Anjana Nair

Key Account Growth Manager

With more than 6 years of sales experience with Enterprises and SMB’s both domestic as well as in international markets, Anjana is a highly motivated individual driven to find the gaps and innovate ways to serve customer’s needs.  She helps companies grow by implementing online marketing and sales best practices. She works very closely with C-level executives to adapt their marketing and sales strategy to match the modern customer success journey.

She loves to understand the growth objectives and issues that companies face and identify ways to solve those problems. I enjoy educating people about sales and marketing and how they can leverage and create a scalable & measurable process that improves their ROI.

She has experience ranging from non-profit & for-profit sectors, Sales, Business Development, and Program Management.

Her intellectual curiosity also drives her to be a lifelong learner. When she is not selling she loves to travel, cook and connect with people.