A Detailed Guide on how to Sell Cybersecurity to SMBs

Cyber Security

Given the pandemic situation, almost all businesses are shifting towards remote work culture and as the work systems are totally virtual, online data storage and transfer are quite common. But with virtual data-sharing arises the concern for data security. Isn’t it? That is exactly where your cybersecurity service can come into play. The demand for […]

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7 Myths about Virtual Selling You Need to Bust Today


Whoever says, Field sales is the only effective way of selling, must be from the 1980s because ever since the Internet has made space in our daily lives, virtual selling is fast becoming the central requirement for most fields. This is because the consumer is spending more time online, researching, and reading about the products […]

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7 Reasons Why Your B2B Sales Attempts Are Failing

failed sales attempt

B2B sales are complicated and hard-pressed in comparison to B2C. The sales reps find it hard to convince the clients, especially today even when they are educated and aware. Adjusting and upgrading your price structure, keeping the best tools, and meeting compliance regulations – nothing works if you don’t know what to adopt, and what […]

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The Big Boom of B2B E-Commerce amidst the Pandemic

b2b e-commerce

The B2B E-Commerce is the unsung market that’s about to boom even more with the outbreak of an unprecedented global health pandemic. On a global level, by the end of 2020, B2B e-commerce will account for $6.7 trillion in trade worldwide and will be over twice the size of the B2C market at $3.2 trillion.  […]

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7 Things you must know while selling to the Oil & Gas Industry


Image credits While the entire world is steering fast on the energy produced by them, the oil & gas industry itself struggled to adapt to modern solutions. With digital solutions changing the way most sectors deal with their functions, it was high time that the energy sector also caught up with the pace.  Industry leaders […]

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Definitive and Powerful Sales Techniques – 2009 vs 2019


The global industry is witnessing an exponential increase across sectors with a direct rise in opportunities. The contemporary industry sector is sifting through a mode of being an economy based to innovative business systems. Organizations have recognized the need for a constant change – digitization is rapidly changing industry sectors. Companies are looking for valuable […]

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