Sell more: 9 Time Management Hacks for B2B Sales Reps

time management

According to TeleSmart Communication, 80% of the average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue-generating activities. In fact, only 20% of them spend their time actually prospecting.

You might’ve seldom heard B2B sales reps say, “There’s not enough time to prospect right now.. but we would love to sell more.”  

This is sad because the reality is we only make excuses for things we choose not to do. 

With 24 hours a day in hand, if top sales reps can find the time to sell, so can you.


“TIME MANAGEMENT” is your only antidote here.

To strive for success in sales, not only finding time but also scheduling your time properly is important. WHY? Simply because B2B Sales is a game of strategic timing that depends on your ability to handle your never-ending to-do list.

So to close more deals and fetch new clients, you need to come up with a time management system that lets you spend the major chunk of your time prospecting. 

We’ve put across 10 time management hacks below that are going to help you SELL MORE :

1. It’s time to revolve your day around your buyers

Yes, you read that right, structure your day according to your prospects would be our serious advice.

Knowing when it’s best to connect with them should be your first move.

But is there a so-called “perfect” time to connect?

If we believe the experts… “NO!” 

Perfect time is only a myth.   

All it depends is on your specific buyer’s behavior and the way they decide to allocate but time to get their jobs done. 

So always strive to revolve your day around your prospect’s schedule to avoid wasted time and unanswered calls.

2. Use email templates to save extra time while drafting emails

It’s a complete waste of time to write a brand-new email every time you contact a target buyer. 

No there is no reason to completely reinvent the email thread—ever.

You’ll save a significant amount of time if you start with a template rather than a clean slate. Just do some small edits to customize your templates and that’s all.

To have a sales script and also a few copies of past sent emails can prove to be of great help. However, it is important to realize that every B2B lead is unique. So make sure that you’ve done your research beforehand. 

Personalize your communication.

3. Stop multitasking NOW

There are many B2B sales reps found writing an email to one prospect while they’re on the call with the other.

There’s always something you know that keeps following the other —now stop it.

The expense of switching from one task to another accumulates into a lot of lost time. But more than that, it’s the lost focus that causes more damage. 

And this lack of focus leads to less productivity and ultimately lower quality work.

So stop multitasking and give clients your undivided attention. Do one thing at a time and give it your all to stop zoning out.

This is a rare thing today, and if you do it right trust us you will stand out. 

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4. Take some of your prospecting time out for cold calling

Cold calling is still a thing in 2020.

But it is vital for B2B sales reps to understand that cold calls are all about quality than quantity.  

So if you dedicate a specific block of time to good quality cold calls, you are much more likely to get outreach activities handled.  

Consistency in cold calling and outreach is the key to building a complete B2B sales pipeline.

5. Plan your time-table for the day

Build your routine and stick by it. 

Prioritize your sales & marketing tasks based on what is crucial, not just urgent. 

Learn to say “no,” or, “not right now” as your associates may not know what kind of priorities you’re working on. 

Another way is to set reminders in advance for meetings and appointments. This will provide you with a large enough window to prepare and get to the meeting well-prepared. 

6. Forward your administrative tasks to a Virtual Sales Assistant

It’s best to automate most of your administrative tasks. And by administrative tasks, we mean all your “non-selling activities”. 

Leveraging a virtual sales assistant can help you save a lot of time here by performing all your repetitive non-selling activities.

Doesn’t matter how effectively you manage your time, staying ahead of all your tasks is a challenge. 

A virtual sales assistant can dramatically increase this leverage by tackling tasks including:

  • Prospecting your research
  • Keeping your CRM up-to-date
  • Managing follow-ups
  • Scheduling sales calls

Offloading the responsibilities of these tasks will enable you to spend more time engaging with buyers so you can close more deals.

7. Opt for a brief value proposition

B2B sales reps lose a great amount of time during introductory conversations. 

“So what do you do, anyway?” We’re sure you’ve been asked this by your prospect at some point in every sales engagement.

If you have crisp, brief answers to these everyday questions, you’ll save a lot of time to discuss things that really matter to your prospects. This will help you comprehend how you can help them. 

Therefore, having a concise, well-articulated value proposition whenever required lessens the possibility that you stumble through the explanation. 

More the articulation with the prospects, more the sales.

8. Outsource your scheduling

Scheduling is a good option we agree but we also can’t disagree with the fact of how it consumes 80% of B2B sales reps’ time.

So what to do then?

When using the power of right the fuck now seems impossible, OUTSOURCE it.

Instead of losing time to your inbox, start closing more deals.

Remember ~ Lost time is never found again. 

Outsourcing your scheduling can help you experience tremendous improvement in business productivity. Do it now!

9. Collaborate and get in sync with your Marketing team

As per Forrester Report – 43% of B2B sales reps report losing sales due to the unavailability of the right content at the right time. 77% of them have experienced delays in the B2B sales process due to a lack of relevant content.

To win over more clients, you need to dive into the ocean of quality content that can dig out objections and showcase a variety of use cases for your offering. 

Not only does informative content satisfy your prospects’ desires, it also saves you time. Hence, you don’t have to explain everything about your offering which is a plus one.

Chances are, your B2B marketing team already has all the content you need to satisfy most target buyers. 

So collaborating and getting inclined with your marketing team is a great option. 

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Manage your time efficiently to sell more 

These are just a few hacks we found to help B2B sales reps gain more control over their time and grow. 

Time management should be on top of your priority list as a B2B sales rep to level-up your selling game.

Our B2B Sales & Marketing Consultancy firm can help you employ these clever tips and tricks to save you some extra time while efficiently managing it.

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