7 Things To You Must Know About The Electric Vehicle Market In 2022

Electric Vehicle
  • by DealsInsight Team
  • Jun 01, 2022
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Electric vehicles are a controversial affair in today’s world. People from all sectors are talking about and embracing this new technology. Eventually, the popularity and demand for electric vehicles are growing at an exponential rate. According to a survey report, the valuation of India’s EV market is US $1 bn. However, forecasters state that it […]

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Why Educating the User on EVs is still the best marketing strategy for EV makers


Electronic vehicles or EVs have ruled the market for a significant period and the majority of people who have used an EV adore the unique experience of driving an electric vehicle. They successfully play the role of emissions off-setters and also fulfil certain mobility requirements. You don’t know this most probably but the worldwide demand […]

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