Is Sales Art or Science?

This is a commonly asked question.

Many organizations have worked hard to identify top sales talent who many at times fail to perform in a given environment.

The cause of this could be a few but the 2 main reasons are:

1) The person: Inability of the person to quickly adapt to change and fit into a culture which may be complex and heterogeneous which involves processes, tools, teaming etc, which is the world today.

2) The lack of a process/ Method: Most companies depends largely on the ability of a few successful salespeople but fail to understand that a robust process which includes Business plans, Territory plans, account plans supported by a clearly defined process for cadence and pipeline management.


The first issue is to do with Human resources and is best left to those experts who can help hire the right people for the right job.

The Second one is what we at DealsInsight can help your organization with.

Define the addressable market

The size and the potential of the market in which a company needs to operate is important for the purpose of setting revenue goals. The team at DealsInsight can help achieve this by studying various market reports, talking to industry experts and analyzing trends and changes in the factors influencing the growth and potential of the product or the service which our clients wish to take to the market.

Build a high-level Business plan

This is a blueprint on which the sales strategy and a go to market plan are built taking into consideration factors such as addressable market, in-house capabilities, product, pricing, budgets, marketing, etc. Deals Insight will help clients build this on a collaborative manner through meeting with relevant stakeholders and use available data and tools to build the plan.

Territory plans and Account plans

Deals Insight will help clients build territory plans and account plans and share valuable insights and processes needed to build such plans. Will also engage experts to provide workshops and training to sales teams to build these plans. Can help validate and provide expert opinions on the quality of these plans.

30-60-90 day quick Start Plans

This is for a startup or for a new product or a service launch: There is nothing like having a boot camp plan for a robust beginning. Deals insight through years of experience will help build a 30-60-90 day quick start plan using a tested proven and successful approach models to a powerful start of a new engagement in the market place. This will help companies find the feet early in the ground.

Pipeline management and Cadence

Pipeline management and reviews in form of Cadence is critical to assess the quality of business deals and ongoing engagements with clients. This is very important to maintain linearity and predictability of business. DealsInsight will help clients execute this through a structured and a well-documented process and such reports will be provided to the management for review and necessary action. DealsInsight could also recommend simpler tools and processes for the process of pipeline management. This will come from other 3rd parties or our associated business partners.

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