5 Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them

Sales Objections

Did you know 79% of the marketing qualified leads or MQL are never converted and that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than the non-nurtures ones? These statistics clearly signify the importance of qualified leads. Another overwhelming statistic is that at least 50% of the targeted prospects are not a good fit for the products […]

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4 Effective Cold Calling Scripts to Get Appointments


  Conversations have and will always be the backbone of getting things done, even in a digitally-driven era like ours. Today, conversations might be quicker, less layered, and far-reaching, but the essence of communication still remains. Cold calling scripts to get appointments have seen many changes in the past few decades. However, the big question […]

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10 Best Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work


Cold calling is one of the most crucial and well-tried methods of marketing. For outbound sales teams, it is arguably the most important step in creating sales opportunities. Even then, not many have been able to master it with ease. On the face of it, it involves making the first contact with a prospect, briefly […]

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