The Key Ingredients for Building a Dream Sales Team


A sales team is probably the most important department in any company. Understandably! They bring in the money and practically pay for everyone’s salary. So, you must master the hiring process to keep high retention in the long run. 

Since good salespeople can boost your revenue beyond expectations, this guide to building your dream sales team is the perfect place to get started. 

1. Determine the types of salespeople you want in your company

Your dream sales team should not only be filled with efficient people but also with those who have the right attitude. Since salespeople are among the primary sources of information, they also need to be well-informed and empathetic. 

Words like ‘willingness,’ ‘hard work,’ and ‘sincerity’ should resound not only on the résumé but also in their personality. 

Go beyond the CV to look for qualities in your candidates. CVs are usually copied, so don’t be surprised when the person you hire is ‘perfect’ only on paper. 

When you hire salespeople, make sure you actually pay attention during the interview process. According to LinkedIn’s survey, you can lose a good candidate if you don’t offer them a positive interview experience. 

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Your dream sales team should have,

Introverts and extroverts with strong sales numbers

These are the best kind of people. It doesn’t matter what their personality is like, if they can deliver the numbers, you need them on your side. 

Most importantly, ensure that you aren’t too pushy when dealing with introverted salespeople. If they are comfortable in their cocoon, don’t force them on a stage for a speech. Allow them to be in their space and they’ll always perform. 

One who’s passionate about sales and knows everything about your product

The Dwight Schrute of the group, this salesperson is your company’s loyal friend. They’ll be around even if you pull a Titanic someday. They’ll defend your products and find newer ways to make a sale because they truly love them so much.  

One who wants to grow quickly

If you find a salesperson who’s focused on personal growth, hire them. When they grow, they’ll pull your company along with them. And that’s always a good idea. 

Such a salesperson will keep pushing the limits to excel in life, which will only prove to be profitable for you. 

One who’s always ready for customer support

Whether it’s the middle of the night or early morning, this salesperson is willing to offer their assistance. They’re absolute workaholics and they never feel as though they’re being forced to perform. They’re simply happy to work.  

One who’s your client’s best friend

Clients don’t buy from companies. They buy from people. If you hire reliable and friendly salespeople, your clients will always want to do business with you irrespective of your prices. 

2. Embrace diversity over uniformity

Unless you aim to run a dictatorship, diversity always works in favor of your company because it allows you to deal with different kinds of leads. 

Harvard Business Review has confirmed that having more than 50% of women teammates improves the collective intelligence of your team. They have higher social perceptiveness, are great collaborators, and outperform men in sales. 

Besides, you should also consider hiring the ethnic minorities, who are found to deliver 35% more than the average sales. 

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Hire the openers, converters, and closers alike. Be inclusive. 

3. Stop chasing only the star salespeople

The simple reason is, there are not many of them. 

Because the star salespeople are always in demand, they can withdraw from your company any chance they get. They are always looking for better opportunities. 

And it may not even be about the money. It could be because of the environment or culture or even their immediate superior. 

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Since you can’t predict when they’ll quit your company, you shouldn’t waste your time running behind the best. 

Instead, create a new arsenal of salespeople. Train them, groom them, but don’t hold on to them because you might ultimately lose them.  

4. Decide the compensation and commissions properly

This is tricky territory, but you can work around it with a proper plan. 

The compensation structure essentially depends on your preferences and what you deem fit not only for your employees but also your pocket. 

Depending on your company’s type, you can offer several pay structures. Below are the two most common pay structures. 

  • You can introduce a revenue-based model, wherein you give a fixed percentage of every sale to the salesperson.  
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  • Or, you can, alternatively, compensate based on the sales targets. With each target, you can increase the percentage of commission your sales team gets. 
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Additionally, you should also offer medical and other securities. However, ensure that you don’t make your sales team feel so secured that they stop bothering with their productivity. 

And if you see that happening, introduce an incentive program to keep morale high. 

5. Ensure the team lead isn’t competing with the associates

A competitive boss is a real problem. According to TopResume, more than 70% of employees feel bullied by their boss or direct superior. 

Senior employees such as the managers and business developers should be leaders. They shouldn’t be too insecure about their skills to run in the same race as the junior employees. 

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So, while you groom your salespeople, ensure that you also groom your managers into knowing that they are in a higher position. 

If you can provide your supervisors with a job and seniority security, you can successfully avoid a larger issue. 

6. Never expect good salespeople to fall from the sky

As mentioned before, good salespeople aren’t born. You have to spend time and energy to train them. 

Most importantly, you ought to spend money on training your sales team. You can either outsource the training or have an in-house specialist to ensure that every salesperson is on the same page.  

Outsourcing also allows you to get a third-party outlook on the way you run your business, which is extremely important and an indispensable tool. But whichever you choose, be willing to experiment with your dream sales team.   


Building a dream sales team requires determination and clear judgment. If you think you lack this important skill, don’t hesitate to hire someone who does it for a living. 

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