Can Renewable Energy Sector become as Profitable as Oil and Gas?


The world’s business of oil and gas is neither stable nor long-term. What can we do to address this and make strides toward the status quo’s twin problems? A recent study shows that In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, renewable energy investments far outperform fossil fuel investments. However, the overall investment amount […]

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The Future of Oil and Gas in India


The present is an interesting time for the oil and gas industry. While turmoil is far from being new to the field, the present brings an unprecedented challenge in the form of sustainability.  While an overwhelming majority of systems in the world continue to be heavily dependent on oil and gas and their derived products, […]

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2021 Planning Will Require a New Level of Focus – A B2B Marketing Perspective

2021 planning

Industries which have proper digital marketing techniques in place are more likely to witness improved growth rate and increased ROI, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A number of industries have already turned to highly effective online marketing methods for sales optimization. However, many others are skeptical still, to explore the right strategy mix. […]

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Why Oil & Gas Industry Needs to Adopt Digital Marketing

DM for OG

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate today and this is true for all industries.  B2B digital marketing is as challenging for the oil & gas industry, as for any other. It involves meticulous planning, thorough understanding, and accurate channelizing of appropriate resources for tapping viable markets.  Nevertheless, digital marketing is indispensable for businesses […]

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Robots in oil industry – Extending our abilities in inspection & maintenance


With rock-bottom oil prices that seem unwilling to budge, the oil industry is finally getting some much-needed help from robotics. While the industry seemed to have been left behind by the automation revolution other than a few exceptions like the Iron Roughneck, new demands for efficiency in a market with razor-thin margins are now driving innovation. Robots […]

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7 Things you must know while selling to the Oil & Gas Industry


Image credits While the entire world is steering fast on the energy produced by them, the oil & gas industry itself struggled to adapt to modern solutions. With digital solutions changing the way most sectors deal with their functions, it was high time that the energy sector also caught up with the pace.  Industry leaders […]

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