The 5 Best B2B Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai

Digital Marketing Companies in chennai

Branding has been transformed in recent decades by digital marketing. Over the past few years, there has been substantial growth in the volume of digital marketing businesses in Chennai. Choosing among Chennai’s top digital marketing companies has become a challenge for organizations searching for digital marketing solutions.

If you’re searching for a top-notch, results-driven digital marketing agency in Chennai, we can help. Here, we list Chennai’s best digital marketing firms that help businesses flourish online. Contact these digital marketing firms in Chennai to learn more about their services and how they can assist you in striking the goal.

DealsInsight Sales Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 

DealsInsight offers more than just digital marketing services for your company. They also help build a qualified sales funnel by generating qualified opportunities with C-level decision makers across industries and regions of their client’s choice.

DealsInsight is a one-stop solution for strategic digital marketing and inside sales in Chennai, India run by an all-women digital marketing team and almost all-women GTM team.

DealsInsight strives to put together effective tactics and plans to help clients reach their objectives. Their digital marketing and sales strategies work at every level from ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu, and help their clients maximize digital marketing and advertising ROI. 

If you are an SME, startup, or Enterprise struggling to find leads and build your digital presence, then think not twice about contacting them right now. The reason is that DealsInsight’s brand growth strategy is beyond digital marketing. So, what makes DealsInsight distinct from others? There are numerous digital marketing companies, but there aren’t many sales consulting companies that are 99% female-led and employed. Typically, those with extensive experience managing a large sales staff are the best people to lead a sales and marketing agency.

They also help companies develop go-to-market strategies, generate new opportunities, and win new clients. They assist companies in obtaining as many potential prospects as they can manage using a data-driven and analytical strategy with a shorter time to value.

Services they offer : Lead Generation, Qualified Meetings with C Level executives, SEO, content writing and management, Social Media Marketing and Management, strategic digital marketing, Search Engine Marketing, landing page optimization, GTM strategy, prospect research and identification, website designing services, video marketing, infographics, and email marketing services. 


TechMagnate is on the top because they highly focus on SEO strategies. They were so skilled in developing SEO tactics that DDD presented them with an award in 2017 in recognition of their standing as the best in the business. The organization has offices in most of the major cities in India, including Delhi, Coimbatore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Jaipur.

They have worked with notable companies in Chennai, including Fortis Healthworld, Bajaj FinServ, Reliance Communications, JK Technosoft, Fortis Healthworld, Aditya Birla Finance, and many more.

Get in touch with a tech magnate if you want to build a solid online brand presence for your company and enhance brand recognition and lead generation.

Services they offer : Digital marketing services, PPC management, website designing services, video marketing, guest posting, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.


Bleap has operations in the United States of America in addition to offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. They assist new businesses with everything from the designing and construction of responsive websites to the branding and marketing of their products.

This company is still in its infancy, having just begun doing business in 2016. Yet, they have already made a reputation for themselves through the competitive field of digital marketing in a concise amount of time. They provide solutions to companies active in the banking, healthcare, education, real estate, retail industries, and FMCG.

Services they offer : Google Adwords campaign, social media management, search engine optimization, website design, and strategic marketing.


Rankraze is one of Chennai’s top digital marketing firms. In 2016, they set off on their quest ever since. They have assisted over 100 companies in generating leads and sales working with them.

They carefully follow white hat digital marketing tactics. And have a committed staff with years of expertise in data-driven digital marketing. They have customers in various industries, including education, technology, transportation, jewelry, e-commerce, real estate, modeling, and logistics.

For small companies to make a significant impression online, they provide easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable approaches. Working with Rankraze is a must if you want your company to be found at the pinnacle of the SERP page.

They assist customers in enhancing their internet presence and elevating their goods and services in the SEO rankings.

Services they offer : Social media marketing, digital marketing services, content marketing, video production, and web designing. 


Infinix, a full-service branding, and advertising film company, was established in Chennai in 2011. It is yet another outstanding digital marketing agency. They have handled 1000+ projects over more than ten years of expertise. And can provide their customers with excellent ROI in digital marketing.

You should try to associate with them if you wish your brand to have an internet presence so it can develop rapidly.

Infinix has increased its regional presence and will now provide customers with additional website design and development services. The company has more than 50 workers and has expanded at a rate of 30% annually.

Services they offer : Brand management, video production, and digital marketing. 


We hope Chennai’s B2B digital marketing agency list has helped you choose the right one. Choose one depending on your needs and an organization that supports your objective. You may choose one that meets your specific demands by comparing agencies to factors like cost, expertise, strategy, present customers, and others.


Which is the top digital marketing company in Chennai?

DealsInsight is one of the best market research and digital marketing companies in Chennai, helping all types of SMEs and startups build a qualified sales pipeline by providing digital marketing strategy, lead generation, lead hire, and market research.

What kinds of consultations are there?

The three categories of agencies that can handle digital marketing services are full-service sales and marketing consultancies, single-channel, and multi-channel marketing consultancies.