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The Impact of COVID on Women

The Ripple Effect of COVID on Women Perhaps, it may seem like a no-brainer. But we don’t feel that the women have been heard enough throughout this pandemic. Just like those with temporary visas we’ve forgotten, the women have not been talked about.  Table of Contents THEIR STATE TODAY: The un-scrutinized consequences of COVID on women […]

Crisis Management in Sales – How to Act Before, During and After a Crisis

Crisis Management is tough, especially when you are leading a sales team. Apart from the dwindling sales and broken deals, you also get to see the disappointed faces of your team members. There are so many changes and shifts, that you are left confused. But here’s a thing, if you have an effective crisis ṣmanagement […]

7 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Your Sales and Marketing

To fall into a trap of running a business, and then abandoning growing it is easy – we’ve all been there! Marketing is an essential part of a B2B business that needs to be focused and continuously revamped.  However, as today we’re in a situation where businesses are doing their best to save on employment […]

Top challenges of robotics in precision agriculture

Today, after 20 years of research in precision agriculture, there are many types of sensors for recording agronomically relevant parameters and many farm management systems. Electronically controlled machines are state-of-the-art. Indeed, by networking different machines, technology can now automate cyber-physical systems. We call this “4.0 agriculture.” However, it still can not be claimed that agricultural […]

AI in Retail – Prediction, Automation, and Personalization

Today, you can see plenty of retailers successfully applying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics in most parts of their value chain. Digital savvy retailers and eCommerce companies are leading the way, using AI not only to eliminate layers of manual labor, but to predict trends, optimize warehousing and logistics, set prices, and personalized promotions. Some are even […]

The Future of Robotics in Logistics and Supply Chain

The availability of labor is one of the biggest challenges facing the logistics sector today. Finding enough high-quality employees to move goods from suppliers to customers isn’t easy. It is challenging due to two competing factors. First, there is a growing need for equipment and technology to handle large volumes of shipments. Second, there is a decline […]

Trends that will Shape the Telecom Industry in 2020 and Beyond

Our industry outlook explores the opportunities of 5G and other marketing trends that could have a big impact on the telecom industry in the year ahead. To attract and retain clients, begin over… Given the growing usage, and even dependence, of telecom services, telecom companies’ target audiences are wide-reaching and quite diverse. Thus, these companies […]

8 Agricultural Robots for Autonomous Navigation and Monitoring

Farmers turn to technology to address a number of pressing issues, including growing global labor and food shortages. Agricultural robots sometimes referred to as “agribots,” are considered one of the key trends in 2019 that will have a profound impact on agriculture. They can help farmers tackle the dwindling workforce issue and enable them to […]

Robots in oil industry – Extending our abilities in inspection & maintenance

With rock-bottom oil prices that seem unwilling to budge, the oil industry is finally getting some much-needed help from robotics. While the industry seemed to have been left behind by the automation revolution other than a few exceptions like the Iron Roughneck, new demands for efficiency in a market with razor-thin margins are now driving innovation. Robots […]

5 major challenges of Robotics Adaptation in Healthcare

Healthcare robotics are making exciting progress, and it has an incredible ability to bring physical change to the world. But it is essential to carefully consider some of the key challenges inherent in healthcare robotics. Particularly, when it comes to the safety and well-being of individuals, who may be vulnerable to harm due to their […]

Most successful robotic surgical systems in the world

In recent years, robots have shown promising results in surgical procedures. They are proven to be an essential tool, and the market is slowly and gradually emerging, leading to a rise in adoption by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. The robotic surgical systems offer several benefits to the surgeon, such as enhanced visual field, superior dexterity, and […]

7 Things you must know while selling to the Oil & Gas Industry

Image credits While the entire world is steering fast on the energy produced by them, the oil & gas industry itself struggled to adapt to modern solutions. With digital solutions changing the way most sectors deal with their functions, it was high time that the energy sector also caught up with the pace.  Industry leaders […]

10 Productivity Boosting Tools When You Work from Home

Image Credit: VectorStock When you think about work from home, a pair of pajamas pop in your head. But it isn’t always that comfortable. Maintaining productivity is probably one of the biggest challenges work from home professionals/freelancers face. Besides being motivated at all times, they struggle to manage their schedule and stay on track. And […]

7 Key Tips For Boosting Sales in Healthcare

So let us assume that you sell to the healthcare industry, worried about how to boost sales of the product/service that you or your company provides. Well.. then you might be wondering: Where do I start from? Should I hire a professional or what? These questions do demand genuine concern, after all, healthcare professionals are some of […]

Never-talked-about secrets of Work from home(WFH) and how to take care of it

Work from home is not a new thing in town. Even before this dreadful pandemic forced us indoors, 97% of the workforce preferred the flexibility of working from home to improve their quality of life. WFH comes with a package of advantages – a convenient schedule, no hassle of traveling to work, a comfortable environment, […]

5 Strategies to Follow when Selling Tech to the Banking Industry

With over 12,000 financial technology start-ups all over the world, emerging players find selling their products to the banks the most challenging considering their complex functioning. Their products may be top-notch, but selling it to a bank requires a result-driven approach. Every bank works on a different scale and different ideology, and the same model […]

Tips for Women to Effectively Manage Work-From-Home and Family

Beyond the stereotypical roles of a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother, the modern-day woman is now also adorning the robes of entrepreneurship. They are constantly fighting a battle against time to achieve their professional goals and fulfill personal responsibilities, both at once. To comply with this goal, these superheroes have turned to the technological […]

The Latest Digital Marketing trends in Healthcare 2020

Long gone are the days, when patients had to flip through the thick White Pages in order to seek a doctor and book an appointment, in the nearby area. The advent of the internet made looking for a physician quicker, easier, and a lot more convenient. Within a few clicks, you can now obtain necessary […]