Top B2B Sales Strategies in 2022 to Improve Your Sales Game

Sales Strategies

B2B sales are not what they used to be. Times are changing, customer expectations are changing and hence the way reps sell, also needs to change.

A solution presented in a pleasant way to professionals used to conventional methods is not sales anymore. A strong social media presence, with the right knowledge, data and solution are what sales are now.

This being said, maybe the methods you were using last year might also not work anymore. New year, new me also applies to sales and customers. But here is a list of the best sales strategies that will work in 2022.

1. Know your customer

Through research – It is the most crucial part of sales, which not many emphasize upon. Before you start to take any steps towards marketing or lead generation, research about the prospect must be complete and more than adequate.

With the internet at your disposal, keeping a track of your potential consumers and their preferences is not difficult. Start with their demographic details, their company and their needs. Put yourself in their shoes and brainstorm their behaviour.

Create an ideal buyers’ persona and map their buyers’ journey. Identify their pain points and be prepared to offer your solution accordingly.


2. Upskill your sales team

Your sales team is constantly trying to convince a prospect of the solution you are offering, and unless they have 360-degree knowledge about the product, they are not selling it. Irrespective of the campaigns you run, it is the sales team that is going to convert eventually.

Ensure that your team knows at least the standard selling techniques and cold calling. Teach them to build relationships with prospects, customize their pitches and handle situations.

Sign your team up for lectures or seminars to new techniques and host orientations for new software or technology you employ. Monitor their performance and keep training as required.

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3. Personalize marketing (every year)

Marketing personalization ensures that your content and calling is targeted towards a particular audience and makes them feel valued. If your messaging talks about their specific issues, needs or experiences, they feel like it was specially designed for them.

The research conducted on the ideal buyers’ persona will come handy here when you can use the data collected in crafting personalized messages for the audience you are targeting.

General flattery of your product and prospect will not help you; instead, make you another spam in the box. Try mentioning their name, give a catchy (yet informative) subject line, bring up mutual connections, shared interests, etc.

Sales and MArketing team

4. Align sales and marketing teams

Non-alignment of sales and marketing is a huge loss to revenue and resources. The marketing team ensures quality leads and sales team ensures conversion of leads to consumers. If marketing brings in bad leads, sales cannot function, and if sales don’t reach out properly, marketing becomes pointless.

Both teams have to work in sync to create an ideal buyers’ persona so that the marketing targeted and sales is maximum. They will build brand image and inform prospects about the product/service. Sales team can follow up with the outreach – cold calling on different platforms.

Once the prospects interact with the brand, marketing teams can get ripe data that sales reps can use in their interactions.

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5. Become a consultant, not a rep

B2B businesses work on establishing trust and building relationships. As a sales decision have an impact across the entire company, buyers want to be extra sure that they are picking the right solution to their problem. And in this anxiety-filled situation, they look for an experienced someone to guide them to the best solution.

When dealing with prospects, understand their pain points and think about how the solution will impact their company. Become a trustworthy advisor instead of a pushy sales rep. Even if your product is not for them, tell them.

You will earn their respect, build a connection and can contact them later if you have a new product which they can benefit from.

Generate leads on social media

6. Generate leads on social media

If you are not on social media, you are nowhere. That is the rule of business now.

And why not, buyers in today’s gen start their research from Internet. When they look up the product on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. your business should be present on the first few. Engage with your target audience on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. Join groups they are in, comment on their posts, initiate conversations, share fun and informative content and be a part of common communities.

Once you get a positive response, nurture and lead them to your brand. Track social media KPIs regularly to improve where needed.

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7. Be a customer service pro

Customer service and experience is soon going to be the distinguisher between brands, instead of the price. So be prepared to have a swift customer service department that tends to their issues and queries quickly.

Customers today prioritize stellar service more than anything else. A well-trained customer service department must ensure that your existing customers get quick solutions to their problems; which will aid you in retention.

Further, retained customers are more likely to buy when you upsell. Thus, it gives you a two-fold benefit.

8. Update your technology

Running a business means dealing with new faces every minute. Learning new things every day. Implementing new strategies every month. For a person to humanly remember all of this is impossible, and that’s where technology steps in.

Use CRMs and engagement platforms to monitor follow-ups with prospects, and create easy content. Use email automation to save time spent on non-selling activities. Experiment and choose a combination of marketing tools that not only make dashboards, but also perform multiple functions

Look into getting chatbots, AR and VR that fit in with your digital assets. Upgrade yourself and your team to become a tech savvy.


9. Follow up with leads, especially cold ones

Prospects don’t respond in the first cold call, or email. And by the time they come around to respond, you have already given up. Even if you are interacting with prospects, they won’t be ready to buy right away. That does not mean you give up on them.

Nurture them and show that you are there till they are ready to buy. Send follow-up emails periodically. Remind them of your products and the value it can provide to their business.

With leads that have engaged with your brand, follow-up within the hour, or else they will give the business to a competitor.

Hint: use automation for a generic message and follow it up later with a personalized one.

10. Upgrade content quality

Content ruled marketing, and it will continue to do so. However, with the success content marketing is bringing to businesses, it is now the survival of the fittest. A boring speech will not work as your copy anymore; revise, improve and revolutionize your product copy. No cliches, no generic words. Only actual value.

You might also need to reconsider the approach to other marketing content like blogs, newsletters, etc. With the advancement in content, search engines have upgraded their algorithms to filter quality content, and to fit in there, you need to create quality content.

Chalk out a new content marketing plan revolving around more customer-centric topics and with a variety of multimedia.

Final Thoughts!

You now know what is likely to work this year in sales. And you ought to act on it. Maybe a few of these techniques were in practice the last year as well, and they are here because they work.

Engaging with prospects, when done in the right fashion, brings the results you want, but when taken lightly, it will lead to burn out without any success.

But this does not mean that every technique will work the same for your business. Some might work well for an industry, but the same might not for a different market. You have the reins in your hand, and the knowledge in your arsenal and it is time for you to win the sales battle.