How Health Technology Companies can create Prospect Engagement Strategies


Long sales cycles are common in the health technology field. Prospects come, engage initially but are then lost in the circle of time and emerge a cold lead. Time and energy spent, but no revenue earned. Now, we cannot help prospects who turn cold by choice or have found a different solution, but we can […]

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5 major challenges of Robotics Adaptation in Healthcare


Healthcare robotics are making exciting progress, and it has an incredible ability to bring physical change to the world. But it is essential to carefully consider some of the key challenges inherent in healthcare robotics. Particularly, when it comes to the safety and well-being of individuals, who may be vulnerable to harm due to their […]

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Most successful robotic surgical systems in the world


In recent years, robots have shown promising results in surgical procedures. They are proven to be an essential tool, and the market is slowly and gradually emerging, leading to a rise in adoption by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. The robotic surgical systems offer several benefits to the surgeon, such as enhanced visual field, superior dexterity, and […]

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7 Key Tips For Boosting Sales in Healthcare


So let us assume that you sell to the healthcare industry, worried about how to boost sales of the product/service that you or your company provides. Well.. then you might be wondering: Where do I start from? Should I hire a professional or what? These questions do demand genuine concern, after all, healthcare professionals are some of […]

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