Best Tips You Should Know for Selling Cybersecurity to CISOs


In today’s technological and emerging digital times, robust security systems tend to ensure safe working connections among businesses. As per a Statista study, the Cybersecurity market is likely to grow by almost 9% worldwide. Are you a cybersecurity service provider? Have you been trying to sell more to the CISOs of different businesses but cannot […]

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Path to the C-Suite: 10 Tips for Women in Sales

  • by WSI Editorial
  • Aug 26, 2021
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Today women are more likely to hold emerging C-suite jobs than more traditional C-level ones. It is conceivable that emerging roles are free of the barriers that have historically hampered women’s advancement in the workplace. No matter which path they finally choose, anyone aspiring to the C-suite should be prepared to reinvent themselves and confident […]

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How to sell to the CIO – All You Need To Know


Selling technology is not an easy task. It can’t manage technological assets cost-effectively or generate value from data since so many teams adopt loads of tools and platforms. You’re offering a product that doesn’t always function by its very nature. Over time, software and hardware advance, but there’s always a problem to resolve, a feature […]

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