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7 Things you must know while selling to the Oil & Gas Industry

Image credits While the entire world is steering fast on the energy produced by them, the oil & gas industry itself struggled to adapt to modern solutions. With digital solutions changing the way most sectors deal with their functions, it was high time that the energy sector also caught up with the pace.  Industry leaders […]

10 Productivity Boosting Tools When You Work from Home

Image Credit: VectorStock When you think about work from home, a pair of pajamas pop in your head. But it isn’t always that comfortable. Maintaining productivity is probably one of the biggest challenges work from home professionals/freelancers face. Besides being motivated at all times, they struggle to manage their schedule and stay on track. And […]

7 Key Tips For Boosting Sales in Healthcare

So let us assume that you sell to the healthcare industry, worried about how to boost sales of the product/service that you or your company provides. Well.. then you might be wondering: Where do I start from? Should I hire a professional or what? These questions do demand genuine concern, after all, healthcare professionals are some of […]

Never-talked-about secrets of Work from home(WFH) and how to take care of it

Work from home is not a new thing in town. Even before this dreadful pandemic forced us indoors, 97% of the workforce preferred the flexibility of working from home to improve their quality of life. WFH comes with a package of advantages – a convenient schedule, no hassle of traveling to work, a comfortable environment, […]

5 Strategies to Follow when Selling Tech to the Banking Industry

With over 12,000 financial technology start-ups all over the world, emerging players find selling their products to the banks the most challenging considering their complex functioning. Their products may be top-notch, but selling it to a bank requires a result-driven approach. Every bank works on a different scale and different ideology, and the same model […]

Tips for Women to Effectively Manage Work-From-Home and Family

Beyond the stereotypical roles of a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother, the modern-day woman is now also adorning the robes of entrepreneurship. They are constantly fighting a battle against time to achieve their professional goals and fulfill personal responsibilities, both at once. To comply with this goal, these superheroes have turned to the technological […]

The Latest Digital Marketing trends in Healthcare 2020

Long gone are the days, when patients had to flip through the thick White Pages in order to seek a doctor and book an appointment, in the nearby area. The advent of the internet made looking for a physician quicker, easier, and a lot more convenient. Within a few clicks, you can now obtain necessary […]