WFH is more like WFA for the corporate woman

  • by WSI Editorial
  • Apr 28, 2021
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Based on the actual experience shared by one of the women in sales:

The clock shows 2:25 am, and I’m still in front of my laptop working on my deadlines to achieve my month’s target but at the same time trying to put my 5-month-old to sleep while making sure she doesn’t wake her sister up. A talent that most women have. Multitalented, that’s what women are usually acknowledged for, why, well they can do all the task together at the same time but are they appreciated?

Each time, I have no clue when I’ll hit the bed, and sleep has been long forgotten after I became a mother, especially a working mother.


A relatability that I find in every corporate woman who works from home but what the world says “you work from home unlike us.” In my earlier days of WFH, I find it odd since I was the only person that stays in front of the laptop while making sure the house chores and errands done. But after the pandemic hit, I can see windows from every household from my balcony, shining bright at hours while I take my coffee break. How the term WFH (Work From Home) changed to WFA (Work From Anywhere) is a result of this pandemic.

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How clients used to react when there is a disturbance occurs during a meeting to how they react now, even if there is a continuous wailing baby throughout the meeting. A recent conversation with one of my clients, which I would like to share, where the woman on the other side explained how her three-year-old enacted her well by using the terms ‘proposal done’ or ‘target’ yet to complete.

When you’re traveling you take your kid along with his necessary stuff, the same way you carry another bag that has your laptop along with its necessary stuff for your work. The odd places and odd times you work, and all it requires is a good working condition laptop with stable internet.

They set a curfew for everything but is there one for a corporate woman to get herself out from this routine?