Top 10 Marketing Trends You Need to Adopt in 2022

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2022 is here already. By the time that sunk in, we were 2 months late already. There are big changes happening in the marketing world, and the most talked about is Google’s withdrawal of their cookie tracking policy. Privacy concerns are very genuine and important, and to honour these, your tracking device also takes a rest. Now that you can’t track your prospect behaviour and the sites they visited, how are you going to create your marketing strategies?

Well, this obviously needs alternatives. And here we do have a few.

10 marketing trends that you need to adopt in 2022:

1. Rethink your Audience

The pandemic has changed everyone a lot, including your audience. Maybe you should rethink your approach to them. Social media might not be the right way now.

Saturation of ad content on social media platforms and the functioning of the algorithms mess with the way your message is delivered to your audience. Either you are never seen in the midst of billions of brands, or your voice is lost among all others.

Use an independent channel, like your newsletter, to gain their attention. If they let you in their inbox, personalize more and more along the way to suit their interests.

2. Believe in the power of online events

Events like seminars, virtual product launches and webinars had reached a new zenith of popularity during the pandemic. They are a power move to generate leads, establish industry authority and put your message across.

Online events

Online events can prove to be really beneficial for creating an online image, and it gives you an opportunity to show your prospects your brand. Since these events are a bit long, only prospects who are interested will join, which gives you quality leads and data for customer profiles.

Video snippets from these events make for good content across platforms. Online events are not instant revenue-generators, but are crucial growth boosters.

3. Weave stories around your messages

Storytelling is the new marketing. Because customers are done listening to how amazing your brand is, how your product is no.1 in the industry with hardly any evidence to back it up. They want to see if you delivered on your promises or not.

Tell them of the time when your product solved the problem faced by XYZ business. When your product was successful in increasing revenue by reducing loss. When your product was partially behind the growth of ABC company.

Get testimonials and reviews from customers to back you up. But this does not mean you keep nagging about your success all over your website. Narrate it out to them. Show them that you’re the one to turn to in case of a specific problem.

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4. Establish your thought leadership

Companies are fast trying (and failing) to incorporate thought leadership into their marketing strategies. Being a thought leader means being an expert on the industry, knowing it latest trades, practices and techniques. It means knowing the market and having the experience to lead teams through it. Not everyone can do that.

Establishing your brand as a thought leader means to establish it as a trustworthy source within the industry and the broader society as well. You won’t be hard-selling your products, but educating your prospect audience as to why they need it and let them come to the required conclusions on their own.

5. Personalization will be as important as ever

You don’t interact with a person addicted to reels with a Facebook video just like you don’t interact with a person needing their daily dose of tweets with a long anecdote on LinkedIn. That has never worked and will never work.

You absolutely need to know which segment of your audience ‘hangs out’ where and what kind of content do they prefer. In your target audience, you can have many different segments who would like to be approached differently, and you have to cater to all these interests.

Spend some time knowing your audience, segment them and craft a plan for each. It will be easier outreach for you and a show of value for them.

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6. Quality over Quantity

Content is king does not say ‘keep churning out random cliché material every day and fill the quota of posts to be made. But this is what it has become.

In this wilderness of content – both good and bad – the quality is lost. Audience then turns to something that is simpler, easier to understand and comprehensible.


Go all out on brainstorming and bring unique perspectives to your content. Yes, the audience might be more hooked to the trends, but they want to see what is unique in your content.

You, of course, cannot just bring fresh ideas out of nowhere, but an anecdote or a suggestion adds a personal touch to your message.

7. Create B2B special content

If you are a B2B company, you have surely been missing out on creating content specially catering to the B2B industry. We know because many companies have done the same. Outreach is emphasized upon more, but what you forget is there is no point in outreach if there is no trust.

Content creation is an easy way to build trust. You write and explain your solutions to your audience, and even if they don’t buy it, they will engage with it for once.

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Their interest might be piqued and that will be the start of the buyers’ journey. It builds trust and credibility for the brand and makes the individual choose the brand over a competitor who has only been cold calling.

8. Build a better brand image

Communication is everything that builds a brand image. The way you come across to your prospects and consumers is how they perceive your goals, vision and priorities.

With the advancement in outreach technologies alongside the conventional ones, any activity that a business undertakes today becomes a sign of communication.


Provide quality service and customer experience for favourable word-of-mouth referrals. Keep your advertising simple but smart – for both, digital and other mediums. Create a brand personality and maintain consistency throughout. Pay attention to the visual appeal of the logo and your digital assets. Remember: the image matters as much as your value does.

9. Automation should come automatically

With data becoming more and more important in the decision-making process of a sales rep, it will become increasingly difficult to keep a track of every prospect and every interaction and dealing with the fear of loosing out on a prospect because you followed up late on them.

As a rep, people should spend more time on actual selling activities than they do. Automation will take care of these.

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Automate cold messaging, emails and welcome emails. You can also use automation in the form of chatbots (conversational automation), so that when an individual visits your website, they are already presented with automated options to their queries. This builds stronger relationships and gives insights into website traffic.

10. Creativity is Queen

If content can be crowned king, then creativity shall (and will) be crowned queen. If there are techniques that have worked for you in the past but don’t anymore, then maybe you need to use your creativity here, and think outside the metaphorical box.

The pandemic changed everyone, and what you were doing might not work anymore. Check all your processes, workflows and techniques. Identify the ones that don’t bring in results. Put your thinking caps on and come up with better and fresh ideas to replace the non-operational ones. Explore new avenues, check new data, and keep monitoring the progress.

Last Words…

Marketing strategies change every year. 2022 is no different. And the cherry on top is that the cookie won’t be on top anymore. With Google removing the cookie policy, it will become a lot more complicated to get a hold on the behaviour of a visitor.

Look for more organic ways to understand your consumer. Start preparing from now, so that when there are no more cookies, you have your plan of action ready. 2022 is going to be a better year for business, but a roller-coaster for marketing, and yet, the most important thing is that you have fun on the ride.