At DealsInsight, we have a dedicated market research team who influence our decision-making process at every stage of the sales process cycle – lead generation, marketing channels analysis, content analysis and account-based marketing. Our objective to involve a market research analyst at every sales process stage is to receive accurate actionable insights that influence the decisions of the sales team.

Our Marketing Research activities – create customer segments based on industry analysis, create customized mail campaigns or content based on potential customer’s business trends, focus on content campaigns that have performed well before (based on campaign analysis), take marketing decisions based on quantitative data (campaign data).


Market research is the right way to turn the precise trends into opportunities. One of the key practices at DealsInsight is to constantly mine data and understand the recent trends in the industry and among the competition.

DealsInsight has proven to accelerate sales performance across clients’ by conducting Market Research services.

Some of the benefits of continuous market research and analysis :

1. Reducing Overheads – It helps you cut back on several needless resources

2. It helps focus on specific activities that influence the sales process cycle

3. It helps identify risks ahead of time and focus on right driving factors that increase sales productivity

4. Focus on specific high-level accounts based on quantitative analysis of sales data

5. Optimize Sales and Marketing Spend – Focus on Marketing channels that would bring maximum value

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