Guide to Sales and Marketing for SME’s

Gain a competitive edge with the best sales and marketing strategies for your small business.


This Guide is designed to make sales and marketing recommendations that help you close deals faster and cater to your customer’s specific needs.

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Work From Home

It is the New Normal. Here are some tips and tricks to manage Remote Work effectively and efficiently.

COVID-19 Effects on B2B

Tips and Strategies in Sales and Marketing to overcome the Current Crisis

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Why Now is the best time to introduce Digital Marketing?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” Bill Gates Even before we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, digital marketing was on a rising trend. Organizations from all over the world considered it a primary component of a primary component in the business […]

B2B SEO: Beginner’s Guide

An Introduction to B2B SEO for Beginners The myriad use of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in today’s online search dominated world has led to various misconceptions about it. People have forgotten that organic SEO is an art, which requires patience and creativity to thrive. SEO is your best foot forward at an extensive digital marketing campaign; […]

The Key Ingredients for Building a Dream Sales Team

A sales team is probably the most important department in any company. Understandably! They bring in the money and practically pay for everyone’s salary. So, you must master the hiring process to keep high retention in the long run.  Since good salespeople can boost your revenue beyond expectations, this guide to building your dream sales […]

How AI(Artificial Intelligence) can power B2B marketing

A benchmark study by Blueshift discovered that AI marketing can enhance client engagement by 7x and revenue by 3x. In another survey, 80% of B2B marketing executives suggest that AI will revolutionize the industry in 2020.  What do B2B marketers need to know about AI and its use cases? Let’s find out. So far, technological advancements have always helped […]

How COVID-19 changed B2B Marketing – 7 Key Trends and Effects

If you are feeling overwhelmed due to the current market conditions, you are not alone. Things are changing fast and it can be difficult to cope with the changes. Since you can always have a leg up on the competition with the right resources, here are the most important marketing trends and effects from COVID-19 […]

Top 10 robotic process automation (RPA) products in 2020

Companies are increasingly dependent on software robots to perform routine business processes by mimicking how people interact with software applications. They employ robotic process automation (RPA) together with cognitive technologies such as speech recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing to automate perceptual and judgment-based tasks once reserved for humans. It helps companies become more efficient and […]

Top 6 cloud computing trends that will impact your business

The rise of the cloud has been unbelievable so far, but things are just getting started! Many people were initially skeptical about moving their processes and applications into the cloud, but the use of cloud computing services now appears to be the standard. But the cloud still has a lot to give. Business leaders, analysts, […]

A Day in the life of an Ideal B2B Salesperson

If Sales is an Art, then SalesPeople are Artists. Sales is that part of a business cycle, which requires perseverance, patience, and passion. Much like art.  Just as art surfaces from the imagination and creativity of a person and is open to interpretation by the beholder, sales are achieved from tactical approaches to prospects, researched, […]

Digital selling and social selling – The Future of B2B Sales

The B2B business world has constantly been changing and so is its dynamics. If you have been paying close attention to the ways of sales, you already know the buzz created by digital and social selling as they step down to become a mainstream approach for new selling strategies. With consumers becoming more independent in […]

The Importance of Digital marketing in Sales growth

“We need to go digital !”  Every B2B sales leader has heard some variation of this statement at some point. But what exactly is digital, why digital? And of all the digital marketing resources to try out there, what matters most for driving sales growth for your business? There’s no doubt that digital marketing is […]

8 mistakes enterprises make in implementing a cloud strategy

Technology in this digital era is no longer merely a tool to perform the same old tasks and processes. Instead, it is used to create disruptive business models, innovative products, new ways of customer interaction, and more insights. That is what digital transformation is all about. All digital transformation efforts require companies to place the cloud at […]

Top 10 best practices to secure your enterprise cloud environment

In recent years, enterprise computing architectures have seen significant changes as organizations have started migrating their business apps and data to the cloud. As a result, traditional security approaches have become insufficient to protect the integrity of the business data in the cloud across devices, apps, networks, and cloud services. In this post, we present a […]

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