Saleswomen, You don’t need to be Tech Gurus, to Sell Tech

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  • May 27, 2021
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Are you a saleswoman who is struggling to keep up with the advancement of tech?

Are you working in a male-dominated industry of selling technology and consider yourself a misfit?

Well, then hear me out –

“You can be a great saleswoman and top talent of your company even without being an expert in technology, or as we say, Tech Guru”.

tech guru

That doesn’t mean women in sales should neglect their homework. Not at all. Take your homework seriously. Gain as much knowledge as you can about the product/service. It deepens your conversations with your client.

Research about the industry you work in and the trends of your time. It brings reliability and integrity into your client engagement. These two factors work extraordinarily as a catalyst to speed up the sale process.

But first, let us burst some myths about women selling tech

●       You need to understand everything about the technology you are selling.

●       You can’t be a good saleswoman if you can’t explain everything about the tech to the customer.

 Now, let us learn the reality about women selling tech

●       Your focus should be on explaining how the product is going to help the client, instead of explaining the A-Z of the product to the customer.

●       If the client needs more details, there is a technical expert who can help them with more information.

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Now that we have busted some myths about women selling technology, it’s time to learn how women make a great fit for tech sales –

1. Great relationships are the way to seal the deal


It takes more than tech expertise to be great in sales. In fact, it’s the quality to create great relationships and credibility with the customers that make most of the sales. The fact that the key to success in sales is the ability to create good relationships already makes women a great contender as salespeople.

Women have the innate quality of listening carefully and asking meaningful and insightful questions. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the clients, remember the details, and prefer collaboration over forced persuasion to find solutions that can help the challenges of the clients.

What’s more? The fact is approved by science. The women’s brain is incredible as their left and right hemisphere have more connective tissue. This makes the function between the left and right hemispheres easier.

This helps the women to create relationships that are stronger and long-lasting. Not only it helps them in winning prospects, but also offers them the opportunity to win referrals almost half of the time.

2. Saleswomen come across as more personal and less intimidating to the clients

less personal

There is no doubt that technology is still a very male-dominated industry. There is a long way to go before the male-female ratio comes to an equal. This doesn’t mean women are not accepted in these industries. In fact, the top companies are trying to hire as many women as they can. The reason? – Clients consider women to be less pushy and less intimidating than over-assertive men.

This doesn’t mean that men lack the quality to observe the customer and listen to their needs. But these qualities come inherently to women. They enter a room with the intention of engaging the customer in a conversation, rather than keep pushing their opinions and agendas.

In fact, it becomes overwhelming for some clients when men dressed in suits talk with a high level of intensity about why the customer should and must make a purchase. They are all about “selling” when the women are more about “engaging the customer in a conversation to know them better and providing them the solutions”.

Women are more flexible in their approach and indulge in a genuine conversation before bringing the “selling” quotient back in the line. The clients perceive an idea that the saleswoman has not only money in her mind. Instead, she genuinely wants to help them by providing her products or solutions.

But does this mean there are zero challenges for women selling tech?


While women are trying their best to make a stand in the male-dominated society of selling tech, the journey is long and there’s still left a lot to cover.

There are very few women at the top or leadership positions in this male-dominated sales world. This makes it harder for women to find a female mentor who can guide them with their journey. As a result, they have to work harder than their male counterparts.

What you as a saleswoman should remember is –

Every problem comes with a solution.

Let us suggest a solution for you to ease your struggle of thriving as a tech saleswoman. And the solution is –

Seek both women and men mentorship to be a successful tech saleswoman

Yes, the perspective of both men and women is very essential in climbing the ladder to success in sales. Seek mentorship from both men and women and let them guide you and help you. Your seniors, irrespective of their gender will be happy to help you in your journey.

So, the next time you are having a problem with your sales process, you can simply go to them and ask for their advice.  

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Over to you…

The best way to succeed at what you are doing is by having trustworthy mentors who support you and show you the right way whenever you are stuck at a place. Look out for the advice of your seniors and create your roadmap. Never stop learning – whether it is about your product or the trends of your industry. Keep updating yourself with each and every day. Build relevant relationships with the clients by treating them as a person in need of help rather than a mere way to gain money.

And finally, share your knowledge with the women who are new to the sales world. Make it a world where women help women to see all of them grow and thrive.

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