Top 8 Content Marketing Companies to look out for in 2021


Meaningful content is the foundation on which digital marketing strategies rest. 52% of B2B buyers say they’re “definitely” more likely to buy from a brand once they’ve read their content. All the components required for a business to thrive – traffic, discoverability, leads, sales, revenue, ROI – have a common ground and that is content marketing.

Today, all successful organizations have a stellar content marketing strategy and we’ve listed top creators in this roundup blog. Irrespective of whether you are a consumer or a competitor, these are the 8 content marketing companies you should look out for in 2021.

But first, let me tell you.

What makes a great Content Marketing Company?

Content marketing is a huge investment for most businesses, both in terms of money and time, and to achieve a positive RoI, you need to do it right. This begins with finding the right firm to create and market your content.

A great content marketing firm must have an extraordinary team of writers who are capable of engaging with the readers with their words alone.

Along with creation, the firm MUST have good relations with publications and influencers to boost your exposure. Along with that, the organization should also have experience and special knowledge about your industry and of course must know the right metrics to measure success.

If your marketing partner lacks in any of these aspects, you might want to reconsider your decision… and if you are reconsidering your decision, we have hand-picked some options for you:

Top 8 Content Marketing Companies in 2021

1. Fractl

Fractl takes figures very seriously. For the last eight years, they have been steadily growing because of an unsatiated need to produce the best data-driven content.


Why is it on our list?

Fractl delves very deep into industry-related topics and crafts top-notch content based on data journalism. Research material from the company is published on industry-leading platforms and publications.

They also provide high-authority digital PR along with technical SEO to ensure that you have significant organic growth. During their one-year partnership with, they were able to add over 23k new monthly visitors to their website.

If you work in an industry where data speaks, Fractl is the best choice for you, which also represents various other big names like Indeed,, Superdrug.

2. Single Grain

2014 saw Eric Siu prove his worth when he bought a failing SEO company for a couple of dollars and turned it into one of the best digital marketing agencies today.

Single Grain

Why is it on our list?

Single Grain is an excellent leader when it comes to turnarounds, hence its comprehensive services and holistic approach to digital marketing ensures that all aspects of your e-commerce are covered and conversion rates are maximized. They start right from SEO and PPC to creative content and sponsored ads to ensure the client’s 360-degree growth.

They’ve also got big names on their portfolio like Khan Academy, Amazon, Uber, Salesforce, and many others who look to gain lead conversions from their content.

3. The Content Bureau

The Content Bureau is one of the elite content marketing companies that specialize in B2B content creation.

The Content Bureau

Why is it on our list?

The Content Bureau has a ‘stellar’ team, (as they call themselves) led by Stacy Crinks with a woman-majority team, who also boasts of professional degrees in the media and consulting fields.

They have been in business for the last 20 years and have established a legacy of high-quality content creation in most B2B domains like financial, technology, medical, marketing, transportation, etc. Not only do they cover all your needs of content services but also leave no chances of complaints.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you can trust them just like Unilever, Deloitte, American Express and others do.

4. NP Digital

NP Digital is a content marketing agency co-founded by Neil Patel and Mike Kamo to serve the needs of businesses who were struggling with their content marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why is it on our list?

Apart from the fact that it is co-owned by two of the most popular marketing gurus, NP Digital made it to the list because of its laser focus on revenue generation.

They provide a comprehensive list of services along with data and analytics. The main idea is to amp-up the creation process so that they can serve the most optimized content as per the time and platform.

Working for big names like Facebook, Google, NBC, and eBay, you can count on them for more finances from your content.

5. Distilled

Founded by Will Critchlow and Duncan Morris back in 2005, Distilled started off as a web development agency in a front room and has worked its way up to three offices in different cities. 


Why is it on our list?

Right from the beginning, Distilled has been focused on improving content marketing efforts through technical SEO. Although they provide all services related to content marketing, digital PR, and PPC campaigns, their foundation and specialty lie in technical SEO.

The SearchLove conference organized by Distilled is a leading industry event that brings together global experts to share their insights on the future of digital marketing.

With giants like eBay, Red Bull, and Zoopla under their belt, Distilled promised to offer the best technical SEO practices there is.  

6. Seer Interactive

It was back in 2002 that Wil Reynolds started a one-person search firm to handle SEO for companies. Today, Seer Interactive has made its name as a company specializing in big data.

Seer Interactive

Why is it on our list?

Seer Interactive believes that ‘behind every search is a person’. Focusing on this idea, they have used a number of tools to gather an unimaginable amount of data that they store in their warehouse and extract unique yet insightful market trends from it.

When you approach them with a problem, it is highly probable that they have searched about it mentally already.

If you belong to an industry where data is everything, Seer Interactive is the place for you and is sure to bring you extraordinary results just like it did for American Greetings, Asos, and the University of Pennsylvania.

7. Influence & Co

Influence and Co began as another start-up with two people and is now run by over 70 employees. They specialize in innovative content creation, focusing on maximizing your ROI.

Influence & Co

Why is it on our list?

Influence and Co believe religiously in the power of quality content marketing to generate leads, boost visibility through SEO and establish your brand as a thought leader.

What distinguishes them from others are the relationships they have nurtured with thousands of digital publications, that they use to secure content spots and press mentions for you. Well, it is also because their content performs 748% better than other content published on these high-authority publications.

If you want to put yourself out there and maximize your returns on Investment, Influence and Co. are the only ones who can help you. They have helped names like, Rocksauce Studios, Hawke Media among so many others.

8. DealsInsight

(We are a little biased on this one but not completely blind. Promise! 😉)

DealsInsight is primarily a B2B sales and marketing consulting firm that takes a holistic approach with stellar content marketing, digital marketing, SEO to ensure 360-degree growth.


Why is it on our list?

Unlike other organizations, who work as an outsider or a third-party agency, DealsInisght employs a partnership approach to help organizations build a strong and qualified sales pipeline.

Backed by deep market research, DealsInsight develops a content marketing strategy that is sure to bring success. They have recorded an almost 1600% increase in traffic with just 46 new pieces of content for a reputable name.

With an amazing team of expert content writers and sales wizards, they are sure to help you generate the desired results and establish you as a thought leader.  

Closing Thoughts!

Businesses who want to grow and thrive must realize the importance of content, irrespective of your goal. Your content marketing agency will represent you to the world, make sure you invest enough time and resources for finding the right one.  

Identify your industry, shortlist the names, ask questions, and partner with one that suits your needs and goals. B2B consumers require effort and personalization, and content is the best way you can manifest both.

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