How to Succeed as Women in Sales: 21 Tips from the Experts

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  • Jul 01, 2021
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B2B saleswomen are experts at forming bonds. Connections, nurturers, and collaborators are all built into our DNA. For becoming rainmakers, we don’t need to think or act like males. However, many salespeople might learn a thing or two from their female counterparts.

There are powerful methods to become a great saleswoman, operate your own office, and be up there with the big dogs, and it isn’t only a man’s world! Because women are naturally aggressive and dominating, becoming a successful saleswoman will be a breeze. Whatever sector you’re in, these pointers can help motivate you to take the necessary measures toward success.

Here is a list of 21 ideas we have collected from Women Sales Experts as more women want to better their professions and climb the corporate ladder.

Sharon Neeves, Air Liquide UK’s Market Sales Manager (Food & Pharma):

I enjoy meeting and interacting with a wide range of individuals. No two people are alike.

Denise Laurel, Tyro Payments’ Customer Success Manager:

I adore learning about other people and discovering what makes them tick. 

Priya George, DealsInsight’s Founder and CEO:

Understanding my clients’ basic needs, developing valuable connections, and guaranteeing continual customer success have always been my strength and passion.

Laura Affat, Splunk’s Account Director:

I learned early that teams achieve more, so working together and knowing the wifm (what’s in it for me, for everyone) may lead to greater, better returns. Do your research, study business reports and the news, and take advantage of resources like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

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Rachel Baluyot, Nearmap’s Senior Account Manager:

Always have chances in the pipeline to fall back on, accept that your products and service aren’t for everyone, and move on.

Seema Jassal, Okta’s Enterprise Account Executive:

I use social media to advertise my presence, evaluate delegate lists, and create a target list of people to talk with. Because events aren’t for the timid, I make sure to have plenty of business cards and a healthy dose of calm confidence.

Shari Levitin, CEO of the Levitin Group and a professional speaker:

When you disagree or want to motivate someone, instead of making accusations or remarks, ask questions. Listen to the response with empathy. Statements evoke intelligently and, in some cases, fearful emotions. Questions, on the other hand, stimulate imaginative and emotional responses.

Colleen Stanley, President and Chief Selling Officer of SalesLeadership Inc:

My concentration is on ‘keeping up’ and remaining consistent. I feel at ease marketing to both men and women. Buyers don’t have time to squander, so if you’re not contributing value to the conversation, you’ll be left behind soon.

Ann Davis is the Vice President of Sales for Journey Sales:

Concentrate on being your true self. Recognize your abilities, capabilities, and places for improvement, and most importantly, feel that you add attributes to the team that benefits everyone. Don’t be fearful of taking risks, following your instincts, and stepping outside of your comfort zone; you’ll be astonished at the excellent outcomes you may achieve.

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Christina McQuillan, Peak Sales Recruiting’s Client Engagement Manager:

You may get excellent advice and have your view challenged by consulting with industry professionals.

Dianna Geairn, The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Founder:

The wonderful thing about being in sales is a meritocracy. You will be a top performer if you meet your targets, exceed your goals, and increase your sales.

Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling’s Founder:

Curiosity is the most important quality you possess. Please keep an open mind when it comes to your customers. Learn about their businesses, help them create unique solutions, and keep learning and growing depending on your interest.

Natasha Sekkat, Turbonomic’s VP of Sales Development:

Being visible and vocal can help you establish a positive reputation and develop your career.

Emmanuelle Skala, Digital Ocean’s VP of Sales and Customer Success:

Women will wait until they are sure, but males are ok with speculating and making educated assumptions. Please don’t wait until you have all the data before acting; your judgment and instinct are your most precious assets, so make the most of them.

Janice Mars, SalesLatitude’s Principal, and Founder:

Be true to yourself, yet emulate that leader to the best of your abilities.

Mary Jacobs, Director of St Catherine University’s Center for Sales Innovation:

When perceiving a circumstance and individuals at a sales meeting, don’t be scared to use your intuition and instincts to make conclusions. In most scenarios, your gut instinct is right.

Jane Gentry, JaneGentry & Company’s Principal:

Earlier, they lacked the authority to make things happen; women have historically achieved success in business via influence or inspiration. Don’t deceive yourself into believing you have to act like a guy now that you have authority. Embrace your natural leadership style; it will help you succeed.

Alice Heiman, Alice Heiman LLC’s Founder and Chief Sales Operator:

Attend conferences and give presentations. It’s a fantastic way to generate leads. So concentrate on improving your speaking skills and getting out there.

Amy Appleyard, Carbon Black, Inc.’s SVP of Global Inside Sales:

Always take pleasure in every phase of your professional life. Life has a peculiar way of guiding you to what you’re “supposed” to be doing, but that might flip at any time, and that’s ok.

Ang McManamon, Knotel’s Global Head of Growth:

Finding a point of similarity with the customer, or understanding how to ignite their interest, may go a long way. Never undervalue the importance of establishing a rapport with your prospects and customers. You’ll be able to close deals more often if you have that trust.

Heather Cange, Anaplan’s Director of Sales:

Accept failure. I became much more confident and began to take more risks when I recognized that failing was common and part of the learning process. I would never have had the confidence to be a part of those if I hadn’t learned to embrace failure.

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