Our Leadership Team

Who not only believe in taking right decisions,
But also take decisions and then make them right!

Priya George

Founder & CEO

Aravind Sridharan

Sales Expert & Advisor

Anuj Kumar

Sales Expert & Advisor

Rohit Raja

Sales Expert & Advisor

Our Sales Experts Team

A perfect blend of Creativity and Sales Wizardry
The best people formula for Inside Sales!

Mahavadi Venuka

Research Analyst

Vinodh C

Senior Key Account Growth Manager

Lavanya Palani

Senior Key Growth Account Manager

Akshaya S

Key Account Growth Manager

Esther Jaya chandran

Account Growth Manager

Our Digital Marketing Team

A perfect blend of innovation and execution.
People who make magic spells!

Vidhi Shah Gosalia

Content Writer

Shakthi Shri K B

Content Writer

Sandhya Soans

Content Writer

Jeevitha Selvaraj

Digital Marketing Manager

Surabhi Kedia

Content Creator

Tanya Sharma

Content Creator