Top 10 Go To Sales Prospecting platforms for Sales Professionals in 2022

A good sales prospecting tool accelerates your sales pipeline while making it easier to close deals.

Do you spend a considerable amount of time scanning your contact lists? 

Studies show that more than 40% of sales representatives’ time is spent finding the right prospect to contact.

After all, finding prospects who would be interested in your product/service is not an easy task.

Thankfully, today we have sales intelligence tools to make us smarter.

sales prospecting tool

A good sales prospecting tool accelerates your sales pipeline while making it easier to close deals.

However, with so many sales prospecting tools out there, how do you know which ones are worthwhile?

To help you out, we’ve put together the best sales prospecting tools.

What is a Sales Prospecting Tool?

Any software that enables you to automate routine operations so your sales representatives may save time, engage prospects efficiently, and convey the proper message is called a sales prospecting tool. 

These resources will provide your sales representatives with all the information they want, as well as assist you in deciding whether a prospect is a suitable fit for your company.

Additionally, it increases your sales productivity and efficiency, which should enable your salespeople to engage with your customer persona and close the deal.

The 10 Best Sales Prospecting Tools in 2022 to Keep Leads Flowing In

For any business to succeed, Sales tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are crucial. You will have a big advantage over your rivals if you have the greatest CRM software and sales tools on your side. 

However, given the complexity of the markets, it’s crucial to employ a range of successful selling techniques.

It is important to create a sales strategy that will benefit you today, and that you can rely on for the future of your company. This is where sales prospecting tools come in.

Here are the best sales prospecting platforms to boost your sales and revenue.

Find below a quick feature comparison of the Top sales tools for prospecting in 2022.


Users can enhance their B2B profiles with Lusha. For the purpose of verification and building confidence, the Lusha Chrome plugin enriches business profiles.
They think that great businesses thrive when they are built on a foundation of trustworthy and readily available data. For this purpose, they are developing a system that enables businesses to do just that.

Syncing with LinkedIn gives you immediate access to a prospect’s details.
Prompt customer service

The contact details could occasionally be wrong or incomplete.
The interface needs to be improved.


One of the best sales prospecting tools that aim to increase sales engagement and automation is Zoominfo.
More than 300 attributes can be compared across professional and business profiles using ZoomInfo. Additionally, you may evaluate client chats, gain insights into customer behavior, and enhance interaction visibility.

Zoom info


  • Create campaigns that are specific to client preferences
  • Gives precise contact details for customers


  • The export of more than a few contacts is not possible
  • More costly when compared to other sales prospecting tools


Slintel is a potent lead enrichment and sales/market intelligence platform that offers sales and marketing teams relevant buyer intent data supported by technographic. 

The tool gives you access to the 3% of high intent purchasers in your industry by analyzing over 100 billion data points, including buyer journeys, technology adoption habits, and other digital footprints.


  • Data enrichment 
  • Insight into the tech stack of the prospect


  • When compared to other similar tools, repositories are modest 
  • UI could be made better


The premier tech-stack data provider, Datanyze, enables current deals and showcase experts to make more informed decisions and continuously analyses online content to determine technology use and other purchase signals.
Free tools from Datanyze include online courses and eBooks, a Chrome plugin, and technographic research.
Datanyze searches the web and collects sound technological judgments from 40+ million businesses to help them find and determine their best options.

Data anayze


  • Tech Stack Data
  • Easy to utilize and user-friendly data


  • No ability to forecast 
  • No notifications for changes


With the aid of the prospect search tool, salespeople can locate clients at businesses all around the world. Users can apply filters such as designation, employee, and industry, and the tool searches various digital databases and platforms for persons that match the criteria.   

After the prospects have been narrowed down, the tool also validates their email addresses and enables users to send them a pre-written email.


  • Filters make it simple to separate and identify contacts
  • Cuts down the time spent on lead generation


  • Emails sent to prospects are not received, occasionally
  • LinkedIn extension response time requires improvement


The four main products offered by Clearbit are Enrichment, Prospecting, Reveal, and Forms. 

Enhancement fosters stronger connections with current contacts. The module for sales prospecting aids in locating new contacts. Forms help contact information autofill and reveal aids in converting website visitors into contact information.

Although a CRM is not replaced by Clearbit, the two systems can work together seamlessly.


  • Helps autofill customer information
  • Offers customer information that many customer relationship management platforms and other tools do not search for 
  • Includes a useful Chrome plugin for scraping LinkedIn data


  • The data may occasionally be incomplete and out-of-date 
  • Support is very scarce


This sales prospecting tool assists you in growing your sales funnel by identifying anonymous leads from website traffic. 

With Leadfeeder, you can turn anonymous website visitors into real firm names in addition to identifying known prospects. 

Gaining knowledge of the most viewed content and the traffic-generating marketing channels will help you learn more about website traffic. 

You can access the contact information of your prospects with Leadfeeder, and you can filter them by seniority, geography, and job title.


  • Makes company tracking easier 
  • Provides data about website visitors, including information on the pages they interacted with


  • Industry data are not always accurate
  • Pricing schemes ought to be more transparent

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You may identify the most pertinent prospects using this tool’s Advanced Lead and Company Search function, which also offers personalized lead recommendations. 

The tool boasts CRM integration, which allows users to save all relevant data for potential leads and accounts with a single click. This makes it easier for you to access and record all consumer data on a single platform. 

Additionally, you may segment your client database using different tags, receive real-time sales updates, and use the InMail function to contact more than 500 million LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn sales navigator


  • Assists in creating tailored sales presentations and keeps track of viewers 
  • Enables the use of numerous filters to make deep dives into client profiles


  • Finding customer information can occasionally be challenging, especially when numerous keywords are needed
  • CSV files cannot be used to save prospect lists


With the help of the B2B sales prospecting platform, Seamless, you may establish direct contact with your target market. 

In addition to assisting in finding the appropriate contacts, Seamless instantly validates all contact information. With the help of its free Chrome extension, you may also locate contacts from anywhere on the Internet. 

By using a variety of filters, you can further organize your database into several lists. You can target customers more precisely and successfully as a result.



  • Sluggish customer support 
  • The platform becomes slow when building huge customer lists


Using the Customer Sentiment Analysis tool of Outreach, your sales team can gain a better understanding of buyer personas and consumer behavior. 

This platform quickens the sales process and provides your sales staff with the timely information they need to turn leads into paying customers. 

Additionally, Outreach automatically adds prospects and their contact information to your list. In order to prevent customer loss, it also automatically sends follow-up emails and reminders to your prospects.


  • Sales teams can easily assign tasks for effective organizing and follow-up
  • Smooth integrations increase sales efficiency


  • Insufficient customer support 
  • CRM and outreach synchronization has to be improved

To Conclude

The best sales prospecting tools can help you find your target clients while also boosting sales output. By automating tedious processes, segmenting your audience, and assisting you in developing better sales strategies, they increase the effectiveness of sales prospecting. 

So stop waiting and start using these incredible tools to close more leads right away!

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