How to make a highly convertible sales video pitch


Sales calls work fine to close a deal. But before that, a customer researches about your products and services online – posts, images, forums, reviews… and the part that catches their attention the most are “Videos”.

A video has the capability to attract your customer, convey your brand’s message and convince them to buy your product – all in a matter of seconds. According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers are eager to see more video content in 2021.

Not only that, according to Wyzowl, 84% of people are convinced to buy your product/services after having a look at your brand’s videos. Isn’t it amazing?

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of a sales video pitch and the process to create a highly-convertible sales video pitch.

Sales Pitch Video

A sales pitch video is sent personally to the prospect by the sales rep via a short e-mail. This video is basically the animated-form of your sales pitch script designed in a way that it attracts the viewer’s attention and convinces them to make a purchase decision.

The Sales pitch video is a kind of new sales pitching technique that is highly interactive and efficient. It has taken sales by the storm and has been given second place in the category of most effective videos.

All it requires is to record the video, publish it privately, make some changes depending on the needs and desires of the prospect. Once that is done, send the link to the video to your prospects via e-mails or other modes of interaction.

So, now that you have an understanding of a video pitch, let’s understand the step-by-step process to create one:

Step 1: Begin with Hardcore Customer Research

customer research

The first and foremost step of any sales pitch is research. In the case of creating sales pitch videos, you have to go a few steps further to carry out extensive research about your customers, their needs, struggles, and how your product is helping them. Have a clear understanding of the kind of companies to which you are going to pitch your product.

The next step requires you to attain information about the department that is going to receive your pitch. You have to know their role in the company and how responsible they are going to be in the final purchase decision.

Once you are aware of these factors and their concerns, you will be able to add the “personalized” touch to your sales video pitch.

Step 2: Highlight Key Benefits with an irresistible VP


Your sales pitch videos should be limited to 2 or less minutes. A video longer than this fails to engage their attention. As the time limit is less, you need to highlight only the key benefits with an irresistible VP.

Start with focusing on the customer’s challenges and concerns. Once that is done, analyze how your product/service can help them solve this problem. This analysis should give you the key benefits that you are going to pitch in the video.

Now, take out the two most relevant benefits that your product/service can provide to the customer. Also, lead your solutions by a solid value proposition.

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Step 3: Add proofs to your pitch


Nothing can beat a sales pitch video with valuable proofs. Now that you have discussed your value proposition to the customer, you have to build trust by including proofs like a customer story or relevant statistics.

If you are adding a customer story, polish it further by including images. These images can either be of the happy customer or their brand’s logo. If you are sharing statistics, include images of your product’s or service’s reviews published on a trustworthy website.

The imagery makes sure that your prospect is convinced of the quality of your products/services which will make the sales reps move closer to the deal.  

Step 4: Explore different types of sales video (and pick the best!)

types of sales video

There are different kinds of businesses, different kinds of companies, and different kinds of selling techniques. Based on this, there are different kinds of sales pitch videos and you have to choose the best according to your business and selling style.

Here are the 3 types of sales pitch videos –

1. Selfie-style videos

This kind of sales pitch video is very much similar to the in-person meetings. The only difference here is that you are talking to the camera. While recording this video, give your best sales pitch and act as if the prospect is sitting right in front of you. Don’t forget to maintain a smile on your face while looking straight at the camera.

2. Demo Videos

This video is for those who believe in talking about what their product can do for the prospect, as well as showing it. With the help of screen-sharing, you can give your prospects a quick demo of your product to show them how helpful it’s going to be for their issues. These types of videos are highly interactive and highly recommended.

3. The combination of Demo and Selfie-style video

This video is one step further from the simple demo videos. In these videos, you can use screen-share to show a demo of your products/services to the customer, while your face is visible in a tiny bubble overlay. When the prospects are able to see the demo as well as your face, they are able to trust you more.

Step 5: Research about the available tools


The most essential part of your sales pitch video is the script which will entirely depend on your “sales skills”. After this comes the tools required to create your video. We have mentioned the best 3 tools that can make your video making process easier –

1. Vidyard

With Vidyard, you can include videos inside emails before sending them to the prospect. It also allows you to include significant links within videos. It also helps track the engagement of the published video.

2. Loom

Loom allows asynchronous communication by letting you record video messages and screen-share simultaneously. This tool is perfect for presentations where your face is visible as well and also for mini demos.

3. Dubb

Dubb allows you to include call-to-action buttons in the landing pages of your sales pitch videos. You can create selfie-style, demo, and screen-share videos with this tool. It also offers features to polish the video.

Step 6: Double-check laser focus on your messaging


You don’t need fancy apparatus and a green screen to record a sales pitch video for your business. All you need to do is to have laser focus on your messaging and convey it in the best way possible.

Avoid distractions in your video if you want it to be presentable and to the point. Don’t forget to sit in a neat and tidy place before making a video for your prospects. If possible, choose a place where the background is solid. Also, natural light is usually the best pick for a video if you have an open space.

Just make sure you sit near a window so that it doesn’t interfere with the video quality. If you are someone who makes a lot of videos, you can also choose to invest in a ring light.

Step 7: Trigger curiosity with video thumbnails

video thumbnails

The aim behind making a sales pitch video is to inform the prospect that the video was personalized for them. You can do this by creating an interesting and personalized video thumbnail.

What you can do is to create a thumbnail with their name or their company’s name on it. Such a thumbnail is sure to attract the prospect’s attention and make them feel valued.

Step 8: Find ways to reuse your videos (for different prospects!)


Creating videos for each and every prospect is going to cost you a lot of time. Thus, you must explore different ways to reuse the same videos for different prospects.

The tools mentioned above almost halves the time required to record an impactful video. But if you don’t want to do that, you can check the videos you created for a prospect, find the parts that weren’t personalized, and use them in other videos.

Or, if you are creating videos for a large-scale outreach, you can create the video for a group rather than an individual by keeping the challenges of the group and the solution provided to solve them in your mind. This will only require you to change the thumbnail instead of recording a new video.

Closing Thoughts!

The 8 steps mentioned in this article are enough for you to create an excellent sales pitch video. Make sure to express your unique sales style and personality through your videos and keep updating your pitch. If you still feel you are failing to crack the hack, don’t fidget to seek advice from an expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firm. Their experience and expertise will help you identify the flaws and make sure each of your videos converts!

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