Tire Kickers in Sales: 5 Strategies to Stop Wasting Time With Them

Tire Kickers in Sales

According to a new sales statistic, 50% of the initial prospects aren’t a perfect fit for sales. This is one of those sales statistics that demonstrates the impossibility of all of your prospects being a good fit for your products or service.
Such prospects who can’t or won’t say Yes in sales are known as “Tire-Kickers”. Stop wasting your time and selling your soul to such prospects who don’t appreciate your services! It’s a big mistake that is probably gonna cost you more money!

Who Are Tire-Kickers In Sales?

Don’t you hate it when someone takes up all of your time without doing anything? Imagine that you are a sales rep trying to make a sale and this happens to you. And guess who’s wasting your time by asking too many questions? It’s none other than your prospect who sadly, has not yet decided whether or not to buy.

Tyre kickers in sales

A tire-kicker is a potential customer who exhibits signs of interest but never actually makes a purchase. Tire-kickers routinely interact with the sales personnel, expressing queries and objections while delaying the transaction without committing.

Why You Should Avoid Tire Kickers?

Working with each and every lead that comes into your sales pipeline could seem like a fantastic way to improve your sales. However, dealing with tire-kickers may waste your time and energy and prevent you from making any money. So, always prioritize quality over quantity. Here are 3 reasons why tire-kickers are bad for your sales:

  • They waste your time and your expertise.
  • They destabilize your sales metrics
  • They prevent you from investing your time in worthwhile and crucial tasks and opportunities.

How To Identify Tire-Kickers?

Have you ever visited a mall and left without purchasing anything?

We have all been in that situation. Every now and then, we all like to window shop. In this sense, at some point in our lives, we have all been tire-kickers. More than we’d want to admit. We can all relate to this because we have all done it. Here are some signs of a prospect who first seems promising but will end up wasting your time:

  • They are really curious.
  • They voice several criticisms.
  • They bargain over the cost.
  • They are hesitant to proceed with the deal.

Top 5 Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time with Tire Kicking Prospects

Once you notice the signs that the prospect you are dealing with is a tire-kicker, it’s crucial that you remove them from your pipeline as soon as possible, and instead focus on deals with higher possibilities of converting into a lead. Here are 5 strategies you may employ to weed out tire-kickers from your sales funnel and get rid of those that are trapped there without making a purchase:

1.Determine Early by Setting Context

As a sales representative, you are free to ask as many questions as you like, provided that they are pertinent. So, if a potential customer becomes overly critical, you can probe more to learn what they actually desire. To better grasp their requirements, you might start with the following fundamental ones:

  • Where do they work?
  • What is their position?
  • What is their job role?
  • What problems do they face?
  • What are the current solutions that they are employing?

You might enquire more to learn their objectives and the motivations behind their interest in your offering. Such open-ended inquiries can enable you to ascertain the prospect’s position inside the sales funnel and their true objectives in dealing with you.

2.Take Charge of the Discussion

Tire kickers enjoy asking a tonne of questions that they could easily get the answers to online. Instead, ask about their wants to take charge of the conversation. In each interaction, make an effort to “ask” as much as you “respond.” To distinguish potential clients from tire kickers, ask about their pain points:

  • Why do they need a [product or service] right now?
  • What they don’t like about their existing product/service?
  • What does their budget plan look like?

They will resist if they are uninterested.

3.Ensure You’re Talking to the Decision-Maker

If you are not contacting the decision-maker, you are conversing with a potential customer who will not buy your product. As a sales representative, it is your responsibility to identify and communicate with the right prospect who can take the sales process to the next level. So, ensure that you call the actual customer who is a decision-maker.
Finding out who will make the purchasing decision will allow you to deliver a flawless sales pitch to that person directly (as opposed to talking to someone unfamiliar with your product). Additionally, this will speed up the sales cycle. So what is the quickest way to get the decision maker’s contact details? Ask for it. If they won’t refer you to a decision-maker, it means the prospect is only kicking the tires and isn’t worth your time.

4.Compare Customer Profiles to Determine Fit

The main traits of customers who are most successful using your product are revealed by your ideal customer profile (and thus most likely to purchase). If possible, immediately ascertain these crucial traits to spot tire kickers before they waste anyone’s time.
Include one or two qualifying questions in the sales forms on your website to accomplish this. This will allow you to determine fit as fresh inbound leads arrive, before their interaction with a sales representative.

5.Track Your Typical Sales Cycle to Spot Slow Buyers

You can find tire kickers and remove them from your pipeline before they squander your team’s time and effort by monitoring the appropriate sales KPIs. For instance, keeping track of the average length of your sales cycle will let you know when a prospect is delaying the completion of the transaction.
If you want to be even more exact, keep track of how long it typically takes prospects to go from one stage of your sales pipeline to the next. When a prospect becomes stuck, you will be able to identify it immediately and act accordingly.

Don’t Let Tire Kickers Bottleneck Your Business

Stop wasting time with tire-kickers and concentrate on the prospects that matter. Without hesitation, put the above-mentioned strategies into practice, identify the tire kickers in your sales funnel, and remove them. The sooner you get rid of tire kickers from your sales funnel, the sooner you can start closing more deals with prospects who are a good fit for your business.

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