Outsourcing Marketing for the First Time – The Ultimate Guide


For every industry player, big or small, digital marketing is the need of the hour. However, hiring and maintaining in-house marketing staff is not always beneficial. It increases overall costs and diverts attention from the companies’ core competence. 

Rather, outsourcing marketing is a more economical and successful option, especially for medium and small businesses. 

The entire game of outsourcing can be as tumultuous and confusing as ever!

The inevitable doubt that crops up in our minds are whether the trade-off would be worth it.

Would there be a good risk-return payoff via outsourcing marketing?

Are agencies proficient enough in their niche areas?

Would you hold amicable professional relationships? 

Doubts are many.

Nevertheless, the advantages of outsourcing digital marketing outnumber its shortfalls. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t outsource online marketing. Qarea suggests a business can be efficient only if it has a competitive advantage over firms, through cost-effectiveness and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Outsourced marketing would help achieve this and more. 

Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/outsource-online-marketing/

The Need to Outsource Marketing

A company feels the urge to outsource online marketing when it doesn’t have the expertise, resources, and budget in-house, to run online campaigns independently. 

Although more of the bigger companies are used to taking the plunge, many start-ups are stepping into this arena.

Let’s check out a few decisive factors that encourage you to overcome the initial jitters as a first-timer

1. Outsourced marketing can be conveniently expanded

As your target market grows, marketing agencies can scale-up campaigns that suit you better and phase out the ones that don’t. They can precisely gauge what works best for you and take appropriate measures accordingly. 

2. Outsourcing is cost-efficient

Through outsourcing, businesses get access to a professional team at a much lower cost. It is much economical to outsource to a well-informed marketing agency than to recruit and train professionals in-house. 

3. It handles only as much as is required

Eventually, you will initiate as many campaigns as necessary and would not run unwanted ones, as may be the case in in-house marketing.

4. Involves trained workforce

As discussed in our blog on outsourcing PPC campaigns, any marketing drive you wish to outsource would involve extremely skilled professionals appointed specifically for the job. They know what to do and how to do things. So you don’t waste valuable time and money training your internal staff.

Source: https://www.quicksprout.com/outsource-marketing/

5. Keeps you updated

It can be utterly frustrating for business owners to continuously stay put with the digital marketing trends that rule the market at various points in time. Yes, often it so happens that you invest considerable time and money into digital campaigns only to find out that they are outdated. Contrarily, marketing agencies use up-to-date marketing campaigns always. 

Marketing Services to Outsource

Well, once you are convinced about the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing, the next major decisive step is what services you wish to outsource. When it’s your first step towards outsourcing, act smart. Start with a few elementary campaigns, maybe blogging and e-mail marketing. Gradually, as they grow effective, you always have the option to run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Here are a few outsourcing campaigns you can readily outsource.

  • Analytics
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Market Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Operations
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • E-mail marketing
  • Automation
  • Influencer Relations

Quick fact: Around 72% of bigger companies outsource content creation and 33% of the smaller firms.

So You are Ready to Outsource. But How Do You Find the Right Agency?

It’s imperative to decide which digital marketing campaigns you consider outsourcing to a marketing agency. However, it is just as important to locate the most influential marketing partners who would serve you the best. Before we get deeper into the details, here are a few decisive factors that would help streamline your search.

1. Consider Your Requirements

Before getting into a long-term contract with a digital marketing company, you need to understand your precise marketing needs. The requirements of a start-up, for example, would differ from a 50+ company. Then again, typically, B2B campaigns differ from that of B2C companies. Whether your target is lead generation or you wish to spread awareness, are the factors that you need to explore.

2. Set a Budget

Sketch a list of digital marketing services you wish to have—conduct industry-specific research to have a hang of what competitors are doing. Go through the pricing models offered by professional marketing firms. These are a few basic steps to finalize your outsourcing strategies.

3. Run Test Projects 

Set aside a part of your budget to run test projects so that you can evaluate multiple service providers simultaneously before plunging into long-term commitments. This would go a long way in saving money and avoiding unnecessary managerial headaches.

Things to Check Before Finalizing an Agency 

How can you determine which marketing agency would suit you best? Here are a few tricks to the game!

1. Check the Services  Offered

You should get an exhaustive checklist of services that the marketing agency provides. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about it. If you think these don’t fit your bill, it would be better to move on!

2. Experience Matters

If you’ve thought of finalizing an agency, do not forget to check upon its past experiences – be it client feedback, portfolios, or case studies. Each would be a testimony to the firm’s competitiveness. When satisfied clients from the industry back an agency, there shouldn’t be a second thought about it!

3. Communication is Critical

When it’s about outsourcing marketing for the first time, what business owners fear most, is missing out on digital marketing agencies’ strategies and outcomes. So firms nowadays have specific account managers to connect with their clients at regular intervals.

4. Review the Contract

Be careful to check the terms and conditions (service renewals/cancellations) provided by your marketing agency before you seal the final contract with them.

We can say, through the words of ,

” When hiring an agency, you must decide if an agency is worthy of your trust. This is why I recommend starting with a humble campaign – if the agency proves its quality and trustworthiness by doing a great job on the campaign, you can trust them with more. The agency that is faithful to a small campaign can be trusted with a larger campaign!”

Andrew Lowen, CEO, Next Level Web


With a pool of digital marketing firms around, online marketing could never have been this easy! Through their years of expertise, marketing agencies are capable of turning around your profit scenes like never before!

Are you thinking of outsourcing your online marketing needs? Don’t forget to consult the top expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms.

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