people and learn about them. 55% of the people making their living as a sales expert don’t have the right skills to be successful.

If you don’t want to be a party to this group, keep reading!

11 Qualities of a Great Salesperson that you must learn

1. Empathy

Empathizing with your consumers and prospects helps you understand them better and make them feel respected. It requires you to put yourself in their place, know their problems better, and provide a genuine solution for them. When you empathize with your client’s problems, it helps develop a trustworthy long-lasting relationship with them.  

Acknowledge and react appropriately to the clues you get from interacting with prospects. Listen to them and ask open-ended questions. Clients want an expert in solving their issue and not someone who can blabber with bias about their product.

68% of B2B customers are lost because of indifference or perceived apathy, not because of mistakes. Show concern and build rapport; sales reps who fail to do it are more likely to fail.

2. Ego Drive

Sales is a demanding profession, where you have to constantly be in your best persuasive mode, dealing with all kinds of people and closing deals alongside competing with other sales reps to be at the top of your game. Having the urge and need to close high-value deals and derive gratification from them shows a strong ego drive.

If you have been measuring your success against your colleagues, found yourself in a leading position many times and every closed prospect is a celebration, you are on the right track.

However, you should be cautious of an over-powerful ego drive – a win-at-all-cost attitude. While a positive ego drive can work wonders; a negative drive can also almost kill you! (Okay, maybe that was too much! :P)

3. Balance

When you are working in sales, you require a set of qualities to assist you in your job. The nature of these qualities is such that they tend to be harmful if not kept in check. Hence, the most important of all the virtues that you need to possess is balance.

For example, a salesperson with the right amount of empathy and ego drive is sure to be successful in closing high-value deals. Whereas someone with low empathy will be often found cribbing with negative feedback and the one with low drive will fail to cut the slack.

And the one with low amounts of both will struggle to keep up with the job. Thus, to be a part of the crème, it is very important to maintain a balance.

4. Adaptability

Earlier, everyone was a prospect; your product would somehow benefit them and make them a potential consumer. But this is not the case today. We have segregated and filtered leads that go on to become consumers after a tough sales cycle, where you, as a salesperson, have to keep adding value at every step. Yet, only 65.2% of buyers said that they found value in discussing their situations with salespeople.

Different clients bring different problems and although your company has a defined set of products and services, there will be clients needing customization in their packages.

Adapting to the situation and improvising to fit the client’s needs is the quality of a smart salesperson. If you want to climb up, you need to start working on it right away.

5. Interest

Sales teams are always up to date on the latest trends in the market – what is working for clients, what is not, which technology is better, and what are the prospects thinking – they know it all. Where does this knowledge come from?

It stems from the interest that a salesperson shows in their job. It is out of interest that they dig-deep in the industry to gain insights and incorporate the data into their approach towards clients.

Salespeople who are interested in their jobs and the profession of selling do not wait for a miracle to happen but act themselves. If you want to shine, you need to do the magic yourself.

6. Patience

Sales is an unpredictable domain; you don’t know how it will go with a particular prospect or how long it will take to close a deal. In fact, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after a sales visit. 44% of salespeople give up after just one call. After entering the cycle, it largely depends on the client’s buying behavior, needs, and a lot of other factors for how long it will take to nurture them and make them ready for a sale.

A salesperson should cultivate the quality of patience so that they can deal with people and prospects without feeling discouraged and experiencing burnout.

But again, it is important to maintain a balance; being patient does not mean that you will not follow up with your prospects. Don’t be pushy but don’t abandon them either.

7. Passion

Yes, you need to be passionate about sales. When you have something that pushes you from inside to work and achieves, no task will seem boring and dreadful. The same goes for sales.

If you have a lingering desire to build a network, connect with people, and solve their problems, work will be easier for you each day. Not only will it push you forward to fulfill your role and responsibility, but also keep you going through the bad days.

Not all salespersons are successful, and that is because they were not meant to end up here. The ones that have a burning passion in their heart, are the ones that make it through.

8. Optimism

It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. This means that a rep has to go through an unhealthy amount of rejections before finally being able to interact with a client, causing burnout and unproductivity.

Disappointment is common, but you do not want it to affect your overall progress. Just because one client didn’t work out, does not mean that you will fail; the rep who understands this and keeps motivating himself displays optimism, much needed to succeed in this profession. You are not helpless; you are still in the race – embrace this and keep the drive alive.

9. Responsibility

‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. You do not have to go around jumping from building to building; all you have to do is, take responsibility. When you have the power to sway a prospect to invest their hard-earned revenue in your product, you must be prepared to deal with any unpleasant situation that arises, without blaming it on any other factors.

Develop a sense of urgency to track your progress with certain clients and act on them. Keep a positive approach to clients, situations, and criticism. If things go south, be bold to own up to it, and make attempts to learn from them. Responsibility is a hard-to-find quality among reps today, but a must-have if you want to establish yourself as an asset to your firm.  

10. Inquisitive

B2B sales are all about connecting with the client. Once you reach a point of a comprehensive understanding of their problems, you will be able to help them in an informed manner. Ask profound questions.

Inquisitiveness is appreciated in sales because not only does it help you know more about who you are dealing with, but also gives your prospect the impression that you are really interested in working with them.

Ask questions that are beyond your buyer’s needs and desires. Make sure that you ask out of curiosity and not out of obligation.

11. Teaching Skills

I am sure you have heard this: Best Salespeople are great teachers. Well, there’s no second thought in that. 

A salesperson who can make their clients think differently of the future is in it for the long haul. However, to be able to successfully “teach” your clients, you require a higher level of expertise. 

The salesperson knowledge shouldn’t be just limited to the understanding of the organizations’ offerings but should also be enlightened with human psychology tricks. Make extra efforts and try to gain a deeper insight of your industry, sales trends and methodologies. 

Remember, The world wants “Excellence”

Now that more and more firms are using automated techniques and chatbots, the roles of salespeople are becoming more defined. Also, with the evolution of the B2B buyer, sales have become too advanced to go back to the way it was.

This evolved phase only requires excellence. Anything less than that is not acceptable. Salespeople will not lose their importance in the sales cycle, but only those who can master these qualities will turn out to be successful. It is all a game of appealing with ethos and logos, and if you can do that, your ladder is set. But if you cannot, well… it’s time to look the other way round.

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