Top 5 Strategies to Generate Leads Without Cold Calling in 2022

strategies that serve as alternatives to cold calling

Are cold calls still effective?

Cold calling is obsolete. That’s what they say, and it is simple to understand why. Everyone is busy, and no one likes to be disturbed by strangers trying to sell them something. In this digital world, if customers need something, they can simply order it online.

Instead, making cold calls to contact strangers and convince them to buy a product or service seems like an inefficient way to close the deal.

A study from the RAIN Group, a sales training and consulting firm, states that 58% of prospects find cold calls useless.  

Are you spending your time and effort making such “Useless” calls? Stop it right now. Prospecting shouldn’t involve pestering strangers.

There are other alternatives to cold calling and this article explains briefly the best ways for successful lead nurturing.

Lead generation: What is it?

Companies want to start constructing more effective ways to generate leads, whether it’s through email, a phone call, or social media. 

Lead generation is where marketers or sales professionals reach out to people who are interested in your product. 

These leads may sometimes want to see your product in a demo or view more background of your company via your site. 

You can start anywhere with lead generation, but in this article, we’re focusing on alternatives to cold calling.

What is cold calling?

“Cold calling” refers to calling a prospect (stranger) on the phone to talk to them about your product or service.

With over 200 mn people on the national do not call registry and communication companies offering data-only packages, and companies avoiding calls unless you have a named contact, it’s clear that people’s desire to speak with the unknown on the phone is dwindling – especially if those calls are unsolicited.

Additionally, customers can now look up corporate information, testimonials, comments, and other data online. Prospects no longer require salespeople to call them in the same manner they once did, making cold calling a pointless annoyance.

In fact, it’s reasonable to argue that whoever calls to interrupt a person’s day with an unwelcome three-minute script is not going to get a positive response.

To attract qualified leads to their product or service, sales teams are exploring cold-calling alternatives and investing in innovative lead generation tools. Let’s look at them now.

Top 5 Strategies for Generating Leads Without Cold Calling

What can a 21st – century businesses do to secure its future and find new clients without cold-calling?

If you’re one of those people who detest cold calling, fret not! There are many efficient techniques to get leads.  Let’s dive right into some proven strategies to generate leads without cold calling.

  1. Social Selling

The term, social selling can be misleading, as it does not involve any direct selling at all. You use social media to locate prospects, increase brand recognition, and develop connections with potential consumers rather than advertisements, sending promotional emails, or making unwanted phone calls.

What justifies the use of social selling?

The answer to this question lies in the number of people using social media: currently, 4.7 billion! This equals 59% of the world population.

It would be a huge loss not to open up your business to such a large pool of potential customers. 

Thus, social selling works. Period.

Despite sounding similar to social media marketing, social selling is very different. While social media marketing focuses more on building brand awareness through frequent posting, social selling focuses on generating income and leads through direct interactions. You will not have much success with social selling unless you have a well-thought-out online lead generation strategy and a long-term time commitment.

  1. Cold Emails

One of the best cold calling alternatives is cold email.

Cold sales emails allow you to communicate with potential clients directly, much as cold calling does. However, many sales representatives prefer sending emails over cold calling because it is less obtrusive.

There is no denying that emails are faster at conveying your message effectively while maintaining personalization.

With many email automation systems with easy drag-and-drop builders that help in acting as lead generation tools, things are a breeze when setting up your cold email campaign.

 ROI of Cold Email Per Dollar

Furthermore, cold emails also offer an impressive return on investment (ROI).

If you have a list of subscribers, it’s time to turn people who have signed up to receive emails from your business into customers. Send messages that are kind and inviting with intriguing subject lines to get people to open and read your emails.

You can send them different emails like:

  • Weekly or monthly newsletters 
  • Content or event promotion
  • Automated email campaign for a specific offering 
  • Special offers or discounts

The best cold email should be individualized and extremely relevant to your prospect. So avoid relying too heavily on automation or the use of templates.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing attracts prospects to you rather than contacting them directly through cold calls or emails.

The best leads are those that are already interested in working with you. These kinds of leads are easy to find via content marketing.

Almost all B2B businesses employ content marketing in different ways. Therefore, you should rethink what you do and wish to accomplish with your marketing budget, if you don’t have any content marketing strategy in place.

Publishing content for your business can help:

  • Boost audience interaction
  • Position you as a market leader in your niche
  • Increase customer trust
  • Support your business goals, mission, and values

There are many different content formats and types available, but what you need to be concerned is with the one that will best suit your target audience. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all forms of content are intended for generating leads.

Different Types of Content Marketing

Since obtaining leads is our main objective, your online lead generation strategy must comprise two different types of content: traffic- and lead-generating content.

  1. Referral Marketing

Word of mouth and referral programs are powerful lead-generating tools to influence purchase decisions. 

This is true because people are more likely to believe recommendations from people they trust as referrals capitalize on social relationships.

Encourage your devoted consumers to write reviews, share the word, and ask their friends to utilize your good or service. This is the finest way to accomplish referral marketing. They already have a high level of satisfaction with your company, therefore there is a good probability they will do this without being offered a reward.

Of course, giving clients incentives like a special discount or gifts might help them spread the news even more.

The most important thing to keep in mind about referral marketing is that it is not only about the numbers (generating new business leads), but also about exceeding your client’s expectations. This entails giving customers greater value than they would receive from other businesses or other competitors in your sector.

  1. Events

Using events as part of your outbound plan might be a successful alternative to cold calling. It may be a potent and straightforward way to establish thought leadership in your field, demonstrating to potential clients why they should want to hire you as their expert.

According to experts, you should pay attention to the questions your ideal target audience is asking, the length of time it takes them to accomplish particular tasks, their participation rates, and the specific presentation styles that seem to increase attendance and engagement.

This will enable you to determine the topic that inspires your audience the most. Additionally, it will let you know where there is a need for better or more material.

Since the pandemic, there have been a lot more online events, where guests have more accessibility and venue restrictions are no longer an issue. You can start communicating with potential leads before the event through the smart use of email, event apps, and even a personalized virtual event platform. You can also stay in touch after the event with polls, questions, or follow-ups.

Just STOP Cold Calling!

You’re not alone if you despise the concept of cold calling or are one of those folks who are terrible at it. There are numerous ways and strategies to generate leads without cold calling, despite the fact that this is an efficient outbound lead creation strategy.

The cold calling alternatives that we have listed above should help you get started on your quest to get more qualified leads, without picking up the phone.

To increase your sales, use one of these online lead generation strategies right away!

DealsInsight knows lead generation! We make it simple to start generating leads by using different strategies other than cold calling.

As a pioneer in the lead generation sector, we understand how to increase revenue for your business. If you are looking for new ways to generate leads, contact DealsInsight today.