Step-by-Step Guide to Successful B2B Selling in India


B2B sales have become a high-stake game in India that demands top-notch planning, preparation and a unique approach for every forthcoming prospect. With B2B tech start-ups more than tripling in India since 2014, it is going to cost you a great amount of effort to stand out from the rest and zoom towards success in such a competitive market. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this How-to approach.

Step 1: Know-It-All

Research must be the first step forward for a successful sale deal. Indians are very comfortable with their current vendors. Thus, if your research doesn’t manifest solitary pain-points, it is already a drop.


Research about your prospect, understand their needs so that you can determine whether your product is going to be useful for them or not. Know the industry you are stepping into and check whether you can adapt to the client’s requirements. If you are unable to win a deal, remember that Indian firms are always open to negotiation. A few right words can do the trick!

Step 2: Connect and Relate

Contacts play a more important role in the Indian B2B sector than in any other industry. When you know which prospects to target, invest time in building relationships. Make sure your approach is not just business, but also the prospect’s welfare.


Indians love tea (‘chai’, as they call it), be open to bonding over tea/coffee with prospects. Show respect and courtesy to their senior officials and be sensitive to religious and festive matters. Participate in business events and meetings, interact and connect with people. LinkedIn India also offers multiple opportunities to network. After all, there’s a reason why 92% of B2B marketers build on its user base of 62 million. If you have just begun, offer your prospects stability and focus on brand building. In India, there’s no way out without true-blue connections and unwavering loyalty. Grey hair matters!

Step 3:Generate Leads Digitally

With the advancement in technology and the time spent on social media; it is only wise if you make full use of these platforms to boost your lead generation efforts.


First things first, make a professional website for your brand. Create attractive social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your primary focus must be on LinkedIn since you are chasing the key decision-makers of organizations and not direct consumers. Stats suggest that this ‘professional’ social media platform has a user base of 63 million decision-makers. Next, share engaging content on matters relating to your target market and let your marketing strategy roll in full-swing.

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Incorporate adequate keywords to increase your SEO rankings and let your digital personality be seen. The virtual world is casting a significant influential impact on the B2B industry as well and if put-to-use well, it can generate ripe prospects for you.

Step 4:Cold Call

Cold calling has a history – both good and bad. However, in the Indian B2B industry, it’s more of the former. While companies around the globe have complained of its inefficiency, that is mainly because they try selling from the first email itself. Trust me; the consumers you are trying to impress have trashed thousands of such emails.


Select responsive email designs and add attractive subject lines to entice the reader. Always remember to ask permission to send a sales presentation. In this salesy world, it is a polite thing to make you stand out from the rest.

Plus, Indian clients love references, so personalizing your cold calls along with them will take you a long way as personalized emails increase replies by 100%.

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Step 5:Capitalize on your Salesforce

The B2B market has evolved considerably and with the rise of players in the market, skepticism in the minds of B2B buyers has also crept in. They have various doubts and questions about the product that you are trying to sell and how it might benefit them.

Sharing content relevant to these doubts does not always work with prospects especially in India. They require real people to explain and adequately convince them of investing in new products. In this situation, you can always ensure that you don’t lose the prospect by sending a salesperson from your team to listen to their needs and provide the relevant information. They have high expertise in selling and product enhancement which appeals to the buyers. Indians are all about value-for-money, make sure your salesperson demonstrates how every penny paid by them will be worth it.

Hiring sales executives can be expensive due to the training, development, and perks but it also proves to be a miraculous asset in the long-run. It not only helps you build trust but also increases your chances for a final deal.

Step 6:Deliver Exemplary Pitches

Once you score a one-to-one meeting with a client with your digital and calling efforts; be sure to prepare a fantastic pitch.


India is a very price-sensitive market where consumers want the best of services at the cheapest price available. Also, Indian consumers are rather rigid when it comes to switching to a new brand as it takes a lot of justification and reasoning.

Keep these points in mind and prepare a convincing pitch optimized with industry-specific stats and solutions. Bring in your research and address the problems faced by the prospective company as challenges and sell actual solutions. Indian organizations make comparatively quick decisions, thus if your pitch hits the spot, the deal is yours!

Step 7: Partner with the giants

For long-term success and a 360-degree growth, you must have a plan that goes beyond these fleeting sales.

The fastest way to grow yourself is to partner with the giants in your sector or in a sector completely different from yours. Find a common channel of selling. Strike a deal and establish marketing strategies that can help you leverage from both your target audiences. In India, things move on a fast-forward mode when you have an experienced player by your side. Let the world know of your association and make the most of it.

Make sure all your team members are well-informed about the terms of the contract. Often the first line of salespeople is not aware of the deal which results in misinformation to your prospects.

If the partnership is well-accepted by the people in your industry, you can expect swift success to follow.

Bonus tip:

Do not OVER-SELL. Indians find it difficult to say no, so if they ignore your messages, emails or calls, the cue is yours to guess. However, sometimes they might also take some time to respond irrespective of their ‘very urgent need’.You have to find the right balance between the two!

Over to you…

The Indian B2B industry is rising at an unprecedented pace. Thus, considering the competition level, if you are not well-versed with the new-gen tricks, this sphere can be a tough nut to crack.


Interact> Connect> Practice> Repeat.

This is our approach to tap into the Indian market and establish a holding as one of the leading B2B sales and marketing consulting firms. What is yours? Let us know in the comment section below!