Nostalgia Marketing – B2B Marketers best bet in 2021

nostalgia marketing

“The world is evolving, and we really never know when it’s over. Staying positive is the best & the only way to survive this pandemic.” 

“The world is evolving, and we really never know when it’s over. Staying positive is the best & the only way to survive this pandemic.” 

Although we do agree that being trapped at home during the lockdown phase was extremely boring. 

But if you look at it with a different perspective, it has also been a good time for us to think about memories in the past.

Everyone who follows social media channels has likely seen the #TBT trend by now. Call it whatever you want — ThrowBack Thursday, turn back time. We humans love sharing glimpses into the “good old days” through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

There lies a reason why we love comparing the years in the past with where we are today, why we often long for yesterday and that is nothing but “NOSTALGIA”.

But what role does this nostalgia play in the business world? How does nostalgia in content marketing work for B2B sales & marketing? 

Or does it just make more sense to focus on the current times and use that as an advantage to drive clients through the B2B sales funnel?

Nostalgia can help people in business get over their struggles of the pandemic in 2021. That’s the sole reason why social media platforms are these days flooded with tons of #nostalgic keywords and hashtags. 

If reports are to be believed, 70+ B2B marketing experts predict that nostalgia marketing will hit social media trends for 2021 and beyond.

During the COVID lockdown, mentions of nostalgic keywords sky rocketed from 13M to 24.4M of mentions (+88%).

But.. What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Surely, B2B nostalgia marketing is going to be one of the most effective social media trends in 2021. 

But what makes nostalgia marketing so effective and efficient?

In a world full of brands, the fact that it uses imagery, music, or video references from the past to tap into our collective longing for a simpler past..helps B2B firms to differentiate themselves from the lot . 

It often creates a “remember when” feeling that helps your audience or prospects feel more connected to you and your B2B brand.

If we talk about the millennials particularly, they respond pretty well to nostalgia marketing. Now in their mid-20s to mid-30s, these young adults are looking back to a time before social media and constant connectivity, when just their neighborhood was their only world. 

Into adulthood, this demographic is raising their own children in an environment drastically different from theirs.

Create more authentic B2B marketing campaigns using Nostalgia

be authentic

B2B nostalgia marketing makes advertisements and marketing campaigns appear more realistic and authentic to your audience.

You might have come across Microsoft’s ad of promoting its new and improved version of Internet Explorer. 

In this attempt to win over a generation of Safari and Chrome users, the ad took viewers down their memory lane via famous 1990s fads and trends. 

Talking about the results, this ad bagged the “definitive 1990s nostalgia video” title, according to Slate, viewed over 50 million times. Thus, reminding us that the featured fads defined the 1990s childhoods for many users.

Focus on the “real” nostalgia


Nostalgia connects a company’s products and services to the market. Even though it means longing for the past, nostalgia can also instigate feelings of joy. Making your B2B prospects & leads feel good is always a superior marketing strategy.

Your organization can begin to employ this tactic by being genuine and taking advantage of various cultural trends. Don’t forget the things in the past that still attract public attention. 

Reintroduce old and discontinued product/service. 

Focus on the “real” nostalgia.

Get ahead of your competitor – Begin capitalizing on cultural trends

get ahead

Nostalgia marketing is all about forming human connection. There is no better thing than your B2B clients being able to emotionally connect with your brand.

“Nostalgia” is comforting, safe, and familiar and the world is in dire need of that right now. Therefore, you should begin capitalizing on various cultural trends to get ahead of the competition.

As our world continues to navigate during these uncertain and difficult times, the trend of nostalgia marketing has increasingly become a much more valuable tool than ever before.

Get a sentimental boost by using more nostalgic elements 


B2B nostalgic marketing connects strong positive emotions to your B2B brand and gives it a great sentimental boost. 

One report even mentioned that during these unprecedented times and economic downturn, it appears more frequently as clients look to connect with old & happier times to divert their mind from current situations.

Various mentions of keywords related to nostalgia shot up from a baseline of around 13 million mentions to 24.4 million, as soon as the lockdown started, as per a leading survey.

B2B Marketer’s Safest Bet for 2021 is nostalgia

2021 will hereafter see the rise in more nostalgic elements.

It could either be the creation of content that revolves around classic elements presented in more “old school” ways or re-releases of now-defunct products. 

In such a scenario, B2B brands should first segment their audience further and apply nostalgia marketing only on one generation at a time.

The world is already in distress right now and there’s no guarantee as in what happens next. 

As per a research conducted by Deloitte, B2B executives are experiencing a sudden loss of confidence in their ability to influence their peers and make a strategic impact. 

Intronis, a B2B tech firm saw a major 650% ROI and a 35% conversion rate from nostalgia marketing & thus even we would recommend it. 

Sail through your Sales Journey using Nostalgia Marketing

“Nostalgia” in B2B sales & marketing can work wonders. All you need to do is just execute it in a way that connects with your target audience.

Our B2B Sales & Marketing Consultancy firm, Dealsinsight, can help your business respond & cater to your prospects’ needs in a more effective way with our wide range of B2B digital marketing services which includes social media marketing.

So whether you want to choose #flashbackfriday or want to visit #memeorylanemonday, we can help you build a personal connection & bond with your client well. 

Nostalgia is actually all you need to embed in your B2B marketing strategy right now!