Our Leadership Team

Who not only believe in taking right decisions,
But also take decisions and then make them right!

Priya George

Founder & CEO

Aravind Sridharan

Sales Expert & Advisor

Anuj Kumar

Sales Expert & Advisor

Rohit Raja

Sales Expert & Advisor

Our Sales Experts Team

A perfect blend of Creativity and Sales Wizardry
The best people formula for Inside Sales!

Anjana Nair

Key Account Growth Manager


Research Analyst


Research and HR Manager

Stephy Ann Jijo

Sales and Business Development Manager

Vinodh C

Senior Key Account Growth Manager

Lavanya Palani

Senior Key Growth Account Manager

Akshaya S

Key Account Growth Manager

Esther Jaya chandran

Account Growth Manager

Our Digital Marketing Team

A perfect blend of innovation and execution.
People who make magic spells!


Digital Marketing Executive

Jaya Sinha

Content Writer

Janhavi Desai

Content Writer

Nilma D’silva

Content Writer

Shakthi Shri K B

Content Writer

Sandhya Soans

Content Writer

Jeevitha Selvaraj

Digital Marketing Manager

Surabhi Kedia

Content Creator