Tripwire Funnel: A Secret Way to Generate Leads


Marketing a product and successfully marketing it to prospects are two different things, with most firms struggling to find themselves in the latter sphere. And then comes marketing online – a challenge to at least 64% of B2B marketers. If you have a ground-breaking product to offer, but your prospects just don’t realize that or […]

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Influencer Marketing for B2B – Everything you need to know!

influencer marketing

People trust referrals, and reviews, and experts of course. So do B2B consumers. In a market with a never-ending sales cycle and complexity in product-pitching, buyers generally tend to look towards industry key-leaders to know their opinion and also value their perception overall. This brings an edge to influencer marketing over the other lines of […]

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Demand Generation vs Lead generation: What, Why and How To Do Both


Demand Generation v/s Lead generation: What’s the difference? Most of us have bumped into the terms “Demand generation” and “lead generation” at least once in our lifetime. But not all of us understand the real meaning of the two.  In fact, I have seen people using both these terms simultaneously like there’s no difference between […]

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6 Powerful Marketing Tactics for Cyber Security Product Firms that actually work


Cyber security is a formidable market, and if you’re dealing in it you probably know there is no “cookie-cutter” business model to which you can market your services. Whether you wish to attribute it to the emergence of interconnected devices in the IoT revolution or just the growing instances of cybercrime, the B2B Cyber Security […]

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5 Reasons why B2B companies need to adopt content marketing


Why Should B2B Organizations Use Content Marketing? Why B2B Marketers Are Embracing the same? As the B2B sector is constantly evolving along with its consumers and firms, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure deals after an exhausting sales cycle. Marketers are no longer dependent on conventional sales tactics but are reaping technology’s […]

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Best 8 tips for casting Effective B2B Email Newsletter


Should you bother with E-newsletters? And if yes, what are some tips and tactics to draft high-performing newsletters? Nowadays, B2B marketers put a lot of emphasis on chatbots, and other new opportunities to reach their clients. But all your contemporary communication methods shouldn’t distract you from one of the oldest and yet most effective messaging […]

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