Most Effective Sales Pitch Examples, Tips and How to Create One Guide


Deal-closing is a talent. To succeed, it, like any other talent, needs training and practice. Looking at outstanding sales pitch samples is one of the cool ways for individuals to learn how to be successful salespeople.

It’s not easy to present your sales pitch and generate new business. It’s completely nail-biting. You must not only offer your product, service, and value proposition to your prospects in a couple of seconds, but you must also establish a personal connection with them.

As a result, salespeople turn to Google to ask, “How can I build an excellent sales pitch?”

These sales pitch examples have in common that they all need you to perform some preliminary research on the prospect.

When you watch or read an effective sales or marketing pitch, you may drink in from it and apply what you’ve learned to create your compelling presentations. Here are some of the most remarkable sales pitch examples that may help you make ultimate sales. 

1. Scrub Daddy

On Shark Tank a few years ago, Scrub Daddy Founder Aaron Krause pitched a cleaning tool that changes texture dependent on water temperature. The presentation was effective not just because he was able to rapidly describe how his product addresses cleaning issues in the house but also because he illustrated those claims in a real-life scenario.

You need to create emotional bonding with your clients by describing the roots of your product or service and telling them a narrative. Our minds have been trained for thousands of years to seek out excellent stories, and it’s always satisfying to find one that makes sense.

2. Healthy Hearts Institute 

This example of a sales pitch likewise begins with questions and visualization exercises. The creator of the Healthy Hearts Institute uses these approaches to investigate the incidence of obesity in underprivileged communities and immediately promote involvement. Then he goes on to introduce his firm and go through various methods that aim to solve the problem.

This example shows how health-related activities may help communities in a variety of ways. And the presenter explains how his suggested changes would affect the community clearly and straightforwardly.

The sales pitch also has an emotional component. The presenter refers to people’s loved ones and talks about how the community feels and functions when his group promised reforms on implementation.

3. Truckin

Truckin is a fleet management technology that assists transportation firms and shippers in increasing efficiency. The problem and solution are clear-cut in the pitch example. He also compares his firm to others in the sharing economy to assist people in understanding what kind of service they provide, as it’s a new and creative offering.

This example provides detailed statistics about the transportation sector to hammer home the message about the business’s worth truly. Investors and industry insiders who are unaware of the prevalence of transportation trash will soon see; understand why the product in this presentation is so valuable.

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4. The Muse 

The Muse, for job searchers, offers a career search and coaching tool. The firm’s creator discusses how her company differs from other job platforms already available in this elevator pitch. She examines how her offering helps individuals avoid frequent difficulties for those seeking new jobs.

For a firm selling something that is already widely available, this is a crucial distinction. Defining what makes the other choices less enticing may make a specific new product or service sound more novel and intriguing.

5. Mama I Want to Write 

Ebonee Monique Thompson of Mama I Want to Write told the narrative behind her company at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Conference, another example of an elevator presentation from a contest. In a short period, her sales presentation offers a comprehensive overview of her service.

She describes the problem–individuals who want to write but don’t have the time or concentration and her firm’s services to address it in under a minute. She even goes through a few different target audience members that may benefit from this service and demonstrate how it works to listeners.

Sales Pitch Guide


You must first comprehend your consumer to produce the ideal pitch. Before you begin your pitch, learn everything you can about their company, industry, and competitors.

Focus on customer need:

A decent sales pitch focuses on the product, but a great sales pitch focuses on the person who will be utilizing it. It implies that the more valuable you make your prospects feel, the more attentive you are to them and educate them, the more effective your sales presentation will be. You’ll get many leads if you nail this.


The power of stories is tremendous. We become teary-eyed when we hear old love music, and TED Talks go viral because of stories. Using narrative in your sales presentation is always a great idea, regardless of who your customer is or what you’re selling.

Demonstrate Solutions, Not features:

According to a study, 92 percent of customers think that having more information, such as product knowledge or reviews, has impacted their expectations of businesses.

Buyers also spend 67 percent of their time online to perform research and seek advice from others. So tell the consumer why they need the product or service rather than all of its features.

Grammar Check:

Finally, double-check your spelling and punctuation when you’ve finished writing your sales speech. It’s time to submit your written proposal to your customer once you’ve double-checked it. Remember to customize your pitch to each individual and make it as personal as possible.


According to research by Yesware, 70% of email engagements conclude when a prospect does not respond to the initial email.

If your first email goes unanswered, there’s a 21% chance you’ll get a response to your second email. These figures highlight the significance of sending a follow-up email following the original sales pitch.

More Conversations and Less Pitching:

Building a relationship with your potential clients and demonstrating how your product or service provides a direct answer to their problem is the key to successful selling.


Sales is a challenging game, but if you take inspiration from the most promising sales pitch, you’ll have a greater chance of succeeding. We hope that our look at some outstanding sales pitch examples has inspired you and sent you in the correct direction for help.

So, the next time you’re stumped about how to write or prepare a sales pitch, consider using some of the features from these sales pitch examples to create a slew of B2B leads.

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