Tips for Women to Effectively Manage Work-From-Home and Family


Beyond the stereotypical roles of a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother, the modern-day woman is now also adorning the robes of entrepreneurship. They are constantly fighting a battle against time to achieve their professional goals and fulfill personal responsibilities, both at once. To comply with this goal, these superheroes have turned to the technological blessing: work from home.

But unfortunately, most people believe work is not so challenging when you are in a home atmosphere. Well, try it for one day, and if you don’t end up answering every ‘Mom!’ or ‘Honey, where are my socks?’ with a sigh, then honey, when will you see the struggle that she goes through every single day?

Women have been blessed with the capability to manage everything, so here are 7 master-tips for all the ladies who are juggling pans and laptops to make life easier for all those around them.

1. Make a strict schedule and reorganize your priorities

As a ‘woman’ of the house, a lot of times your job is taken for granted, especially if you are working from home. You’re constantly torn between your submissions at work and responsibilities at home. Thus, by the end of the day, you are completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. 

Here’s how you can prevent this: Plan your day with strict timelines assigned for the tasks you need to accomplish.

Apportion your critical work hours to the time when your husband is not around or is at work and you’ve dropped off kids to school. Take it easy on the cooking and household chores and leave shopping for the weekends. Set up a wake-up time, identify your most productive hours and plan your day accordingly.

While each of you must have your individual schedules depending on your priorities, make sure your employment doesn’t take a backseat. You don’t want to do injustice to the organization. Try, test and replan your schedule if there’s an arena that is not getting the desired attention or time. After all, that’s the good side of working from home: A flexible schedule (more than 40% of people admit to this!).

2. Organize your ‘Office’ corner at home to avoid distraction

It’s very easy to get distracted when you are at home considering your kids are around most of the time. However, you can’t afford to be absent-minded always, now that WFH is going to be apart of your daily life. What is the solution? Setup your office corner at home. 


Allow your laptop to occupy the study table, pin-up charts on the soft boards, keep desk essentials handy, stack your papers and files and ensure that you choose a corner with minimum noise and maximum light. It shouldn’t be too aloof either or you will soon start feeling lonely. Do not take work outside of this place (including office calls!). When frustration strikes, try meditation or a small workout to calm down your mind and restart again. No, you are not allowed to stock snacks and drinks in your drawers, it’s against office rules!😉

3. Look for a good household help to reduce work pressure

The yearning to achieve everything single-handedly and beating yourself throughout the day will NOT make you a superwoman. Despite your superpower to multitask, you are still a human.

After a full day at work, irrespective of it being at home, even the smallest errand appears like an ocean to be crossed. On top of that, when there’s a whole house left to clean, a pile of dishes to wash, clothes to clean, cook food and everything else– it’s bound to take a hit at your productivity and physical health.

Employ a versatile domestic help. Shared workload will allow you to focus on your daily-grind and achieve perfection in all your endeavors.

While you’re underwater in the sea of work, all your dusting, laundry, dishes and cooking will be handled. If your toddler regularly demands your attention while you’re about to finish the last phase of your project, employ an experienced nanny who can handle him/her till you are back on the surface.

House helps ensure that at the end of the day, you have enough energy left to spend some actual quality time with your family and not shoo them off on the pretext of a hectic day at work. Your family wants your time more than a well-kept house.

4. Educate your kids about your new ‘work’ schedule

Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to the pieces of their hearts: the screaming, brawling kids. Just two words, ‘Mom, listen..’ and there you go. The laptop is shut, the files are back in place and the employee of the year surrenders before the world’s best mom.

In this scenario, it is best to educate your children about your ‘work’ schedule. If you have kids who are too old for nannies and too young to be careless teenagers, you can custom-design some activities to keep them busy.

Now that they’re going to be home, encourage them to get creative and learn origami, papercraft, etc. from the internet or organize a movie marathon for the afternoon. You can also make an arrangement with them on the understanding that while you are glued to your laptop, they will be glued to their homework so that both of you complete your work together and then challenge each other in a heated game of Ludo (or any other sport that your child is fond of). 

Educate your children about your work commitments and teach them the importance of self-sufficiency. Let them do basic tasks on their own and color-code your availability. Say, for instance, red on your door indicates unavailability and green defines a possibility. This will inculcate discipline in your child and train them to respect work timing.

5. Make yourself a priority

Accrediting to the giving nature of women, you always tend to put your family first. Now that your employment is grounded at home, it will be more difficult than ever.

WFH might be allowing you to save on the excruciating travel-hours, but this doesn’t imply that your work is any less stressful. To the already existing crunch, if you add the daily household chores and the kids, it’s a backbreaker!

Do not force yourself to work more than your body allows you. When your mind says enough, listen to it and take a break from your office space. Give your eyes a break from the computer screen every 30 to 40 minutes, to avoid excessive strain on the eyes. A bit of flexing will help your muscles to release the continuous rigidity. Drink lots of water so that you keep yourself hydrated at all times and don’t lose that glow on your face in the lieu of your career.

6.Relieve Your Stress

De-stressing has a lot of ways, varying from person to person. If cooking is your passion, whip up some cookies or cakes. Dance to random tunes, take a walk, sit in the breezy lawn or read. If a massage calms you down, visit a parlor or take a spa-day on the weekend. Play with your kids, go out with your family and enjoy yourself.

‘Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.’

Max Ehrmann

7. Define kitchen hours (just like office hours!) 😉

Kitchen-duty is utterly demanding especially now when you will be home 24*7. If you fail to determine kitchen hours, it can absorb you completely.

It might sound frivolous but it can actually help you boost productivity while working from home. Plan the meals a day before and try recipes that are easy to cook and requires fewer utensils. Leave lavish dinners for the weekends and encourage help from your other family members.

For the junk that your kids crave for, you can make simple snack packets for the whole week and refrigerate. One packet can be used each day and then restocked on the weekends. Use dishwashers at the end of each day to clean the whole day’s stack together, saving time and energy. Psst, on overloaded and lazy days, pizzas and take-out is not a bad option either.

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Let’s show this world the power of being a woman!

The world has seen a 140% increase in the ‘Work from Home’ workforce since 2005. Thus, for all the women who let their career take a backseat because they had other responsibilities at home – This is your time!

There have been several women around the globe who learned to balance their work along with family and emerged as successful leaders.If they can, you can too!

It’s high time that equality prevails in society, not just in debates and movies, but also in the top-rated organizations and high-power job roles. This sea-change is only possible when all of us cumulatively, support the strong-willed and determined women who desire to create a place in society which they rightly deserve.

At DealsInsight, we believe and capitalize on women power!

We are a B2B marketing and sales consulting firm with women workforce in the majority driven by the vision of achieving the best of both the worlds: Home and a full-time career. While most of us are young moms, there are a few youngsters in the team each of us dedicated to investing our sheer best while working remotely. The hours and the exhaustion saved from not-traveling to office and the flexible work hours allow us to distribute time wisely in several chattels: work, play-time with kids, new courses, me-time and preplanning the next day.

To all the women who are still thinking you can’t do it, you can! Just get up and get going!