Top 8 Women Leader’s B2B Sales Podcasts

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  • Feb 22, 2022
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Podcast episodes hosted by women leaders are a great way to learn about and be inspired by the stories of women in the business world. Hundreds of podcasts for women in technology and sales are available for download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Player FM platforms. You can listen to an uplifting, informative, and inspirational podcast from anywhere you have access to your phone, iPad, or another device. Learning on the fly has never been easier.

Here is a list of excellent podcasts for you if you work in B2B sales. From highly experienced Sales Reps to C-Level executives, you may get a plethora of information. In order to get You great tips for recruiting, improving your team’s marketing techniques, or monitoring your sales funnel.

Predictable Prospecting

Marylou Tyler hosts the Predictable Prospecting. The podcast shows how some of the industry’s most significant sales professionals build repeatable and quantifiable methods to bring in new, qualified leads to the monthly business sales funnel. She was one of the Women to Watch list of top 20 in Sales Lead Management in 2016.

Predictable Prospecting

If B2B sales are your company’s lifeline. You got to be a skilled treasure hunter to find, attract, and win new customers. Whether you’re a sales or marketing executive, manager, or team leader, this game-changing podcast with amazing episodes, every time gives the instantly implementable methods you need to develop a robust, long-term pipeline.

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You’ll discover how to swiftly, consistently, and also frequently identify. And track optimal prospects, maximize customer engagement, continuously boost performance, and reach company sales goals.

Women in Tech Podcast

This podcast, presented by Espree Devora of WeAreLATech and Uniting LA Startups, features remarkable women in tech, including programmers, women entrepreneurs, capitalists, journalists, and designers, all recounting their journey to where they are now. The show’s goal is for each listener to leave with the idea that “If She Can Do It—So Can I.” It’s what I refer to as “actionable.”

Big Careers, Small Children

Big Careers, Small Children, previously known as Leaders With Babies, is a new parent-centric podcast from Leaders Plus, an award-winning social organization committed to assisting new moms and dads who are proactive in their careers while still worrying profoundly about how to be a responsible parent.


Verena Hefti, the Chief Operating Officer, interviews remarkable leaders from different domains and businesses. Who has successfully balanced a career in leadership with raising a young family. Her guests open up about the hurdles they’ve faced. And the practical answers that have helped them realize their professional and family goals.

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Sales Maven

You may achieve massive sales success without over persuasion or panic of rejection. Nikki Rausch will explain how to do it. She is a master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming — a fundamentally new way to sell. She is also a sales strategist and coach with 25+ years of sales experience. Feel empowered to know beforehand what and how to pitch it when you have the following sales interaction.

No Fluff Sales Minute

How can I boost sales right away? If I’m starting from scratch, how should I construct a pitch? How can I match my sales cycle to the purchase cycle of my prospects? And many more questions you have are answered in different episodes. In a word, business owners, micro-enterprises, sales managers, and sales reps are our target audience.

No fluff sales minute

Sales coach and strategist Nancy Carter to aid you on your way to becoming a very successful seller from a frustrated saleswoman conducts interviews with some of the top sales, business, and marketing gurus in the world, as well as providing priceless sales training. The podcast’s purpose is to assist novice and struggling sellers in closing more sales.

Conversations with Women in Sales

This podcast aims to be the finest resource for women salespersons around the globe. It is hosted by the CEO of Social Centered Selling, Barbara Giamanco. Each episode shall feature a successful saleswoman. And also every speaker would offer effective methods on how to advance your sales career. B2B sales, social media, strategic partnership, mentoring, career planning, brand’s value, managing hardship, and other subjects are covered in every episode.

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K2 Sales Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Karen Kelly, the CEO of K2 Performance Consulting and a sales coach. She interviews sales and marketing leaders, enterprise owners, and successful salespeople to learn what perspectives, habits, and practices drive out-of-the-box results.

K2 sales Podcasts

This podcast will challenge you to examine your existing organization and consider what you could be practicing differently with yourselves, your workforce, and your business as a whole to achieve pathbreaking long-term results.

Ace the Sales

This podcast is hosted by a sales consultant. And hence strategist Roshni Baronia presents the most honest and impactful self to every sales discussion. So, you can share your business ideas, growth tactics, and solutions with potential prospects and clients. You’ll also discover expert-curated discussions on themes that will help you boost your sales confidence. This podcast seeks to act as a learning and encouraging resource for you.